Benefits of cashew nuts: 12 advantages for health, skin & hair

Cashew nuts (also called kaju) are kidney shaped nuts, well known as nature’s vitamin pill, containing wonderful and amazing nutritional health benefits. It’s mainly used dry fruit in some cuisine in India like variety of dessert preparations to add taste and nutrition. Solid, sweet, delicious, and soft cashew nuts are loaded with energy, protein, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals including other healthy materials needed for body building. In this article, will introduce you benefits of cashew nuts: 12 advantages for health, skin & hair. The writing collected a list of benefits of cashew nuts from reliable sources. Keep reading this article to learn these 12 benefits of cashew nuts in more detail!

Benefits Of Cashew Nuts: 12 Advantages For Health, Skin & Hair That Amaze You

1. Cancer Prevention

benefits of cashew - cancer prevention

Cashew nut is added in the list of great foods thanks to enormous nutritive values.One of the top benefits of cashew nuts is to prevent cancer.

  • Fights with tumor: This nut contains a most important substance known Proanthocyanidin (flavonols) that has ability to combat against tumor cells by ending their growth and division.
  • Prevents from cancer: The proanthocyanidins are compound containing high copper content that helps in combating with the cancerous cells. Plus, it inhibits from the various cancers such as cancer of prostate, colon, and etc.
  • Rich source of antioxidants: This nut decreases the occurrence of cancer to one great level as it contains antioxidants like selenium as well as vitamin E which restricts the free radical oxidation in your body and enhances the immunity.
  • Fights with infection: It contains high level of zinc which helps to combat from various infections.
  • Restrain tumor cells growth: General speaking, vitamin K discovered in the nuts has ability to restrain the tumor cells growth. Also, it helps in the prevention of liver cancer and cirrhosis and best treatment of the liver cancer and cirrhosis.

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2. Cashew Nuts Benefits For Heart

benefits of cashew - cashew nuts benefits for heart

One of the greatest benefits of cashew nuts is for heart.

  • Keeps heart healthy: It has no cholesterol and low fat content which helps your heart to function well. Plus, it contains powerful antioxidants which keeps your heart away from many heart diseases.
  • Maintains blood pressure under control: Typically, its magnesium content aids to maintain your blood pressure and reduces hypertension. Its tendency of reducing the blood pressure aids in inhibiting the heart attacks. It has higher level of potassium and lower level of sodium which keeps your blood pressure under control.
  • Balances cholesterol level: This nut contains oleic acid along with palmitoleic acid which lowers the bad cholesterol level and raises the good cholesterol as well as triglycerides level in your body which makes your heart healthy, thereby preventing from coronary artery disease together with strokes by keeping your blood lipid profile balanced.
  • Keeps healthy blood flow in the arteries: This nut prevents from the atherosclerosis and decreases the plague formation in your arteries.
  • Inhibits from cardiac arrhythmia: The nut is also the great source of omega-6 fatty acids and omega-3 fatty acids and which works as powerful antioxidants and inhibits the blood vessels from cardiac arrhythmia and free radicals.
  • Decreases risk of heart diseases: Particularly, the essential fatty acid such as oleic acid prevents the cholesterol transport to your bloodstream, thus reducing low-density lipoproteins (LDL) and elevating high-density lipoprotein (HDL) focusing on the blood and lowering the chances of heart diseases.

3. Cashew Nuts Benefits For Bones

benefits of cashew - cashew nuts benefits for bones

One of the top benefits of cashew nuts is for bones.

  • Provides needed nutrients for bone growth: It has many minerals like calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and etc required for your healthy growth as well as development of the bones among women, men and kids.
  • Enhances calcium absorption: In general, good magnesium level in your body also boosts the level of calcium absorption by your bones.
  • Improves bone density: Its good calcium and magnesium level and high level proteins helps in making your strong bone structure.
  • Maintains bone flexibility: Generally, high copper level aids in maintaining the flexibility of your bones and joints. It improves the functioning of an enzyme that combines the elastin and collagen, thus providing flexibility to the joints and bones.
  • Prevents from bone deformity: Typically, vitamin K found in this nut aids in keeping the healthy bones by calcifying your bones, thus preventing from osteoporosis as well as skeletal deformation.

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4. Cashew Nuts Benefits For Nerves

benefits of cashew - cashew nuts benefits for nerves

One of the best benefits of cashew nuts is for nerves.

  • Makes nervous system healthy: It contains Magnesium that plays a very important role in keeping the healthy nerves.
  • Relaxes blood vessels, muscles and nerves: Magnesium gets stored on your bones surfaces and inhibits calcium to enter your nerve cells, thus enhancing the relaxation of the nerves, blood vessels and muscles. Insufficient or low magnesium level in your body allows the calcium to pass into your blood vessels and make them contract which results in the migraine, headache, high blood pressure, and lots of problems.

5. Weight Loss

benefits of cashew - weight loss

Losing weight is also considered as one of the best benefits of cashew nuts.

