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What is FunFair?

FunFair is an online casino under the Ethereum blockchain which allows people to gamble on popular games. This is meant to streamline the process of online gambling, so other networks can provide users a way to make money off of different common games like poker or roulette.

With Ethereum it’s meant to provide a faster, more intuitive way to gamble that prevents the need to manage things with heavy costs and security problems. The goal is to both improve user experiences, and make casino businesses better able to manage with less time and money spent.

Fundamentals of FunFair

The technology is licensed to the casino owner which is meant to be both easy and customizable. The owner can then do their own marketing to sell their system, while taking part of the fast and fair network to prevent the possibility for cheating.

Improving Usability

The games are presented in an engaging way, with improved sounds and visuals and all without having users submit their credit card information. This is also meant to be simple to use for both owners and players.

No Storage Space

Since users do not have to download any kind of an app, it frees of the storage space of their device, which can affect processing speed and bulk up a divide. This uses HTLM5 which is already easy to run on web browsers, and registration is meant to be easy without technical or long winded sign up measures.

Easy Adoption

Many other forms of Ethereum based platforms can be costly and for something like casino gambling, can suddenly create blackouts that affect playability. The company uses what is known as a Fate Channel that uses a random number generator.

The benefit of this is that it works in real-time to deliver messages between the server and client user. This prevents the need to have to slow down service or in having to charge heavy rates to keep the service going.


When doing online gambling it’s impossible for the user to know that the game isn’t being rigged. This can be a major deterrent that prevents people from wanting to participate. Smart contracts are used to ensure that the odds are displayed and people know that they are being treated fairly.

Use of Fate Channels

As we discussed earlier, a Fate Channel is what separates FunFair from other gambling sites.  This affects things like communication, smart contracts for accurate betting, and in creating random numbers. So for games where there as to be cards presented or different numbers mixed, you know for certain that it is fair and not being controlled against the favor of the player or house.

This is useful for reducing the cost to pay, and in improving overall speed. There is a gas fee that is applied only when finishing gambling, and when starting, as opposed to all through.

The company’s goal is to be free from any needed server which can affect the total operating cost to maintain service.


The FUN token is what FunFair uses and it is necessary for credit during games. Any and all fees by the casino and by the players are paid in these tokens, which prevents need to provide sensitive credit card information.

The full supply of FUN is set at 10,999,873,621, and they are not going to produce any more tokens, which reduces the risk of the tokens becoming suddenly inflated.

The Full Team

The founder is Jez San Obe who is an entrepreneur who has worked on computer graphics and who has received awards for his work in computer games.  He’s also had experience in online poker as he founded a 3D game.

Their 37 person team is listed on their official website, and it includes marketing advisors, technical advisors, and legal advisors. A software engineer for Ethereum, blockchain expert, and many other professionals work at FunFair.

They also have a free demo where people can play different types of games like Blackjack or slots to see what it’s all about, and how seamless the gameplay is.

They are not the first casino based company but they are unique in that they service out their technology to others.

Historical Trading

At the time of this review, a FUN token is worth $0.47968. They have a total circulating supply of 4,419,085,589 FUN as well.  They started out at about the same price, but suddenly had an increase of value.

With the release of new games like Craps and Video Poker, as well as an official Beta release in early 2024, the company has a clear roadmap to highlight what their future looks like.

The company has also made sure to follow up on all their goals, which may be why they had a sudden increase in value.

Where to Purchase

If you look at the current marketplaces you’ll see that Binance, Bittrex, Upbit, CSCX, OKEx, HitBTC,, EtherDelta, Livecoin, IDEX, and Radar Relay offer trades. This includes supporting FUN for USD, ETH, WETH, USDT, and BTC at the time of this review.

For current updates you can look at coin tracking sites which list the current marketplaces.

What Wallets are Available?

