Focusene Review (UPDATED 2024) – Is It Safe?

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Lacking an official website, using general nootropic ingredients and being poorly rated by consumers, this brand fails to provide many wanted safety nets. They fail to offer this at a reliable cost, and they do not provide clear studies.

This formula simply does not impress as it’s too often used by other brands.

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Focusene Overview

Focusene is a nootropic supplement that includes a basic formula with often seen nootropic ingredients. They do add a unique additive, but there remains question as to why it’s used as its most often seen as a weight loss ingredient.

The customer reviews also highlighted an important fact of this brand, far too many found it ineffective and not worth using. Because the reviews were split down the middle, it’s difficult seeing how this can be a truly useful nootropic. Not much support was seen in far too many users, and it’s altogether too basic of a blend.

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Focusene Claims

Very little is claimed but they do say it’s meant to be comprehensive and built for enhancing mental focus and overall attention. They add that the nutrients in this have the potential to help support the brain, making it easier for it to develop what’s needed for healthy cognition.

It’s then said that common brain problems can make it much harder to remain focused, which is why they work on the fundamentals of brain health. It’s admitted that initial supplementation may be mild, but that over time it’s meant to deliver an even greater impact.
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The suggestion is to keep taking this daily as it’s meant to provide more long-term support than anything else.

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Focusene Ingredients

  • Forskolin
  • L-Phenylalanine
  • DMAE
  • Acetyl-L-Carnitine
  • L-Theanine
  • Vitamin B6

Forskolin is a chemical in the coleus plant that is used for its supposed weight loss benefits, and to help relax muscles.

DMAE is found naturally in the human body and it acts as a molecule which can help reduce plaque in the brain. It’s most often supplementing with elderly people looking to reduce the chances of developing age-related decline.

Acetyl-L-Carnitine offers a useful antioxidant that can also help turn fat into a usable energy source. It’s made by the body naturally and it can be found through L-Carnitine via many foods. This is also especially important for overall brain health.

L-Theanine is found in foods and tea and it is an amino acid that can help reduce blood pressure and relieve anxiety.

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The Science Behind Focusene

They explain that the nutrients in this work as building blocks which can make it easier for the brain to remain healthy. It’s said that 3 specific brain chemicals are affected, and that this can work at the source, creating more of these healthy chemicals.

There is a disclaimer which states that these are claims, and that it has not been proven to deliver these effects. While they do explain some of the science, no actual links are provided. Those interested in reading the specifics backed by research would be unable to do so. You essentially have to trust that they know what they are talking about.

In looking at the formula it no doubt can have an effect on brain health, but the same can be said about any basic nootropic formula. Certain antioxidants, amino acids, chemicals and herbs affect the brain since all that we eat can impact the brain. This isn’t to say that it will deliver positive effects, or that it is great as a nootropic.

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Word on the Street About Focusene

Enough people said that it didn’t offer any support enough so that it raises questions on the use of this. There were also a few who said that the effects were mild at best. Only a handful of users said they would recommend it.

Price was also a factor for some who felt that it was greatly overpriced.

This is likely due to the fact that many didn’t experience the positive results they were promised. A few who said they completed full bottles worth admitted that there still was no positive change at all.

A customer also complained about rapid heart rate and anxiety, though this was only seen in this specific user.

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Is Focusene Worth a Try?

There isn’t enough here to satisfy the demands needed to make a purchase. There isn’t much known about the company, reviews for this brand showed its lack of support, and it’s made up of a too common formula.

The company fails to provide reliable proof and instead focuses more on claims. Judging from the many negative reviews, it simply was not enough to satisfy as an all-around nootropic. Some customers added that they would not recommend trying it, and that they were greatly disappointed.

It’s good that this is all-natural, but it still fails to provide anything more than a basic nootropic blend.

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Focusene vs Adderall

Adderall is a type of amphetamine drug that is used to help prevent ADHD and narcolepsy, making it easier for people to remain focused. Since it can provide a sense of focus and enhanced concentration, some have used it to help get a mental edge. This type of use is not at all recommended since it may cause serious symptoms. It’s meant to be a specialized drug used only by people who want to reduce symptoms of diagnosed mental problems.

Focusene FAQ

  1. Where can I find Focusene in stores?
    This does not appear to be sold by any physical stores.
  1. Where can I buy Focusene?
    Amazon and their official website offer it.
  1. What are the Focusene ingredients?
    The active blend is made up of Forskolin, L-Phenylalanine, DMAE, Acetyl-L-Carnitine, L-Theanine, and vitamin B6.
  1. Are there any Focusene side effects?
    There is nothing in the formula which would point to that, but unfortunately some users did experience symptoms.
  1. What are some typical Focusene reviews?
    It varied but reviews were divided between many who said it did nothing, and others who found it useful in some ways.
  1. Is there a Focusene Amazon page?
    Yes, there is an Amazon page for purchase.
  1. Is there Focusene for kids?
    This was not formulated for children, and they say it’s made for people 18 years and older.
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  1. Is there a Focusene coupon offer?
    The official website does not offer a coupon at this time.
  1. Is Focusene safe to use?
    The formula seems fairly safe, but some reviews said it caused uncomfortable side effects such as rapid heart rate.
  1. What is there said about Focusene on Reddit?

    There was a single thread asking if it was a scam, and a highly rated response said that it in fact was.

So What Really Works?

The nootropic formula we favored most is the highly rated Memotenz. Judging from the quality of ingredients, its potency, and the amount of positive reviews from customers, it outmatched other similar brands. The ingredients added can directly impact blood flow in the brain, stress levels, and make it easier to stay focused on tasks. This has potential benefits offer all-around cognition, making it useful for people looking for any type of mental edge.

There’s also the ability to use it daily as a way to enhance overall cognition over time. This can deliver immediate effects which improve the more it’s used.  The notable positive reviews mentioned that it gave users a sustained benefit, and that they felt a noticeable improvement. All these claims make sense after examining the potency of the ingredients. To look at all the available benefits offered by Memotenz, we advise checking this link out.

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