8 Best birthday party games for kids

Your kid’s birthday will happen next week and you wonder what should you do to create your memorable kid’s birthday? In additional to guests, presents and cake, birthday’s atmosphere plays an important role in perfect party so that you should plan to draw some games that not only keep children entertained but also create party fun. Therefore, on the Vkool.com on the page lifestyle I would like to introduce to you some best birthday party games for kids that help you get the best preparation for your kid’s birthday.

Best Birthday Party Games For Kids – The Funniest Games:

Birthday is the celebration that is happened once in a year in human life so that it will be meaningful party for people especially kids, those that always want a memorable and happy birthday party. To celebrate a memorable birthday party for your kid, you need to prepare many things such as guests, foods and drinks. Besides, you should find a way to entertain the guest that avoids becoming the boring party. You need to choose some simple games but ensure a lot of laugh from guests. Moreover, this is the birthday party for kids so almost guests are children; therefore, you should find a way that fit for their age and tailor each one on how to play game. In the article today, I would like to introduce to you some birthday party games for kids that you can choose for holding a perfect birthday for your kid.
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These games are actually very simple yet can bring about a lot of fun, good feelings, and wonderful memories so that your kids will feel very thankful for what you do for them on their birthday. These games are perfect for kids at many ages with just some simple steps. There will be 8 games for you to choose:

1. Pin The Tail On The Donkey

birthday party games for kids - pin the tail on the donkey

This is the first of best birthday party games for kids that you should add to the list of birthday games for your kid’s upcoming birthday party. Pin the tail on the donkey is the classic party game that can be played in any themes of birthday party to will bring the excitement for children. Here are the details of the game:

What You Need

  • Paper donkey tail
  • Picture of donkey, missing a tail


Hang the picture of donkey on the wall. Then, line the kids up in single file and blindfold the first children in the queue. Give each one a tail (make each one a different color or write their names on the tails) and slowly spin them three times. Point the blindfolded kid in the direction of the poster to tape his tail. Once every child has had a turn, the children with donkey tail closet the position where it should be that means the kid wins.

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2. Musical Chairs

birthday party games for kids - musical chairs

Another out of birthday party games for kids is music chair that is cheap and fun way to entertain people at a party. You can set up the game within minutes

What You Need

  • A bunch of people
  • Music
  • Chair


Set up the chair back to back in the center of the room (one chair less than a number of players). Play a tune and then children walk around the chair to the sound of music. When the music stops, each player tries to sit quickly the available chair. The player will not find the chair and is thus taken out of the game. The music is started and one chair is removed from the circle of chair for the next round. Keep repeating when the one remains and that is the winner.

Music brings many benefits for kid’s health so that you should encourage your kid to play with music.

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3. Pass The Parcel

birthday party games for kids - pass the parcel

A favorite kids’ party game can be played indoors and outdoors. It is a great thing to watch the delight on the faces of children when they discover the parcel wrapped up a secret gift in many layers of paper.

What You Need

  • Wrapping Paper
  • Chocolate or small gift
  • Stick tape
  • Music


Place the gift at the center of the parcel. You can use the box if you want to shape or to make larger than it is. Then wrap as many layers as players and repeat until you wrap enough turn for at least 5 minutes. People sit in the circle. Make sure sit comfortably and close enough to another person that make sure pass the parcel quickly. Play a short snippet of music and when the music stops, person holding the parcel removes the one layer. Repeat when all layers of wrapping are removed, stop the music each time and restart after each player is unwrapped. After that the last person will receive the gift with truly random.

You can put something sweet or little thing in each layer to add a bit of mystery that keep the kid interested longer. It can be seen as one of best birthday party games for kids that I think you can draw it in your next birthday kid.

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4. Music Statues:

birthday party games for kids - music statues

It is another game of best birthday party games for kids that I reveal and want you set up for perfect your kid’s birthday party. Kid dance around to music and when the music stops, they have to freeze. They stand still like statue and if whoever moves, laughs or smiles, they will be out of game. Can the children keep a straight face while having much fun?

