22 Health Benefits Of Moringa Leaves, Seeds, And Their Powder

health benefits of moringa

Moringa also called drumstick tree, ben tree, or horseradish tree, is a small tree grown in Nepal, Pakistan, and India. People in the Eastern countries have used Moringa for treating or preventing many disorders for a long time due to its various health benefits.  It is often used in the form of leaf powder even though its flowers, fruits, seeds, roots, pods, and bark are also edible.  With the high nutritious contents and powerful tissue- protective, and antioxidant properties, Moringa is really an ideal food.

The benefits of moringa consist of wound healing, the relief of stomach disorders, edema, and allergies; the protection of liver, eye, bone, and cardiovascular health; the prevention of diabetes, cancer, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, anemia, obesity, neurodegenerative diseases, and bronchial asthma; the improvement of immune system, the skin and hair health. And there are also other benefits of moringa in cooking and farming indeed. It is really versatile on the whole.

Now, VKool.com would like to show you 22 health benefits of moringa leaves, seeds, and their powder for both the internal and external health. All of the benefits of this herb are consulted from reliable information sources and thoroughly researched, so you can really believe in them. For those who don’t know or wonder the benefits of moringa, just spend a few minutes reading our article to have more experience!

22 Health Benefits Of Moringa Leaves, Seeds, And Their Powder

1. Enhance Wound Healing

benefits of moringa - enhance wound healing

Enhancing the wound healing is known as the first one of the health benefits of Moringa. The extract of its leaves, seeds, and roots contains blood-clotting properties that stimulate the wound healing and reduce clotting time. That means Moringa decreases the time it takes for wounds, cuts, and scratches to stop bleeding. The research before also provided supporting evidence relating its healing effects on the wound healing including strengthening broken skin, closing the wounds, and reducing the formation of scars.

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2. Benefits Of Moringa To Relieve Stomach Disorders

Relieving some bad conditions of the stomach is another of the health benefits of Moringa. It is because it contains isothiocyanates that are useful to treat abdominal disorders like ulcerative, gastritis, and constipation. The treatment with Moringa helps reduce ulceration and cure ulcerative colitis not less effectively than other commercial drug prednisolone available on the market. The Moringa extracts have been also proved to be an effective herbal that can replace a range of commercial antihistamines and antacids.

In addition, Moringa has antibacterial and antibiotic properties essential for the digestive process, which minimizes the risks of some stomach disorders. Also, it inhibits various pathogens such as coliform bacteria and helicobacter pylori bacteria from growing to prevent conditions like diarrhea.

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3. Control Diabetes

 Moringa is very beneficial in controlling Diabetes. Its extracts exert the effects of anti-diabetic content in treating diabetes mellitus. More clearly, the treatment with moringa gives a positive result in the reduction of urine proteins, urine sugar, and blood glucose in diabetic patients, which plays an important role in managing diabetes. Besides, it gives a significant improvement of hemoglobin levels as well as total protein content in the diabetic subjects.

You can take in Moringa in the form of capsules or a beverage made from its powder to keep the level of sugar thereby controlling the process of your disorder. The powder of Moringa leaf is very useful in reducing glucose and lipid levels, particularly regulates oxidative stress in the patients with diabetes. That means it lowers cholesterol and blood sugar, and boosts the protection against cell damage.

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4. Protect Cardiovascular Health

benefits of moringa - protect cardiovascular health

Giving the cardiovascular protection is known as another of the health benefits of moringa. With a rich source of powerful antioxidants, Moringa extracts help prevent the cardiac or myocardial damage. The treatment with moringa has been proved to be effective in cardiovascular problem due to its antiperoxidative and cardio-protective effects.

Additionally, treatment with Moringa can inhibit the lipid peroxidation increase in the myocardial tissue thereby aiding in maintaining the heart health. The powder of Moringa leaf has heart-healthy effects, especially in controlling blood lipid and preventing the formation of plaque in the arteries, and reducing cholesterol levels.

