23 Wedding Planning Tips And Ideas For Brides And Grooms

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For most people, a happy and romantic wedding is a one of the most important celebration in human life and it is also one of the most special days of our lives. I know that we all wish to have a perfect and romantic wedding for a happy life in a future; however, you must spend a few months on preparing it. We need to plan, prepare a lot of things to get everything ready before your wedding day.

You need to know that wedding planning will contain many stressful things and you and your partner must take your time out to renew and reconnect. In the wedding planning process, all couples need to stay connected along with the wedding planning process. All couples must learn all the nurturing tips for the long upcoming journey in marriage time and interact with many other couples. In this blog, I will show 23 useful wedding planning tips and ideas for brides and grooms to achieve the romantic wedding in almost couples’ dreams with little budgets. In this simple blog about wedding planning tips, all brides and grooms can discover many valuable things they need to do for getting the perfect wedding.

23 Wedding Planning Tips And Ideas For Brides And Grooms

I. Discover 12 Useful Things For All Brides To Prepare For Their Romantic Wedding Day

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Almost of brides will be conscious about how they will look from their head to their toe in this big day. All of girls always get a careful beauty or special skincare regimen whenever some memorable occasions are coming up. Of course, their wedding day is the most special and memorable occasion when all of girls need to spend a lot of time and their attention. The below list will contain some of the useful things that we suggest all of you should pay attention to as the 12 wedding planning tips for your biggest day:

1.     Wedding Dress

Almost couples get a full year for preparing for their perfect wedding. When it comes to wedding dress, they can spend from 4 to 6 months on choosing a perfect dress for one of the most important day in their life.

Wedding dress can be the first and foremost things all brides care about in wedding planning process. They must find and try a lot of dresses and then choose the perfect for them. You should remember that the wedding dress shopping can be a funny time for you and your partner but if you want to get a suitable wedding dress, you should spend a lot of time for it. You should know that there are some alterations that must be happen. You can go to some big bridal stores where you can find multiple dresses in the stock, instead of ordering a special dress. Finding a dress can be the most stressful thing for all brides. Therefore, they should get a beautiful dress off a rack without any special order. You cannot spend all time on preparation for your constant fittings. So, you must remember that sometimes the awesome and perfect dress can be the simple one that suitable to you in a big and special day of your life. There are some things you need to know for choosing a suitable dress for your body:

  • Dresses that lace up the back are easier to fit and will require fewer trips to the seamstress.
  • The apple-shaped women have broader shoulders with narrower hips but they have bigger stomach area. They should choose the simple styles with lots of flair around the waist such as ruffles, or beading and the V-shaped neckline.
  • These brides have larger hips, backsides, and thighs. Therefore, they should choose the Empire or Ball Gown dress to minimize the big parts of their body. And they can add more beautiful things in the neckline and bodice.

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  • Petite shape brides can look more beautiful in a slim sheath dress. This kind of dress can add height to a smaller body. These brides want to hide their small-bust, so they should wear a long dress with some embellished bodice things for creating an illusion of the bigger bust.
  • Large-bust bride should avoid a higher neckline, and they should choose a sweetheart or the v-neck shape dress.
  • You can drive to a big city to get in some big stores with amazing multiple sizes and multiple styles of dresses. You should go with your friends or someone who can give you some useful advices.
  • You can cherish your family heritage by ask your mother or grandmother give you their dress. By this simple way, you can make your event more special.

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2.     Wedding Shoes

Some friends, family members, especially couturiers will give you many useful advice about what design and kind of wedding shoes will be the best match for your wedding dress. Moreover, you can find some big stores that will offer the perfect wedding shoes a long with your package of wedding dress. You should spend about 1 or 2 months on preparing your wedding shoes that you want to provide a special design for the order of wedding shoes.

3.     Matching Jewellery

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It will not take a lot of brides’ time if they have fashionable eyes when it comes to matching jewellery. However, all the brides should know that a simple and suitable dress can make all brides come angels without jewellery. Therefore, if you had a perfect wedding dress along with a matching shoes, so you do not need any jewellery.

4.     Hair And Makeup

Finding a professional artist is an important thing in your wedding planning tips. Even you are a professional artist in making up and doing hair, you should find another artist or another professional person to do hair and makeup for you, because your wedding day is your special day when you are the queen. Moreover, in this day, you have many things to do and get a lot of pressure then you cannot do hair and makeup in the perfect way. You should find professional artist 2 months before your wedding day, and then you should have a real practice session with this artist to let him know the strong and weak point on your face and he/she will find the best solution to you. By this way, you can make sure that you can get a perfect look on your wedding day.

