9 Best Proteins For Hair Growth

best proteins for hair growth

Hair is one of the important parts of our bodies. It is also an aspect to evaluate the beauty. However, we do not sometimes have healthy hair. You will have hair loss. And finding a solution for this case is very necessary if you want to have beautiful hair. Maybe you go to the barber shop to restore your hair. But it may cost a lot of money. So now, don’t worry! In this article, VKool.com will present to you top 10 best proteins for hair growth without any side effect. This article listed the best proteins that are used to grow hair effectively at home. Keep reading this article to know these best proteins for hair growth.

9 Best Proteins For Hair Growth

1. Cysteine

proteins for hair growth - cysteine

Cysteine is a vital protein which is proven to help in stimulating hair regrowth along with fighting hair loss. Besides confirming a healthy hair growth, it also helps to stimulate new hair growth. It is a strong antioxidant, which can protect your hair from the sun damage as well as different harmful radiations. Plus, it supplies sulphur to your hair cells in order to improve their strength and texture. The main dietary sources which you can find Cysteine consist of wheat germ, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, chicken, and some dairy products such as milk and yogurt. In addition, nearly 10 – 40% of our hair and skin is constituted by that amino acid. And, Cysteine in the body is made up by the bonding of 2 Cysteine molecules. The molecules provide the strength to your hair shafts. Besides, this protein is also thought to improve the body’s immunity in order to fight any type of infections.

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2. Methionine

Methionine is a different protein which is good for hair growth. It is said to be a strong antioxidant as well as a warehouse of sulphur which is a major ingredient to thwart the hair disorders. Methionine is also a good lipotropic because it can help to break down fat along with preventing fat accumulation in specific and arteries body areas. The function of Methionine is to increase the blood supply to the scalp and hair follicles. Therefore, it leads to hair growth. Brazil nuts, fish, cereal grains, eggs and sesame seeds are great sources of Methionine.

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3. Arginine

proteins for hair growth - arginine

It is very true when arginine is one of the proteins for hair growth. It is one precursor of nitric oxide. And that amino acid is essential for the healthy hair growth. Arginine can also instigate the level of nitrogen oxide which is able to stimulate the potassium the cells opening. As a result, it may increase the supply of blood to your root hair. That’s why it promotes hair growth. Even though Arginine is adequately synthesized in our body, it is very good to consume cashew, coconut, hazelnut, sunflower seeds, fish, sesame seeds, as well as wheat germ.

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4. Tyrosine

proteins for hair growth - tyrosine

When talking about proteins for hair growth, tyrosine which is naturally produced in the body is also listed too. And it is responsible for the skin and hair coloration. In addition, Tyrosine produces melanin. Plus, it has been known to cure insomnia, depression, anxiety and stress which is related to the problems hindering healthy hair growth. There are a few food sources which are rich in Tyrosine. They include dairy and soy products, lima beans, pumpkin seeds, almonds, and fish.

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5. Lysine

proteins for hair growth - lysine

It will be a shortcoming if lysine is not listed as one of the important proteins for hair growth. It can help stimulate the collagen and it is very essential for repairing the damaged hair. Additionally, hair follicles require lysine to proper function. A study has presented that hair loss can be decreased with supplementation of lysine.

And the wonderful sources for lysine consist of fish (especially sardines, cod and salmon), poultry, dairy products, legumes red meat, pork, pulses, nuts, and spirulina.

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6. Glycine

proteins for hair growth - glycine

Being one of the most popular and the smallest amino acids, glycine is pretty essential for the digestive as well as the central nervous systems. In addition, it can help to produce collagen. That’s why it helps to promote the hair growth.

Although the body can produce this amino acid, it is also a good idea to consume protein-rich foods like meat, fish, dairy products, spinach, soybeans, cabbage, kale, beans, banana as well as kiwi fruit.

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7. Proline

proteins for hair growth - proline

Proline is also mentioned too. This amino acid is able to help produce cartilage and collagen, along with maintaining the muscle tissues.

Meat, asparagus, dairy products, eggs, avocado, broccoli, beans, legume, spinach and soy beans are the best sources of proline.

8. Glutamine

proteins for hair growth - glutamine

Glutamine is one of the most popular amino acids. And it is naturally produced by the body. However, the production of this amino acid reduces with age. That’s why it is necessary to supply glutamine from the middle age to the old age in order to promote the hair growth. In addition, Glutamine is built by glutamic acid. And it builds your hair by delivering sulphur which plays an important role in promoting hair growth.

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9. Taurine

proteins for hair growth - taurine

Taurine is an unusual protein since it includes a sulphonate group in place of a carboxyl group.

It is not only synthesized in your body from the cysteine but also ingested in food. The great sources of taurine contain meat and marine animals. It is also in breast milk and added to both infant formulas and energy drinks.

Taurine is a sulfur amino acid which is most plentiful in humans. It is able to affect the health of tissues and organs. It is stored in your hair bulbs. If there isn’t enough taurine in the system, your hair may be weak and thin.

In conclusion, you should have a balanced and healthy diet! However, your diet should include these foods containing the proteins above so that it is able to help you to boost the health as well as the growth of your hair, your beauty and your happiness.

To know more information about hair care recipes and natural for hair problems, go to our main Health page. After reading the article of “top 10 best proteins for hair growth”, I hope that this article will help you learn more some proteins for hair growth to have your expected hair. If you have any question or comment, please leave them below. Also, if you know other best proteins for hair growth, you can share your experience with us.

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