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Marriage on your mind? Here are some of the most romantic, creative and unique marriage proposal ideas that VKool has collected over the years from all over the world.

I. Romantic Marriage Proposal Ideas Marriage Proposals With Food Or At Restaurants romantic marriage proposal ideas - marriage proposals with food or at restaurants

Whether it is a meal out or a ring on a cake, making use of food is a great way to surprise your sweetie with a marriage proposal.

  1. Freeze a ring in the ice cube and pop it into her glass of water whilst you are relaxing in your own home. When she sees the glass, she will notice something in it, then get down on one of your knees and ask for her hand in marriage.
  2.  When in a restaurant, you pretend to drop something, such as a napkin, on the floor and have her pick it up. As she does, drop the ring in her glass for a surprise. When she pulls it out, you start asking the proposal question.
  3. Take your sweetie to a restaurant for dinner or any meal.

    Yet, dinner often works best. Then, arrange beforehand to have a certain police officer pull you over when you leave. When you are asked for your own registration, have your sweetie retrieve it from the glove compartment with a ring attached.

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  1. Choose her favorite restaurant, and then take her there. When arriving, excuse yourself to go the restroom, yet leave to find your waitress / waiter and tell them your proposing plans. Order the favorite dessert of your woman and have that waiter / waitress put a ring on top on that dessert. Be ready to get your on one of your knees and start proposing her while that waiter / waitress is putting the dish down in front her.
  2. Purchase fortune cookies and eliminate fortunes from them with a pair of tweezers. Then, replace the fortunes with notes of “Will you marry me?”
  3. Take her to the restaurant that both of you feel special about. Have a special menu with a proposal printed put inside. After that, have the waiter hand that menu to your sweetheart. As she opens that menu, she will notice the proposal note. At that time, you get down on one of your knees and propose.

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II. RomanticMarriage Proposal Ideas Marriage Proposals With Flowers romantic marriage proposal ideas - marriage proposals with flowers

Flowers are always essential for the romance of a relationship. The followings are some of the most unique yet easy marriage proposal ideas using flowers.

1. Spell out your own proposal with the petals of rose or petals of her favorite flower. When she read the proposal, you start getting down on one of your knees and ask her, “Will you marry me?”

2. About 12 days before your proposal day, start sending her a rose, every day leading to the 12th day. On that 12th day, she will expect a single rose to finish that dozen. However, instead, you surprise her with a dozen roses coming with a ring. Then, ask her for being your bride.

3. Purchase 14 of your sweetheart’s favorite flowers. Then, tie a small piece of paper to each of them. Attach on each flower stem a letter spelling out your proposal sentence “Will you marry me?” Give her each flower, one by one. The last flower with the “e” letter, have a ring attached to it.

4. Have a flower of your choice presented to her every hour for 11 hour before your proposing moment. Show up yourself with the 12th flower and start proposing.

5. Give her 3 long-stemmed flowers – rose is the best – and give it to her before having a dinner in a restaurant. Have a ring attached to a lei and get down on one of your knees when your sweetie sees it. Just keep that theme going and tell her that you want to take her to Hawaii (or any place two of you love) for the honeymoon.

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III. Marriage Proposal Ideas – Adventurous Proposals marriage proposal ideas – adventurous proposals

If you are an adventurous couple, then you might want a thrilling proposal. Try out some of these adventurous, unique proposal ideas designed for those who love to live on the edge of both love and life.

1. Take your sweetie on a sky diving adventure if possible. After pulling your shoot, you will both land under the parachute. Ask your woman to help you out of your parachute, when she lifts it, you are being on one of your knees and holding a ring, asking her for being your bride.

Take your sweetheart to enjoy a ski weekend. When you ski down the mountain, have a big sign made that saying “Will you marry me?” After that, when you get to the bottom of that mountain, be on one of your knees and start proposing.

3. Surprise her with an amazing sunrise hot air balloon attached with mimosas and a proposal when you soar via the air with the clouds.
4. Spend your day on rafting down a certain river.

Then, when you complete, get down on one of your knee and tell her that you want to walk with her to the last of your life, and ask her if she will spend her life with you.

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IV. Creative Marriage Proposal Ideas – Balloon Proposals creative marriage proposal ideas – balloon proposals

This is another creative way to propose your dream woman. There are various ways to do so, some of them are:

  • Give your sweetheart a balloon bouquet which is filled with the rose petals. Bring these rose petals to the balloon shop and have them put inside when they fill them with helium. Have a ring put inside one of those balloons with rose petals. Then, surprise her with those balloons. When you pop them, she will notice the rose petals coming with a proposing ring.
  • If possible, take your sweetie on a hot air balloon and start proposing when she is sightseeing. Sincerely tell her that two of you are on the top of the world and being together.
  • Surprise your woman with a room filled with colorful balloons. Inside each balloon, you put a romantic note such as “I love you” or “You are everything to me”. Place a box including a ring hidden under the collection of balloon.

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V. Unique Marriage Proposal Ideas – Propose In A Big Ways unique marriage proposal ideas – propose in a big ways

We both know that proposing marriage is a great deal, so why don’t you do it in such a great way? Here are some unique, great ways to have a creative marriage proposal.

  • Place an advertisement in a newspaper. This is so inexpensive and incredibly easy to do.

    You could place a large graphic classified advertisement with a big picture of the two of you plus with a proposal.
  • Christmas is the exact perfect time to propose. You can hang the ring box like an ornament on the Christmas tree. When the last present has been opened, you say “Wait, there is still one more gift.” Ask your sweetie to find it or simply retrieve it and start proposing.
  • Play a trivia game together. When it is the turn of your sweetie, you casually say “Your question is: will you marry me?
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    ” instead of the common question written on the card.
  • Ask her out for a movie. Then, in the middle of that movie, arrange the staff to stop it and announce that they having a problem in terms of technique and it will be appreciated if everybody remained seated. After that, have them roll the slide show of the photos of two of you while playing your favorite song. At the end of that slide show, you show a clip in which you talk and say how much she means to you. The next step is question her “Will you marry me?” when she turns around, you look at her eyes, get down on one of your knees and present a ring to her.

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      1. Create your fireworks show at home and then propose to her. Tell her that she is lighting up your life more than even these fireworks light up the sky and ask her if she want to become your bride.
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      2. Sneak into her classroom or office before she gets there. Then, write your sincere proposal on her desk or on the blackboard. After that, stay hiding in the coat closet or right outside that room until she arrives. When she notices that proposal, get down on one knee and ask her if she want to hand in a marriage.
      3. Make a complete list of 10 reasons that you would like to get married with your beloved. After that, find a chance to read them to her in front of a crowd, have them delivered through a singing telegram or send them written on note cards over the course of 10 days, with the last card arriving by your personal messenger.

What are your own marriage proposal ideas? Leave your words below to let us know your thoughts about this article or any other relationship tips introduced in We appreciate and will respond all soon.

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