5.     Eating Healthy

You do not want to get bad look in your wedding day because of bad eating habit. Consequently, you should schedule for a perfect gown fitting in about two or three months before the big day. I advice you that you need to drive your gown fitting into two different instances for making sure that in any instance, you will always fit in your wedding dress comfortably on this big day. You must prepare your wedding dress about 4 months before your wedding, so the sample dress which you had tried on is just a simple pattern for your real wedding dress.

6.     Teeth Whitening

Whitening teeth is a small but important thing, because a nice smile will make all people, especially brides, more confident, more comfortable and more beautiful. Moreover, you will get numerous photos with all people in this special day, and you do not want to make an ugly picture because of your ugly smile. You need to make an appointment with a good dentist before your wedding day which will be the powerful tip in wedding planning tips.

7.     Hair Removal

Waxing hair is included in your wedding planning tips because it also supports a perfect look. This tip is advisable to be done about three days before your wedding party. You should remember that you need to spend enough time for recovering your skin before wedding day if this is your first time of waxing hair and you can make sure that you will be able to resolve any issues prior to the wedding day.

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For shaving hair, you should shave your hair on the day before you wedding party, and then you should make sure that you can indulge yourself in a relaxing shower for helping your skin feel completely rested or fresh.

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8.     Nails

With your nails, you should make a plan of manicure and pedicure on the day before the wedding for avoiding the rush nails. Therefore, doing nails stand in your useful wedding planning tips.

9.     Facials

If the brides like to treat themselves to some facial at a relaxing spa, they should consult a good dermatologist first. If they decided to do this, all the brides need to make sure to make a plan for this treatment at least three months before their wedding day especially if this is their first time or some of them have very sensitive skin. Please remember that for achieving some good desired results, girls can experience some peelings and breakouts that they have not had before. This is common way of how these facials work.

If some brides do not get enough time for this treatment, then they can treat themselves with some favorite and healthy sheet masks at the night before the wedding day for the beautiful and fresh skin in the next morning.

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10.    Healthy Lifestyle

Brides should know that they need good bodybuilding exercises, enough sleep, and some healthy diets can make all brides glowed. Ideally, all brides should stay healthy every day.  However, if you want to do now for gaining good health in wedding day, it is not too late for you to start right now.

All of you know that enough sleep can help your all body to provide and regenerate energy and sleep is a good method for achieving a fresh and beautiful looking face in the wedding day. You also know that doing makeup can help you get a beautiful look, but it cannot help you look healthy or comfortable in this big day.

A healthy eating habit can boost your strong immune system; provide you more energy for busy preparing process, and save you from any kinds of sick. Moreover, some healthy food recipes with vegetables and fruits will keep your skin smoother, clearer and more radiant.

Body exercise will help you stay in fit, tonner your all body, and get you a slim. By this way, you can be confident and comfortable in your wedding dress!

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11. Staying Hydrated staying hydrated

Staying hydrated is very important when you wear the wedding dresses. It is a tricky condition. Many brides try to not consume many fluids on the significant day to avoid using the restroom and to fit in the wedding dresses better or they are so busy that they forget to drink water. However, they may not know that the lack of fluids in their body together with the very hot dresses can result in finding themselves dehydrated. You will feel tired and exhausted. In addition, many activities will happen all day can lead some brides to pass out. Your meaningful day will be affected by this incident. You need to use come bridesmaids because they will assist you with some embarrassing situations. There is one good way to avoid this issue is that you should try to consume a fair amount of water when you are ready in the morning and during the reception. You remember to use the restroom before you wear the wedding dresses. Require your servers to keep a glass of water for you.

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12. Toning Your Arms And Back toning your arms and back

Every bride always wants to get into better shape in her wedding so she will look best on her significant day. Unfortunately, most of brides don’t have enough time to hit the gym; therefore, it is necessary to know where you can practice some exercises in your limited time. Many wedding dresses are designed with good shape-wear to hide the least favorite areas of bodies, but they put your back and arms on display. If you want to have a perfect body on that day, you can perform simple 5-minute work out to feel the difference. This workout focuses on toning your arms and your back, which helps you deal with some fat on your body. You can be more confident and feel that you are the most beautiful woman on your big day.

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II.    Find Out 11 Useful Wedding Planning Tips For All Groom

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If you are going to be a groom in near future and you are finding out the best wedding planning tips and ideas for your wedding, so you should keep reading this blog to make sure that you can get everything for enjoy your romantic wedding. Almost grooms get overlooked in their wedding preparation.

