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A testosterone booster and male enhancement supplement that lacks even the most basic of information regarding its formula or effectiveness, not allowing users to be informed prior to purchase. Read on to find out if the product makes up for its lack of specifics or if it should be ignored entirely. To start, scroll down a bit and click on the table of contents.
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Power Boost X Overview

Power Boost X is primarily a muscle building supplement that aims to improve user’s physique and fitness by boosting testosterone. According to the manufacturer, the increase in testosterone will provide extra energy and stamina to the user, which will allow them to work out for longer and at a greater intensity, which will make it easier to bust through the physical plateau on which they are currently stuck. Additionally, the increase in testosterone can allow the user to recover from workouts quicker, and let them conduct workouts with more frequency.

In addition to the physical benefits, the extra testosterone can pay off in the bedroom as well. More testosterone can mean improved performance in the bedroom. Users could see an increase in their libido and sex drive, and could apply the increased stamina that they have experienced to their sexual performances, meaning that there is a greater chance that they and their partner will be satisfied.

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Power Boost X Claims

The claims made by the manufacturer of Power Boost X mostly revolve around the product’s ability to increase testosterone within the user. Through one of the site on which the product is advertised, it is stated that after the product increased the level of testosterone within the body, it also circulates into the blood and helps to address issues that are related to a lack of testosterone. This is a fairly strange claim, as it is essentially stating that it will do what any testosterone booster will do after an increase in testosterone is established.

The increased testosterone will lead to benefits in the bedroom, the gym, and will also replace fat on the body with muscle mass, the website states. Unfortunately, the site does not get very specific beyond the general claims that are often made by testosterone boosters. They do make claims about the mental benefits that users will receive, stating that an increase is performance in the gym and bedroom will lead to more confidence by the user, though they provide no hard evidence to back this up.

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Power Boost X Ingredients

It does not appear that there is an official website for Power Boost XI, which makes specific information regarding the product difficult to find. One of the areas of the product that is not detailed in full is the formula. Through our research we were only able to find three ingredients that were mentioned as being included within the product formula. This lack of transparency is not only disappointing but can potentially be dangerous as it may lead to consumers ingesting something that they are either allergic to, or may have a bad interaction with another drug that they are taking. Here are the ingredients that we know of in Power Boost X:

  • Tribulus Terrestris
  • L-Arginine
  • Tongkat Ali

The good news is that Tribulus Terrestris, L-Arginine, and Tongkat Ali are each beneficial ingredients in their own way when it comes to male enhancement products. L-Arginine is an amino acid that can improve the flow of blood throughout the body, in particular to the groin region allowing more blood to fill up the area upon arousal leading to bigger, stronger erections.

Tribulus Terrestris is a plant that can allow the body to be more responsive to the existing free testosterone within the body. Finally, Tongkat Ali is a popular aphrodisiac that can prevent the creation of estrogen, and lead to higher quality erections as well.

These three ingredients would be a good start to a male enhancement product but on their own would not be well rounded enough to fully address the multitude of issues that can cause sexual performance issues. It is unlikely that these three ingredients are all the additives that are used within the formula, and for that reason it is impossible to adequately review the product, or for a consumer to be fully informed about the possible effects of the product prior to purchase. This approach is irresponsible and could lead to negative reactions from consumers regarding the product.

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The Science Behind Power Boost X

It’s not a good sign when the product website discusses their product and states “I won’t bore you with scientific facts.” Unfortunately, this is the approach taken by the site for Power Boost X. They apparently believe that consumers do not want to hear or read actual verifiable facts that can lend legitimacy to the product, and would rather just hear selling points without any evidence.

The few scientific facts that the product site does provide are not directly related to the product itself, but rather about testosterone issues in general. They take the time to share commonly known facts such as testosterone declining in men around the age of 30 at a rate of 2-4% per year, but there are no specific facts shared that are related to the product itself. In fact, specific information about the product is so sparse that not even a full list of ingredients is provided.

To think that potential consumers do not want to be provided as much information about the product as possible and would only like to hear the promoted selling points is supremely misguided on the part of the manufacturer, and their reluctance to get specific about their product suggests that they are not comfortable with potential consumers being fully informed before making a decision regarding their supplement.

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Word on the Street About Power Boost X

Because the product is only made available through some retail websites that only offer the product as part of a free trial. As a result, there is no forum that is offered for consumers to give their opinion or share their experiences with the product. There is also an Amazon page for the product, but it is listed as being currently unavailable, and there are no customer reviews posted.