For another example, the treatment with moringa prevents the risk of hypertension.  It is very beneficial in maintaining the blood pressure levels in the body. And its bioactive components like niazimini and isothiocyanate help inhibit the thickening of arteries thereby reducing the growth of pulmonary hypertension.

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5. Control Cholesterol Level

Moringa extracts are considered as an excellent remedy for maintaining a proper cholesterol level in the body. It is able to lower LDL cholesterol levels, the bad cholesterol and prevent the extraordinary formation of blood clots. In addition, moringa has the hypocholesterolemic effects, which helps reduce the fat rise the liver, kidney then reduce the serum cholesterol levels.

6. Benefits Of Moringa To Protect Liver

Due to the high existence of polyphenols in Moringa leaves and flowers, this herbal can protect the liver from damage, oxidation, and toxicity, which is also considered as one of the health benefits of Moringa. The effectiveness of treatment with moringa leaves for the liver damage that is caused by anti-tubercular drugs has been proved. It also stimulates the recovery process of the liver after any damage.

In addition, Moringa helps reduce the damage and fibrosis of the liver while reversing its oxidation. Moringa oil aids in maintaining liver enzymes at normal levels, decreasing oxidative stress and improving essential protein level in the liver. By anyway, the liver plays a very important role in detoxifying the blood, producing bile, metabolizing fructose and fat, and processing nutrient provided its enzymes act properly. Therefore, keeping the liver enzymes staying at normal levels is so vital that you should use Moringa in any forms to protect your liver well.

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7. Support Brain Health

Moringa is also beneficial in supporting the brain health as well as cognitive function due to its rich antioxidant and neuro-enhancing activities. Plus, it has been proved to be a good treatment for Alzheimer’s disease.

With the high concentration of vitamin C and vitamin E that all help fight oxidation causing neuron degeneration, moringa can improve the proper function of the brain. Also, it maintains the function of the neurotransmitters serotonin, noradrenaline, and dopamine in the brain, which is vital to improving memory, organ function, responses to stimulus like pleasure and stress, and mood as well as mental health like depression and psychosis.

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8. Improve Bone Health

benefits of moringa - improve bone health

Moringa extracts are considered to be beneficial in maintaining the bone health due to the availability of essential minerals particularly calcium and phosphorous. Plus, its extracts contains anti-inflammatory properties, which makes them effective in the treating any painful conditions like arthritis and healing many bone ailments like mandibular and jaw bone fracture.

9. Benefits Of Moringa To Improve Hair

Stimulating the hair beauty is known as one of the benefits of moringa, especially in the form of powder. In fact, the nutritional deficiency or any health problems can restrict the hair growth and damage the hair thereby making it weak and brittle. The rich source of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals in moringa powder plays a key role in maintaining the healthy hair.

Firstly, moringa leaf powder stimulates the hair growth. It particularly contains zinc that enhances the immune system thereby stimulating the hair growth. In fact, zinc deficiency can cause atrophy of hair follicles because of protein synthesis and impairment of DNA. And when the supply of nutrients and oxygen from the circulation to the hair follicles is very necessary for the hair growth, moringa leaf powder adds a good source of vitamin A for this growth. The vitamin- A deficiency can cause dandruff, dry hair, and scalp thickening.

Secondly, moringa leaf powder aids in the formation of keratin protein that is extremely vital for the hair health. It depends on the concentration of amino acids, essential vitamins, and minerals to stimulate the metabolic pathways related to the formation of keratin. Plus, Methionine, an amino acid, can supply sulfur to the hair and prevent the hair loss.

Finally, moringa leaf powder helps clean and strengthen hair. While the deficiency of vitamin B, particularly B6, inositol, biotin, and folic acid can cause the hair loss, this powder can supply you all. In addition, vitamin C and vitamin E presented in moringa can improve scalp circulation thereby supplying enough nutrients to the hair follicles and stimulating them to grow well. Moringa leaf powder can be also used to clean and purify the hair. Besides, it protects the hair from any environmental damage such as ultraviolet radiation and conditions the scalp, strengthens the hair roots, and boosts its growth.