  • Contains no cholesterol and healthy protein:  Even after being packed with the proteins and fats, it’s considered that the nut helps in controlling the weight as it has no cholesterol, healthy protein and good fat. Hence, the weight conscious people may begin eating cashews, for about two days per week to be inhibited from extra weight gain.
  • Have dietary fibers: Kaju contains high level of the dietary fibers and high energy density, both of which help to the weight management as eaten in limit.

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6. Gums And Teeth

benefits of cashew - gums and teeth

  • Improves health of gums and teeth: Its magnesium content aids a lot in maintaining your healthy and strong teeth and gums if used on regular basis.
  • Inhibits tooth decay: This nut prevents from the abscessed teeth and tooth decay as well.

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7. Eyes

benefits of cashew - eyes

One of the most excellent benefits of cashew nuts is for eyes. It contains zea-xanthin that gets absorbed to your eyes (retinal macula lutea) together with secures from the UV rays, thereby preventing from the age-associated macular degeneration in the time of old age.

8. Diabetes

benefits of cashew - diabetes

  • Restricts glucose absorption: Cashew nut helps in fighting with the diabetes because the extract of the seeds prevents the glucose absorption in your body.
  • Protects from diabetic complications: The nuts have monounsaturated fats that reduces the levels of triglyceride among diabetics, thus protecting from further complications.
  • Reduces chance of type-2 diabetes: The nut decreases the chance of type 2 diabetes among the human.

9. Cashew Nuts Benefits During Pregnancy

benefits of cashew - cashew nuts benefits during pregnancy

  • Healthy and energetic: It works as an instant energy supporter; make pregnant women feel fuller for long. It is also best snacks in between their meals.
  • Lessens tissue damage: It’s the excellent source of vitamin C, one powerful antioxidant which reduces the ageing process and lowers tissue damage during pregnancy.
  • Lowers fear of stretch marks: Cashew nut aids in rejuvenating your skin and inhibits the occurrence of stretch marks in the times of pregnancy.
  • Manages high blood pressure: Cashew nut has monounsaturated fats that help in managing and preventing hypertension among pregnant women.
  • Combats all health challenges: This nut helps to fight with many health challenges during pregnancy.
  • Maintains weight: It assists the obese pregnant females in decreasing the bad fats by raising the good fats level in their body.
  • Decreases risk of heart problems: Particularly, its high magnesium level inhibits pregnant females from the heart diseases.
  • Prevents from anemia: It aids in controlling the iron level of your body during pregnancy, thereby preventing the occurrence of anemia.
  • Keeps skin and hair healthy: Cashew nut improves the skin and hair quality among pregnant women.

10. Cashew Nuts Benefits For Brain

benefits of cashew - cashew nuts benefits for brain

One of the top benefits of cashew nuts is for brain.

  • Promotes healthy brain functioning: Especially, its high level of copper element comprises in very necessary body functions like hormone production, enzyme activation as well as maintenance of brain functions.
  • Improves brain power: It improves the brain power as it increases the immunity system, inhibits from infections and boosts blood supply to your brain by raising the more red blood cells production.
  • Improves oxygenated blood flow to your brain: It boosts the oxygen supply to your brain and improves the memory power.
  • Enhances brain cells production: Cashew nut has monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats which boost your production of brain cells.
  • Keeps healthy nerve impulses conduction: Particularly, magnesium guide nerve impulses to your brain from muscles, thus preventing from muscle spasm, painful cramps and lesions.
  • Prevents from mental disorders: Especially, copper found in Kaju involves in secretion and production of both dopamine and melanin which prevents from severe sun burn, depression, neurological disorders, chronic fatigue syndromes and etc.

11. Cashew Nuts Benefits For Hair

benefits of cashew - cashew nuts benefits for hair

  • Improves hair growth: Cashew nut has a necessary mineral called Copper that helps hair to keep their strong, brightness and black color.
  • Gives natural color to hair: Commonly, copper found in this nut acts as a necessary component for lots of enzymes. Tyrosinase is an enzyme containing copper aids in converting tyrosine to your melanin (one pigment providing color to your hair and skin).

12. Cashew Nuts Benefits For Skin

benefits of cashew - cashew nuts benefits for skin

  • Prevents from dermatitis: Niacin found in Cashew nut inhibits from the skin disease called as dermatitis or pellagra.
  • Promotes utilization of iron: As this nut boosts the elimination of free radicals, utilization of iron in your body, production of hair and skin pigment called melanin, maintenance of connective tissue, it makes your wrinkles free and skin healthy.
  • Rejuvenates skin: Particularly, its copper content maintains the skin rejuvenate, healthy and glowing by combating with the free radicals as well as removing pigments.
  • Prevents from skin cancer: Kaju inhibits from the basal cell carcinoma, one type of skin cancer.

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To get more information related to health, skin, hair benefits of many kinds of foods, fruits, etc, go to our main Home Nutrition page. After studying the writing of 12 benefits of cashew nuts for health, skin & hair, hope that this article will help you learn more benefits of cashew nuts. If you have any question or comment, please leave them below, I will respond you as soon as possible. Reap the wonderful positive effects and remember to share your experience with us.

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