Top 13 Practical Time Saving Tips For Work Revealed!

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Time is free, yet it is priceless. Time affects every single moment and each step we take in life. However, not everyone uses their time effectively. Managing time is managing life. It is possible to make use of some little tricks to stop wasting your precious time. Check out powerful time saving tips here to get an effective strategy for you.

Time Saving Tips – Let Your Time Be Wasted Appropriately

1.      Do Less

time saving tips for working momsThis is one of my favorite time saving tips. It means that you should plan your schedule so that you do few things yet concentrating on the critical things. By this way, you will greatly enhance the effectiveness of time you use, reduce the time you need to work. You might ask about the task you skip? See the tips below to know how to handle with them.

2.      Delegate

When planning your schedule, there is a task that you must do but it is not your most important task, then you can delegate it. It could be done by someone else. Sometimes, it is good for you to shorten your to-do list by looking for other people who could do the task for you. Who know? They might do better than you.

To delegate effectively, people can check out strategies to deal with conflict efficiently.

3.      Limit Your Workday

If you work more than 8 hours per day, then setting a limit of just 8 hours will force you to concentrate on getting the must-do task done within that deadline. In case that you work 8 hours per day, then limit yourself to just 6 hours. Prioritize your tasks, and then you will work more effectively while wasting less time. Yet, there is a problem that what if you cannot decrease your hours? In that case, you can consider if you can shift your work hours either earlier or later than others. That can decrease commute time if you do not commute time during the traffic jam.

And, more importantly, if you work when most other people is in the workplace, then you can get more things done than normal.

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4.      Call, Not Texting

In workplace setting and even in the personal life, once you want to exchange some necessary information, then a small and quick call will be far more efficient than a lot of text messages. Actually, messages, generally will go off the main topic, or reach to inanities like “hmm” and “sup” which seem not to be meaningful. We might not recognize but every day we tend to waste time in messaging. Thus, next time, make a call rather than texting messages.

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5.      Take Advantage Of Automatic Bill Pay

When it comes to paying bill, it is the easiest manner to save time for you if you opt for the form of online banking or automatic bill pay. By this way, this is a convenient service, yet not many people make use of it. As recommendation, the easiest manner to properly save your time is applying for online payment for your monthly bills.

You can set up a program that can help you avoid late fees for past-due payments. Often, online paying service is free. Along with convenience, this method can save a lot of paper for you. Therefore, this quick service is quite a good option for everyone to pay monthly bills on time.

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Learn how to manage time effectively and effortlessly

6.      Limit Social Media Use

In modern society, social media is familiar with us. You do not recognize it yet social media like Facebook or Twitter sucks a large amount of time out of your day. Social media itself is designed for people to live easier in different ways; it allows people to connect to their friends as well as family and also is a great manner to share their updates with other people. However, it is also a way to waste their time. In reality, the temptation to postpone important works while people are busy with Facebook or Twitter is so popular. It could ruin your best efforts of saving time. So, it is necessary to control checking such websites constantly by restricting your reviewing time to about 5 minutes, not more than three times per day. Then, you can keep updated while still save a large amount of time throughout the day.

Refer some tricks to reduce stress and panic attack that might caused by over using computer.

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7.      Avoid Rush Hour

You know that, each day, there are a lot of people commuting to work. Many of us are angry with the number of hours we waste in commuting.

If we know how to avoid traffic jam, then we will make commuting easy. Just carefully plan your current route and form of transportation before going to the office. Try arranging your stuffs in the night before, so that you could leave your home on time without wasting time. Normally, the rush hour is from 8 to 9 am. Then, rather than leaving your home at 7:45, try to leave your home 15 minutes earlier so that you will not be stuck in traffic jam. If so, when reaching to your office, you will have much time to relax and catch up with some certain pending tasks. And, while driving back home, the advice is to avoid 5 pm which is the right time of traffic jam to leave. Similarly, you can leave your office by 4:30, or you can wait to 5:30. Only 15 minutes could make a great difference particularly in the urban areas.

8.      Choose A Place Close To Your Office

It is not a good idea to choose to stay far from your workplace. If you think that choosing a house far from your office will save money for you because the price is low, then you might not know the hidden cost you spend on commuting. Do not forget the increasing prices of transportation and gas that could charge you a huge amount to the monthly costs. It will be better to move and save an hour every day.

9.      Limit Playing Games And Watching TV

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This is a recommendation for many people who absolutely could not give up their TV watching habit. If you watch about 3 hours per day, you are wasting one hour to promos and commercials. In other words, when it comes to playing games, of course, they are fun. Yet, they easily consume your leisure time without any benefit. Hence, the best option is deleting games to see the positive result. You will realize an increase in your productivity, have more free time for your friends, family, and for you, too.

10.      Simplify Your Morning

This is considered as an active way to get ready for doing things. It is recommended that you should try to plan and arrange everything possible from breakfast ingredients preparation to clothes, from backpacks to lunch meals. You had better do this before hitting the hay. Once you do this, you will have less stuff to do after waking up. Take a bath or shower at night rather than doing in the morning. You also should decide what you will wear in the night before instead of struggling with the cupboard in the morning. Keep your purses, keys, and wallet by the front door at the same place. So, you can take all of them at once.

 To prepare you meal quickly, you can refer some quick recipes for better health or tasty juice recipes to detoxify body

11.      Learn To Say No

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This advice is critical essential for you when it comes to time saving tips. With this tip, you will simplify your schedule. You receive numerous requests each day, and all might be demands on your time. If you say “yes” to all of those requests, you can waste your time. Nevertheless, if those requests are not in line with your priorities, then you are often biting off more than you want to chew. So, learn to say “no” if necessary. It might be uncomfortable at first. That may be due to you fear it means disappointing other people. Yet, learn to tell people that you just do not have enough time to commit to this right now, and often they will understand.

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12.      Wash Dishes While Cooking

After a big meal, commonly, the last thing you want to do is spending time on washing dishes in the kitchen. That is why clever cooks wash dishes while preparing food instead of leaving them for later. Do the same. This is also considered as doing multi-tasks. However, if you practice this tip, keep in mind that you have to ensure that your dishes are still good. If not, you might damage your meals.

13.      Buy Easy-Care Items

Ironing is the most common thing we have to do each day. So, you should choose cotton knits, cotton blends and synthetic fabrics, try to avoid 100 percent linen at all costs because it has to be hand washed, and spray with starch and ironed if you want it wrinkle-free. Also, do not buy items made from fabrics that grab lint, like corduroy, unless you are prepared to carry a lint brush.

If you want to save time, then you can also refer ways to boost your reading speed when learning or reading books.

After reading all of the above time saving tips, why don’t you give some of them a try to see how your time can be used properly and productively? If you follow these time saving tips constantly, then I bet that you will see a huge improvement in your productivity as well as performance at work.

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