10. Glow Skin

Not only be moringa good for the hair health but it also improves the skin beauty, which is another of the benefits of moringa. Moringa now is used in the form of seed oil that is useful for the skin. This extract with hydrating and detoxifying effects helps neutralize the acts of harmful pollutants, slow premature aging, and prevent wrinkles. More clearly, the antioxidants and high contents of vitamins A, C, E, and bioflavonoids help restrict the oxidation of skin tissue thereby delaying the aging process as well as reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

Additionally, the high protein content presented in moringa helps protect the dermal cells against damage that is caused by harmful metals like mercury and cadmium. It is also the reason why it is used to produce cosmetics and various skin care products. As a beauty advice, you can use moringa powder as a face pack or mix it with sandalwood paste or fuller’s earth then apply to your face for getting a smooth and glowing skin.

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11. Improve Eye Health

benefits of moringa - improve eye health

Not only does moringa improve the brain health but it also protects and stimulates the eye health. The rich antioxidant presented in this herb makes it beneficial in protecting the eyes from retinal damage. with renoprotective effects, the treatment with moringa aids in inhibiting the retinal vessel dilatation and keeping the retinal vasculature unharmed. Besides, it prevents any retinal dysfunction and the thickening of capillary membranes.

12. Improve Immunity

The next one of the health benefits of moringa is improving the immune system. The moringa leaf extracts help stimulate the immunity of the body and enhance the cellular immune response. For example, it gives positive effects on many immune system values like total antibodies, leucocyte count, and hypersensitivity reaction. It is the reason why this herb can provide nourishment to the brain and eyes as mentioned, additionally promote the cell structure and metabolism, and encourage the proper functioning of kidney and liver.

Especially, moringa has immunosuppressive effects from its seeds due to the immunosuppressive properties. While immunosuppression is aimed at the inhabitation of the immune system activation so as in to restrict the rejection of some treatments, known as autoimmune diseases like rheumatoid arthritis and organ transplants, the immunosuppressive effects of moringa seeds are demonstrated to be effective in ameliorating the antibody production thereby allowing transplanted material and new organs to settle in the body well.

13. Benefits Of Moringa To Prevent Cancer

Preventing the risks of cancer is known as another of the health benefits of Moringa. It is really an anticancer agent, particularly useful in tumor therapy. Moringa is highly appreciated with chemopreventive properties that are attributed to the existence of phenolic components like kaempferol and quercetin. In addition, the bioactive compound known as niazimicin presented in moringa can prevent the growth and spread of cancer cells.

The extracts of Moringa give chemo modulatory effects on curing many types of cancers including ovarian cancer, skin papilloma genesis, and hepatic carcinogenesis by restricting the reproduction of cancer cells and leading to apoptosis, programmed cell death.

14. Treat Edema

Treating edema is another of the health benefits of moringa extracts. More clearly, the anti-inflammatory qualities presented in moringa root extract have been proved to be effective to prevent the development of edema. Surprisingly, the efficacy of moringa herb is considered to be equal to the other anti-inflammatory medicine, known as indomethacin, to deal with such painful conditions.

15. Relieve Asthma

benefits of moringa - relieve asthma

According to the research before, moringa herb extracts can relieve bronchial asthma and inflammation that is caused in the airways. More clearly, the treatment with moringa aids in reducing the acts of asthmatic attacks as well as other symptoms like a cough, chest tightness, wheezing, and dyspnea. It gives protective effects on bronchial constrictions and stimulates the better function and respiration of the lung.

As mentioned above, moringa extracts can relieve inflammation that may cause chronic diseases such as arthritis, cardiovascular, diabetes, respiratory problems, and obesity. This herb can suppress proteins and inflammatory enzymes in the body, particularly its leaf extract can considerably lower the inflammation in the cells.

16. Treat Neurodegenerative Diseases

The benefits of moringa include its effectiveness in dealing with neurodegenerative diseases. The treatment with this herb extracts has been proved to potential in altering brain monoamines such as serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine, and extending its protection against the deficiency of monoaminergic that involves in Alzheimer’s disease.

