Health Benefits Of Jogging Daily – 10 Heath Advantages

benefits of jogging daily

A recent study concluded that if people briskly jog in 30 minutes a day, it will help to reduce the risk of developing metabolic syndrome (metabolic syndrome) – a group of early symptoms leading to the risk of heart diseases, diabetes, and stroke.

Health Benefits Of Jogging Daily – The Best Advantages:

Good for the heart, improve memory, reduce weight, increase labor efficiency … are also other wonderful effects of walking for human health. You only need to spend 30 minutes a day for jogging, and it will help you get healthy body, preventing you from diseases and illnesses, increasing your work productivity dramatically. In this article, I would like to show you the best benefits of jogging that you should know and make use of this healthy activity.

1. Good For Heart: 

benefits of jogging

A recent study concluded, jogging can help to reduce the risks of heart diseases, diabetes, and stroke. A study conducted in the UK showed that regular activity including walking and cycling can help to get 11% lower risk of cardiovascular disease, especially in women. This is the first out of the health benefits of jogging that people should not look down.

2. Prevent The Risks Of Breast Cancer: 

benefits of jogging

Jogging just a few hours each week has special means in reducing the risk of breast cancer (as the information published in the Journal of the American Medical Association). In addition, jogging can help to reduce fat and increase the production of estrogen. The results of the study on 74,000 women in menopause (50 to 79 years old) showed that those who has normal health status has reduced risk of breast cancer by 30%, while in those who are overweight, the risk is just reduced by 10% to 20%. Research on younger women also leads to similar results.

Therefore, people should practice jogging in a regular basis to manage their weight and improve health effectively.

3. Improve The Sleep Quality: 

benefits of jogging

Jogging fast in the afternoon will help you get a better sleep. Moreover, there are many people believing that jogging can help to increase the amount of serotonin hormone to help you relax at night. However, you should not jog two hours before bed because it was too late to return the body to rest. Improving the sleep quality is also one of the best benefits of jogging daily that people should make use.

4. Reduce Body Pain: 

benefits of jogging

Walking will help you reduce body pain, help you relax consciously, and it also makes your body balanced by including moving the arms, keeping your legs out of stress. Results will be the lessened body pain. This is actually a wonderful health effect that jogging brings about.

5. Reduce Stress: 

benefits of jogging

Jogging can help you reduce depression, anxiety, and stress. This is an effective but not many people dare expect. Just a 30 minute jogging outside will make your mood better. Spend 90 minutes in total to jog for 5 times per week and you will get the best mood.

Because jogging can help the body produce endorphins, one chemical that improves mood, it will make you feel optimistic and love your life more.

6. Reduce Body Weight:

benefits of jogging

Jogging 30 minutes a day can prevent weight gain in most of the people who are not active. On the other hand, if women jog an hour a day, five times a week, it will help them consume 1,500 calories per day and reduce 11 kg of excessive weight per year. Jogging can help to control your body weight naturally and effectively.

7. Improve Memory In Elderly People: 

benefits of jogging

Several studies on the elderly group showed that even just jogging 45 minutes per week will help elderly people prevent Alzheimer’s disease. Take a normal stroll or walk means that the brain of elderly people will be practiced and become more lucid.

8. Protect Your Bones: 

benefits of jogging

Just a 30-minute jogging, three times a week is a great way to protect and exercise your bones. Just as an exercise, walking will require people to use 95% of the muscles. In fact, this process can help to promote and make your bones healthier and firmer. This is also one of the best health benefits of jogging daily that people should make use in a regular basis.

9. Increase The Working Productivity: 

benefits of jogging

Jogging can help to train both your upper and lower muscle mass in the body. Therefore, the muscle mass will be loosed and the muscle tension will be reduced. Your body could relax and your stamina will be increase accordingly. Therefore, the productivity and efficiency of your work will be also increased.

10. Save Time And Money: 

benefits of jogging

This is the last but not least benefit of jogging daily that I would like to introduce in this entire article and hope you perform it right from tomorrow. You do not need to spend time and money going to the fitness center to get a healthy body and attractive appearance. If you are busy, simply prepare a pair of shoes to jog in the morning before going to the office. Not necessary to go a long way in each session, you just simply need to keep this exercise habit every day.

This is the list of 10 most common health benefits of jogging daily that are useful for readers of and other people who love doing exercises and making use of outdoor activities. These benefits are scientifically proven so that people should not concern about it.

If you think that the health benefits of jogging daily that I introduced in this article are exactly and you will make use of this activity in a regular basis, and if you want to share this list with other people who also want to live a healthy life, feel free to share and remember to leave your comments and feedbacks below. As an author, I really welcome all of my readers’ personal opinions and thoughts.

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