The happy wedding day is your special time that you do not want to get with chewed nails, greasy hair, or dirty shirt. We all know it will not be easy for all guys to spend time on gaining good looking. And here are 11 useful steps for all grooms to get the perfect look on their important day:

1.     Hair Cut

This is one of the most important things which you need to list on wedding planning tips. You should get the hair cut about one week before the wedding. And the best hair cut method are finding a normal barber and cutting with your beautiful and usual style. I know that, you do not need to experiment with a completely new look that you cannot undo before your wedding day. You should know that your fiancé is spending a lot of money and time on nails, hair, makeup, and many things for her good appearance in your wedding.

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2.     Try A Pedicure/Manicure

You must put all joking aside, and then try a pedicure or manicure which will not be a very bad idea. There will be sure to be a lot of close photos of your rings, so you need your all nails to look perfect. Moreover, this method can provide you a relaxing time.

3.     Getting A Massage

You need a massage, really. If some grooms have never been to some good professional masseuses, I highly recommend it. This is also a good way to delete all of the wedding planning tension and stress.

4.     Taking A Trip To The Dentist

This is one of powerful wedding planning tips for all brides, and now it comes back with the grooms. Can grooms remember your last appointment with your dentist? You should get your all teeth white and clean about one month before your wedding and you should continue your own common brushing routine in all days.

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5.     Tickets To The Gun Show

Many grooms want to start a good workout routine in some last months before their wedding, because they want to get ripped for their important day and their honeymoon. My advice is to take a good workout routine in a long time.

6.     Eating Well, Drinking Well

You should keep a good diet to contribute a good look in your wedding day. You can drink more water to save your skin clear and healthy. Moreover, you should avoid all kinds of fast food to keep your good physique which you have put more effort to develop. And you should avoid beer or alcohols for preventing all bad situations which can cause by drinking alcohols.

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7.     Staying Sweet

Preparing process will be stressful and it can make you and your partner feel difficult to stay together in the near future. Therefore, all grooms need to warm up and save their relationship during this time. They can give their partner flowers, her special candies or some sentimental postcards. By this way, she cannot forget the sweet time, and she can get warm feeling from you, and then open her heart to start new life with you. Some grooms can tap the creative side or write his lovers’ favorite song for the wedding band to play at your wedding.

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8.     Staying Comfy

All grooms can dress well and stylish for their wedding day. But make sure the shoes are well-fit and not broken in already so grooms don’t get any blister; grooms’ undershirt need to be thick enough for grooms to keep their sweat from going out and their outfit will be weather-appropriate for their destination. Groom needs to make sure that all of things fit and they will be comfortable and cool. By this way, they can enjoy their big day and never worry about some unpleasant style surprises.

9.     Keeping It Real

You can meet some of potential distractions which can delay your own preparations. Therefore, you need to take time to get ready to control everything for a perfect wedding. Also, you should keep all elements ready ahead of the time, keep all the things work by using your own checklist.

10.     Loving It

When you are going to be a groom that means you need to prepare, and make your fiancé feel happy as a queen. You know your role and you are doing it well. You should have everything ready, and control all of thing you need, because this can make you feel better and enjoy your special occasion. Lowering all stress is the first of relationship tip for men which can rub off on the beautiful bride, and increase more chances of doing this wedding day run perfectly. Grooms should understand that they have found their own woman of their dreams and now, they need to do everything they can to prepare their really happy marriages together by loving all waking moments.

11. Having Romantic Gestures having romantic gestures

Next to wedding planning tips, this may be the last thing you want to do and you agree to do. This is dancing. You can research some dance classes and suggest your bride joining together. On your wedding day, she will be very thrilled and you will be very happy when you perform in front of a huge crowd. You remember that you should pay attention to her dress because you may not manage to tear her dress off by stepping. Think about how you want to dance and tell her your favorite songs so that both of you can dance properly.

You can make a surprise for the reception such as special music, fireworks. Moreover, you can write her a poem and read it loudly in front of the whole guests or if you cannot write a poem, then you can look up some love quotes or sonnets.

You can also send endearing notes to your father-in-law and mother-in-law and send them your gratitude for what they have done, particularly they had created a wonderful woman in the world.

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There are 23 wedding planning tips and ideas for brides and grooms that you should know to prepare for your wedding days. If you think that this blog are useful, you can share it with other people. Or you can leave your comment below if you are interested in this topic. I completely appreciate your contribution.

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