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Cinsulin is a health supplement used to improve health on a holistic level. The emphasis with this product, though, is controlling blood sugar with cinnamon—in fact the marketers of this product say that the supplement is made from water, cinnamon, and heat.

That said, there are some other elements mixed into the formula. Because the main purpose of this product is use as a blood sugar management aid, it’s unclear, at least at first blush, whether this product is an effective weight loss pill.

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Cinsulin Overview

First, we should mention, this product isn’t really a weight loss tool. The company used to make a supplement with added weight loss elements, but it has since been removed from the Cinsulin website. That said, you may still be able to track down a bottle or two on Amazon, eBay, or other third-party sales channels.

Cinsulin’s main benefit is promoting sugar metabolism and supporting healthy blood glucose levels by harnessing the power of cinnamon. It seems like cinnamon is known to have some health benefits—and it may even be a powerful tool for diabetes. According to the Journal of the American College of Nutrition, cinnamon mimics the effect of insulin medication for diabetics—so Cinsulin may well be a good ingredient for people looking for an alternative to more traditional diabetes medication.

But, cinnamon as a weight loss supplement?

There are some sources online that make this connection, but few seem very credible. The makers of Cinsulin don’t mention the use of their product for weight loss and the one supplement they made for this purpose is no longer available from the official website or any sites that are authorized to sell this product.

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Cinsulin Ingredients

Cinsulin’s weight loss formula contains the ingredients outlined below. Essentially, the pills combine cinnamon extract with chromium and caffeine from three different sources. That said, users buying directly from Cinsulin’s site can expect to see the patented cinnamon extract plus

  • Chromium
  • Cinnamon
  • Green tea leaf extract
  • Coffee extract
  • Guarana seed extract

As you might imagine, cinnamon is the core ingredient of Cinsulin. This ingredient is extracted using water—which according to the website, results in a purer supplement. Cinnamon is thought to have some superfood effects due to its high antioxidant content and anti-inflammatory benefits. Additionally, cinnamon may be used to improve insulin sensitivity, which may help people with metabolic syndrome or Type 2 diabetes.

When consumed in large amounts, cinnamon may cause some issues like mouth sores, liver damage and an increased risk of developing cancer.

It’s also worth pointing out that cinnamon may interfere with other medications, as well as foods like ginseng, garlic, fenugreek, and yeast—these ingredients may also have an effect on blood sugar levels.

Chromium is a metallic element used to regulate blood sugar. This ingredient is known for its ability to help insulin transport incoming glucose to the blood cells, where it will then be used to supply the body with energy. Chromium may also have an effect on our ability to metabolize other nutrients like carbs, fats, and proteins.

Green tea was used in the weight loss blend to boost the metabolism. The antioxidant-rich leaf is used in a number of weight loss supplements designed to help users burn more calories due to the thermogenic properties if the ingredient.

Catechin, a flavonoid present in green tea is thought to help the body break down fat, while caffeine, works to increase the amount of energy burned by the body.

Additional sources of caffeine come from guarana and coffee berry extract. Guarana is used in many energy drinks as a way to stimulate energy and athletic performance. Guarana is used as a weight loss supplement due to its high caffeine content—coffee is roughly 2% caffeine, while guarana contains about 4-6%, making it a more potent source of energy.

If users are able to track down the Cinsulin weight loss blend, they should know that this is essentially just a caffeine pill with added cinnamon. While it’s an affordable product, there’s no real benefit of using this over drinking coffee or an energy drink and adding some cinnamon to your diet.

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The Science of Cinsulin

One must watch out for a sudden drop in blood sugar levels, this has already been established by the makers themselves. Of course the meddling of medication is also not recommended as there could be a serious effect on your health. Since each brand has their own unique ingredients what has been discovered about the weight loss formula is that it contains caffeine.

Just like any additional caffeine found in a product this one can potentially cause a series of issues such as headaches, dehydration, insomnia, and tremors. So intake of it should be reserved for those who can handle their caffeine.
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Also it is best used early in the day as to avoid the issue of sleeplessness.

If users opt for the original Cinsulin—the cinnamon-only supplement—they’re getting a patented form of cinnamon—extracted from a 100% water solvent. And, while we’ve seen some positive comments for this product and others containing.

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Word on the Street About Cinsulin

The most impressive thing about Cinsulin is, this herbal supplement seems to do exactly what it claims to do. Reviewers say that the product has a nice smell—it’s kind of like apple and cinnamon—and more importantly, many people say that the pills have helped them maintain a healthy blood sugar levels.

That said, there were some side effects with use. Some people say that this product may cause gas, minor diarrhea, or other mild stomach issues.
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Most people did not use this product to lose weight, and because the weight loss version of Cinsulin appears to have been to discontinued, we don’t know much about the effects.

Again, the formula for this weight-supportive version was essentially just caffeine and cinnamon. And because there’s minimal evidence supporting the use of this popular herb for weight loss. Cinnamon provides some key nutrients, to be sure, but it’s not going to help you burn calories or speed up your metabolism.

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Is Cinsulin Worth a Try?

Cinnamon is always a healthy addition to any diet, so we have no issue with the fact that this company has encapsulated the herb for easy dosing. But, all this product does is provide cinnamon and caffeine to users trying to lose weight. there is minimal testing and not a ton of reviews available for potential users to evaluate and make the decision whether or not they’d like to try this product.

Honestly, this product might be a waste of money. Cinnamon and things like green tea and coffee are all relatively affordable items—to us, there’s just not enough evidence that taking this pills will provide users with any benefits that extend beyond putting plain old cinnamon from the pantry in your morning cup of coffee.

In the end, we were pleasantly surprised to see that there were users that saw some positive results from using Cinsulin. Type 2 diabetes affects a lot of people, particularly those who are overweight. Unfortunately, the product is not a weight loss tool, making this product a poor fit for our reviewing purposes.

Again, we noticed there were several YouTube videos and articles out there claiming that cinnamon was a viable weight loss tool, with no real evidence available backing this up. Cinnamon does not make you lose weight and in large quantities, may cause liver damage or other serious problems.

Cinsulin FAQs

  1. Can Cinsulin replace insulin or other hypoglycemic drugs?
    No. According to the website, Cinsulin is a dietary supplement and was not made to replace any more traditional medicines. We do not suggest using this product instead of insulin, at least not before consulting with a
  2. How much does Cinsulin cost?
    Cinsulin typically costs about $20-25 for a bottle containing 85 servings.
  3. Where can you buy Cinsulin?
    Cinsulin is sold on Amazon, Walmart, on an online store called, BJ’s, as well as a handful of brick and mortar stores. The brand also works with some medical providers so you may be able to get this at select clinics.

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