How to be more productive at home & work – top 15 tips revealed

how to be more productive

How often do you do only one thing at a time? The key to productivity is not having more hours to burn, it is having the fuel to power the time you have. Learning when your most productive moments are, and how to build your normal day around them can make a great different in your performance. Here, in this article, we will reveal to you the quick tips on how to be more productive that allow you to make it easier to be super productive – or at least understand why you are not.

How To Be More Productive – Trick Your Lazy Brain Into Being More Productive

1. Soak Up Sunlight

If you do not receive enough exposure to natural light, you might feel jet-lagged. This occurs as your circadian rhythms, containing the way your body responds to the modification in the light level between night and day, are disrupted. So, you can get outside in the early morning. This is when your own body craves for brightness. Stand near certain window several times per day whenever you feel slowing down. Because sunlight can stimulate the internal clock, so it can supply you with the energy you need.

2. Leave At A Specific Time how to be more productive at home

When you know you are leaving at 5 p.m sharp, then you are likely to work more effectively. That means you should set your deadlines to raise your energy for determining what is really important. Actually, there is something about deadlines which make the human thrive. If you decide that you will leave work when you can finish your task, then you might run into 2 problems:

  • First, if you have too many things to do, so how will you know when you are finished?
  • Second, because no specified leaving time, then you will procrastinate.

Therefore, setting a deadline will help you prioritize important task efficiently.

Check out some tips to stop your procrastination right here.

3. Assess Your Sleep Schedule

The hours of peal performance are mainly depended on the circadian rhythm of sleep-wake cycle. Morning people are those people who do not have a problem waking up in the morning and also wish to get up and get moving. Whereas, evening people stay much later, have a hard time to get up, and hit their snooze alarm repeatedly. It seems to be the hardest work when it comes to scheduling most demanding work during the peak. You may think you have a lot of time to do everything so you tend to schedule long hours for each duty, yet in actuality, just  a fraction of your working time are productive. Thus, in order to be more productive, you first need to identify when you work best, whether you are morning person or evening person. Then, you can reschedule or do something to manage your time more logically.

4. Deal With Things Immediately how to be more productive in life

This is also called as 5-minutes tasks. Whatever it means for you, the five-minute list could help you be productive even during the times you have difficulty concentrating.

It is recommended that if something comes up and you think you are able to handle it in just a few minutes, then do not hesitate to do it right away. There is no point in delaying it. However, keep in mind that this tips just works for small things, such as fielding an inquiry for a customer. Under no circumstances should you start projects this way; or you might never get things done effectively.

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5. Concentrate On What Matters

If you want to do the best at what you do, it is necessary for you to spend more time on doing what you do best. It means that you need to focus your energy on your own key skills and delegate everything else. By this way, you will optimize your day. Have someone else run your errands and do things that you do not to do personally. Then, you will see how productive you will be if you are focusing on what you do best, free of distractions.

6. Do Things Based On Your Energy

Do the kind of work according to how much energy you can have. If you have a lot of energy, just work on tasks which require more attention than the others. If you feel tired, focus on tasks, which do not require as much energy. When studying with a lot of energy, you may want to work on more energy demanding tasks, like assignments or projects. When you are fatigue, work on tasks, such as reading or reviewing notes, which will take up less energy.

7. Take Proper Breaks how to be more productive in college

This is a fundamental tip on how to be more productive that you need to know. Complicated tasks, such as strategizing and writing, might take a lot of your mental effort, and your brain could only concentrate for a limited period of time. That means it is essential for you to take breaks in order to let your brain rest appropriately. For relaxing, you can take a walk or socialize for a bit. Or, you can implement some easy yoga exercises and quick meditating techniques to help your brain relax. Then, when you get back to your work, you are energized again.

8. Stop Planning Or Analyzing Too Much

With someone who tends to analyze and plan too much their working day, they seem spend much time on doing this. Then, they waste their precious time instead on doing other important things. Just get to work. For some, this approach is good, as they save time from having to do ruminating or planning about issues. Nevertheless, for others, figuring out and analyzing what makes them unproductive will allow them to find out the solutions to those problems. Obviously, this will lead to long term productivity. So, choose the suitable approach and adapt.

9. Exercise And Eat Well

To do work means to expend energy. So, the more energy you get, the more work you could do. It is necessary for you to fuel your body with carbohydrates which are the main source of energy. Follow a healthy diet plant to boost your physical health for good. Moreover, you also need to exercise regularly because exercising can improve some cognitive functions, such as enhancing ability to concentrate and solve problems. Also, exercise can give your body more energy by releasing your energy storage as well as breaking down chemicals to release even more energy.  how to be more productive at school

10. Make Routine Tasks Fun 

One of the reasons of why people usually procrastinate is that they find their task boring and have trouble motivating themselves to do it. However, no matter what happens, these tasks still need to be done. Thus, all you can do now is making your more task fun, perhaps by trying a new environment or listening to your favorite music. Or, you can meet your team during lunch or in the park, for instance.

11. Establish Routines

The human brains are wired to be very good at executing patterns. So, establishing routines around the way you implement your regular tasks will make you more productive and efficient. For instance, you can create email rules to automat checking email, responding to routine requests as well as archiving emails. Do similarly to open, read, and file physical documents. In the same manner, you can stick to set regular routines for beginning and completing new projects and delegating works for other people.

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12. Stop Multitasking 

how to be more productive wikihowMultitasking is actually impossible. True multitasking is doing more than one thing simultaneously. A new research confirms that all the distractions invading our lives are rewiring how our brains work, also drops our IQ by about 5 points. You should try to be one of the rare-air few who develop the physical as well as mental mono-maniacal concentration on one thing for a lot of hours. This is all about practice.

13. Write A Stop-Doing List

This tip on how to be more productive seems so strange, but in fact, it is necessary for you to be more productive. Every productive person obsessively sets his / her To-Do lists. But, those people who are working at a world-class also record what they commit to stop doing. Steve Jobs once said that what made Apple was not so much what they chose to do and build but the projects they chose to ignore.

14. Sleep how to be more productive in high school

Sleep will allow you to recharge and enable ideas to materialize in your head naturally. According to some studies, an entire third of the American population is not sleeping enough to work at their peak functions. Sleeping deprivation can reactive as well as reorganize recently learned or absorbed information, which would improve your memory and boost your performance dramatically. Sleep is a kind of relaxation method that allows you to carry out the highly effective, concentrated work bursts.

15. Change The Way You Think About Time

Stop thinking of time as an unlimited commodity. When you realize the actual limits of your time, you will become much more selective about what you put into the “closet” of your day. Subdivide your day into three main blocks of time, containing morning, midday, and afternoon. Then, you can decide what kind of work you will tackle during each of block. Create mini-deadlines throughout the day to keep you focus on your goals and priorities. In other words, you also need to group similar tasks which can boost the efficiency as you repeat each action. By this way, you will be more and more productive when tackling tasks.

After reading all of the above tips on how to be more productive, are you ready to be a productive person right now?

To become the person you want, it is critical for you to follow exactly these tips in the long term. Then, you will see a huge improvement in your working efficiency.

Leave your comments at the end of this post of how to be more productive to let us know what you think. We will answer all as soon as possible.

To discover how to increase productivity, overcome procrastination, & get motivated, you should read the Get More Done in Less Time book.

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