Obviously, finding consumer reviews regarding the product is not easy, but we were able to track some down. In general, the reviews that we came across were extremely negative. Most users expressed their displeasure with the business practices of the product manufacturer saying things like, “I was tricked into trying their alleged free trial” and “I was only able to cancel my subscription after calling them 5 times.” It seems Power Boost X is yet another testosterone booster that advertises itself through a misleading free trial that automatically subscribes that user to a monthly auto-shipment.

There was not much discussion that we found regarding the performance of the product itself, though the supplement review sites that addressed the product stated that based on the limited information it provides, it would likely not be an effective supplement.

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Is Power Boost X Worth a Try?

Because of a distressing lack of information about the product and the shady business practices that it utilizes, we recommend skipping it.
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It is rare to find a male enhancement product that provides such little information about its formula, but Power Boost X only give users three ingredients that it uses, and employs the same tired “free trial” scam that is so common among testosterone boosters.

If you’re looking for a positive regarding the product, the three ingredients that they do reveal are effective and generally side effect free, but if those are the only ingredients that the product uses then it will likely not be effective. And if there are more ingredients within the formula, then it runs the risk of users taking the product without knowing what’s inside and potentially experiencing a negative reaction.

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Power Boost X vs Alpha Tren

Both Power Boost X and Alpha Tren do not reveal their full ingredient list. Unlike Power Boost X, which at least reveals a few ingredients that are used, Alpha Tren doesn’t even mention a single ingredient within its formula. Alpha Tren does offer a free trial, but it is one that consumers should be wary of as it will charge them the full price of the product immediately after the trial ends. The effects, or alleged effects, of each product are similar, but neither goes into detail regarding how those effects are achieved.

Power Boost X vs Power Boost XI

Despite similar names, the products differ in several key ways. Most notably, Power Boost XI does not claim to have any effect on the user’s sexual health, as it is mostly concerned with helping users to obtain their ideal body. The formulas for the products differ significantly as well, as Power Boost XI contains multiple amino acids and nitric oxide, both of which allow increased blood flow throughout the body, so nutrients are delivered where they need to go easier. Power Boost only reveals a few ingredients, only one of which is an amino acid.

Power Boost X vs Testo Boost XI

Testo Boost XI is a muscle supplement that states that it can help users to get ripped quicker, and makes other claims, such as improved performance in bed, that mirror claims made by Power Boost X. Also, similar to Power Boost X, it seems that neither supplement offers a full list of ingredients that would allow potential consumers to be informed about the product prior to purchase. The only way for a consumer to get their hands on Testo Boost XI is through the questionable free trial method that so many male enhancement products use.

Power Boost X FAQ

  1. What kind of reviews has Power Boost X received?

Consumer reviews for Power Boost X are difficult to locate, but the ones that can be found are mostly negative and complain of the company’s business practices. The review sites that address Power Boost X are similarly negative and express disappointment over the lack of transparency for the product.

  1. Are there side effects that I should be concerned about with Power Boost X?

Based on the few ingredients that Power Boost X reveals, there should not be much concern about negative side effects. That said, there may be additional ingredients that could potentially come with side effects that could take the user by surprise.

  1. What are the full list of ingredients that are included in Power Boost X?

Power Boost X does not reveal a full list of ingredients that it contains. The only ingredients that it mentions being used are L-Arginine, Tongkat Ali, and Tribulus Terrestris.

  1. Where can Power Boost X be purchased?

Power Boost X cannot be purchased directly through its website, as it is only offered as part of a free trial. Beyond that, the product has an Amazon page, but is listed as being currently unavailable, with no indication as to when it will be available again.

  1. Is there a difference between Power Boost X and Power Boost XI?

Despite the very similar names, and some overlapping benefits, there is a significant difference between the two products. Power Boost XI does not claim to have any sexual performance benefits and mostly uses amino acids that are meant to increase the flow of blood through the body.

  1. Is there an official website for Power Boost X?

There does not appear to be an official website for Power Boost X, only a few retail sites that offer limited information about the product and push a free trial that many consumers have stated is misleading.

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So What Really Works?

Finding the best male enhancement product for your needs can be expensive and lead to a lot of frustration. Fortunately, we have been able to identify Viritenz as the most reliable and effective male enhancement supplement that is currently available. Unlike most male enhancement products on the market, Viritenz is not primarily concerned with boosting testosterone for the fitness or muscle-building aspects, though those are potential benefits, instead it is primarily focused on addressing sexual health issues.

Using all-natural ingredients, including tongkat ali, oyster extract, and maca root, the supplement takes on a wide range of sexual performance issues, including erection difficulties, low libido and sex drive, and a lack of stamina. By using Viritenz, consumers can potentially experience a significant boost in their sexual performance and the pleasure that they and their partners will derive from intercourse.

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