17. Prevent Urolithiasis

Moringa extracts have widely used to prevent the formation of stones particularly in the kidney, uterus, and bladder. It is due to the anti-urolithiatic activity of moringa root extracts, which leads to a considerable decrease in urinary oxalate levels. Plus, moringa gives curative effect on the reduction of stone formation and helps regulate endogenous oxalate synthesis.

In addition, Moringa extracts have a protective effect on nephrotoxicity, which involves in several kidney problems caused by the exposure to harmful drugs or toxins. More clearly, this nephroprotective effect of moringa with high antioxidant content can attenuate renal injuries. Also, it acts as s great bio-absorbent and helps remove heavy metals or harmful toxins.

18. Treat Anemia

Moringa extracts are believed to be effective in treating anemia. It is because that the treatment with moringa herb helps facilitate the absorption of iron, improve the count of red blood cells, and maintain normal blood parameters. Therefore, for those who regularly face to conditions like tiredness and fatigue caused by anemia disorder, consuming moringa is really a good choice.

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19. Combat Obesity

benefits of moringa - combat obesity

Combating obesity is another of the health benefits of moringa, which depends on its high nutrition and low-fat qualities. Particularly, moringa leaf extract helps stimulate the digestion and converting of food into energy because of the rich content of vitamin B. therefore, the food cannot be stored in the body as fat, the main cause of obesity.

20. Be Good For Pregnant Women

Another of the benefits of moringa is its advantages for the pregnant women and lactating mothers. Being a rich source of vitamins, mineral, and essential nutrients, moringa extracts can deal with the nutritional deficiency in the pregnant and breastfeeding women, which makes it necessary for them. It is advised to consume 6 spoons of moringa powder each day to supply enough iron and calcium during pregnancy and breastfeeding period.

In addition, with anti- fertility quality, moringa can prevent the risks of an abortifacient. The estrogenic activity of aqueous extracts of moringa is beneficial in preventing sexual implantation in your body.

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21. Use For Cooking

Culinary use is an important one of the benefits of moringa. It is called miracle tree not only because of its health advantages but also because of its role in cooking. Most parts of moringa including the leaves, fruits, bark, and even roots are all abused as food items. For instance, moringa leaves can be used in soup and sauce recipes or added to salads. Surprisingly, moringa leaves can be alternative to meat due to its high protein content thereby being suitable for vegetarians. And with amino acids like aregenine and histidine, moringa is essential for the infants.

In addition, cold pressed moringa oil can be used to cook and also appreciated for the long shelf life. And its immature seed pods are used in many dishes even known as drumsticks in India.

22. Other Benefits

Purify water: with the anti-cyanobacterial qualities, moringa extracts have been used in the filtration system of primitive water. Its seeds give flocculating effects on microorganisms and clay presented in water thereby removing harmful pollutants and algae. As a result, Moringa is known as a natural way to purify and treat water, which helps us give up using other industrial coagulants like alumina in the water source.

Fine apparatus: despite tending to be rancid, moringa seed oil is used as a natural lubricant for fine apparatus like watches.

Stimulate plant growth: moringa leaf extract contains growth-enhancing properties that promote a better crop. Plus, its growth hormone helps improve the protection against pests and diseases for plants.

While moringa extracts are extendedly used to manufacture oils, ointments, creams, and moisturizers, its seed remains after the extraction is also used as a natural fertilizer.

Feed animals: Moringa leaves with excellent nutritional content are really suitable for cattle feed, which both supplies enough nutrition and reduce the expense. Animals fed with moringa leaves receive an increased milk production and improvement in the meat quality.

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Our main Health page contains much more health information including the benefits other food and beverages for you to consult. With the article of 22 health benefits of moringa leaves, seeds, and their powder, hope that you can see how good this herb is for both the internal and external health thereby adding it to your daily diet. Please let us know if you have any question by leaving them below and share with us other health benefits of moringa if you know or experience.

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