What You Need

  • Music and sound system


Kids move around while music is playing. Children run around and dance freely when the music stops. Once music stops, children do not move. The person who moves is out of the party game. If all do an excellent job, restart the music.
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The person who flinches is the winner.

5. Grandmother’s Footsteps

birthday party games for kids - grandmother’s footsteps

The game is simple but brings more fun for the children that you can add this game to the list of game for your memorable kid’s birthday. Choose a “grandmother” who stands with their back to everyone else who stands back from “grandmother”. Everyone have to creep up “grandmother” while “grandmother” turns around and runs to caught anyone else who returns to the wall and starts again.


Pick one of the kids is “grandmother”. Then, “grandmother” stands on of side in the room facing the wall and everyone else stands the other end of room facing the back of “grandmother” – between 15 to 20 feet. After, everyone moves closer to “grandmother” when “grandmother” head is turned. Anyone who “grandmother” sees still moving, has to back from the beginning. The winner is who catch up with and tap on grandmother’s shoulder and then this person will become” grandmother” and the game begins again. It is another game of birthday party games for kids that I would like to introduce to you and want you to set up for your kid’s birthday.

6. Music Bumps

birthday party games for kids - music bumps

Music bumps are the next of birthday party games for kids that you should consider to apply for party in your kid’s birthday.


Children run around to the music. When music stops, all kids have to sit down immediately. The last one to sit is out of the game. Then, game continues until the winner is the last person left dancing.

7. Memory – On A Tray

birthday party games for kids - memory – on a tray

It is a great game of best birthday party games for kids that you can set up because it makes fun and keeps kid’s mind active, improves memory and learning.

What You Need

  • A variety of objects
  • Pencil and paper for each child
  • A tray


Let children get in the room or focus on another activity and then you place a number of the object on a tray in another room. It is best for objects to get a variety of sizes and shapes such as a biscuit, a paper clip, 50-cent piece, receipt and envelope that is dedicated by the age of the player- place fewer for younger groups and more object for older groups. Then, set the tray down in 60 seconds when the kids are ready, then cover the tray with a cloth or remove from another room. After, children write down which objects they see and remember in the tray. In case, players are young, they can try to draw object or if the kid is older, they can write down. The winner is who can list the most objective accurately. This is helpful game not only for entertainment but also for improving memory

8. Present Hunt:

birthday party games for kids - present hunt

This is the last of best birthday party games for kids that I want to reveal to help you get more options for your kid’s birthday. A funny hide and seek game gives the chance for all guests to find their own birthday gift that is always opened by birthday kid.

What You Need

  • Present
  • Paper


When guest arrives, give them a piece of paper with a written clued that guide them to find their present. Make sure the presents that are labeled fit for child’s name. Once the present is found, all kids can open together.

The entire article today covers 8 best birthday party games for kids that help you opt for in order to have a perfect birthday party for your kid. Besides, I also would like to recommend you and my other readers to read another article related to the birthday topic. 45 Ways To Celebrate Your Birthday – an article that shows many ways to help you celebrate and enjoy an unforgettable birthday party. In fact, these tips and tricks to hold birthday party or simply to enjoy your most important and special day every year are proven good and simple to apply as they have successfully helped several people in the world to achieve their purpose. Remember that birthday is one of the most important events so never think of skipping it or celebrating it perfunctorily. What you need to do is just reading the recommended article above in the combination with the article today and choosing what to do in your and your kid’s birthday party for good!

I hope this article will give you more options that help you celebrate a funny and memorable birthday party for your kids. If you feel this article is useful not only for your own case but for other people who are looking for best games to hold an unforgettable birthday for their kids, do not hesitate to share it widely to help more people with the same purpose as yours.
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If you have any question, leave your feedbacks and comments above this section. I highly appreciate your contribution and respond to you as soon as possible.

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