Ethereum based wallets can hold unto FUN tokens such as MyEtherWallet, or any actual physical source which can offer secure coverage. This information like any other cryptocurrency is storable in devices like a USB drive or secure hard wallet.

The company has yet to release their own wallet, but there are multiple sources which can store FUN tokens.

FunFair vs Edgeless

Edgeless also offer online gambling which is meant to be transparent for the safety of the house and the gambler. There is no lag in withdrawing, deposit is free, and smart contacts allows for safe exchanges of money. They offer Blackjack, dice, Poker, and sports betting, with the final option being unique to Edgeless as FunFair does not allow  for gambling on sports.

FunFair vs Funcoin

In order to use Funcoin you can’t be a US based consumer, in fact they won’t allow entry for any IP based out of the US. Their token is known as FUNC and they are currently only available on Livecoin and OpenLedger DEX with trading allowed for BTC, BITUSD, BTS, ETH, and USD. Funcoin was also the first of its kind and like FunFair, is meant to provide safe and fast gambling.

FunFair vs Tron

Tron is used to help those who create content get compensated when their work is shared. This allows for data to be store securely, and for people to be paid immediately with no need for a delay. It’s much different than FunFair since there is no gambling involved with Tron.

FunFair vs Dao.Casino

Much like FunFair, Dao.Casino is meant to provide a safe gambling experience that uses the Ethereum blockchain. The entire process is fast and simple while also being fair and completely random with unpredictable numbers. They us the BET token and have a value of $0.040164 at the time this review was written.

FunFair vs Wagerr

These 2 platforms also decentralize and make an even playing platform for the company adopter and the player. With Wagerr it focuses solely on sports betting, and it uses a WGR token. They have a global platform for people to bet with a much smaller fee for transactions that other bookies, as low as 2% in some cases or as high as 7%.

FunFair FAQ

  1. What’s a good source for FunFair news?
    You can review their official website, Reddit, or any website which offers cryptocurrency updates.
  2. Is there a FunFair Reddit page?
    Yes there is and it is:
  3. What’s a good FunFair price prediction?
    We don’t give price predictions since there are too many variables but the price has been increasing.
  4. What is the current FunFair coin price?
    In USD it is $0.47968.
  5. What is the FunFair Twitter handle?
    It is:
  6. Is there a FunFair wallet?
    No official wallet is available, but any wallet which uses Ethereum would allow for FUN tokens to be stored.
  7. What can you tell me about the FunFair casino?
    It offers a quicker, random number generator and streamlined process for both gamblers and casino businesses. This technology is used by businesses who want to take part of the Ethereum based blockchain.
  8. When is the FunFair beta release coming?
    The beta release is officially out, and players can try out the games.
  9. What is the FunFair launch date?
    In the first quarter of 2024.
  10. What is a good FunFair pride prediction in 2024?
    It’s impossible to say and any prediction would be just that, a guess. What we do know is that looking at their historical price; it does seem to be increasing in value.
  11. Where can I find a FunFair update?
    Their official website has a great source for news, and their Reddit page also is frequented by developers.
  12. What is the FunFair roadmap for 2024?
    As of now their goal for the first quarter of 2024 is to have official public release, and releasing a progressive slot.
  13. What can you tell me about the Funfair phase 2?
    The company is releasing a press release when this is finally out, but they have said it will likely come out in 2024


The team behind FunFair and its concept are structured in a way where it’s easy to see what the goal is. The platform is improved than other online casinos, and it allows both the company who uses the technology and the player to have trust in the system. The roadmap also highlights the fact the company is on top of accomplishing their goals.

For players who want to enjoy gambling without the need to submit credit card information, it’s an improved way to potentially earn money. This is also truly random, which prevents unwanted manipulation and ensures the process is fair. The company also offers many kinds of games and they even have a live demo where people can learn about what it’s all about, while also showcasing how easy it is to play. The official website provides all the necessary information to learn all about what this casino platform offers, and it’s clearly a fully functional model.

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