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The phrase “never judge a book by its cover” goes both ways. Something that looks shoddy isn’t always bad, but things that looks nice aren’t always good. That’s why a lot of people get scammed in the diet world, and it’s thanks to clever marketing schemes that make products look better than they really are. We checked out one such product that’s being sold as a weight loss pill, and while it looks professional, the details reveal something quite different.

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QuadraLean Overview

QuadraLean (or QuadroLean Thermogenic) is a weight loss pill that’s sold in well-known supplement places like GNC. It comes in bottles of 120 and the pills are intended to be taken 3 times a day. It consists mainly of natural herbal ingredients and compounds intended to help the body’s metabolism and energy.

It costs about $40 a bottle and, as mentioned, can be purchased at a variety of nutritional supplement stores, unlike other products that can only be bought from certain websites.

QuadraLean is made by a company called RSP Nutrition, the dietary wing of the popular workout forum Bodybuilding.com. The company has a good rating with the Better Business Bureau, but that being said, there are dozens of customer complaints and several bad reviews for the company, mostly having to do with shipping problems, customer service issues, and dissatisfaction with products.

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QuadraLean Claims

This product is supposed to make your body burn fat more quickly than through simple diet and exercise alone. It contains other ingredients that are supposed to keep you focused and give you extra energy. The result is that people who take these pills are supposed to see faster results, a more toned body, and a more lean physique. With the extra energy and “focus” from some of the ingredients, users are expected to have better workouts and the ability to do more at the gym.

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QuadraLean Ingredients

This product contains lots of ingredients, of which several are listed below:

  • Conjugated Linoleic Acid
  • L-Carnitine
  • Yerba Mate
  • Caffeine
  • Yohimbe
  • Cayenne

One of the main ingredients in these pills is conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), a fatty acid that’s supposedly able to reduce hunger, but it’s only “possibly effective” at reducing body fat in “obese adults” (WebMD). L-carnitine produces energy, which could help with working out, and caffeine also contributes to energy, but could also lead to insomnia, shaking, and anxiety.

Yohimbe derived from the yohimbe tree, but be very careful with this ingredient: it’s been known to cause irregular heartbeat, liver failure, and heart failure (WebMD).

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The Science Behind QuadraLean

The main ingredients for weight loss are specified as the l-carnitine and CLA. While l-carnitine is known to have an effect on energy production in the body, but we haven’t seen any science saying that it affects weight loss. CLA has tepid support for its effect on body fat, and only in specifically obese adults.

Yohimbine is a dangerous chemical, which has been banned by several European countries and Canada. It’s supposedly able to increase energy and blood flow, but there’s little evidence to support its use (WebMD).

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Word on the Street About QuadraLean

There are a lot of reviews for this product, but not all of them are good. Some customers liked QuadraLean, claiming things like “I’ve lost 14 pounds” and “it helps mostly when you exercise too!

Other customers weren’t satisfied, saying that “it’s kinda weak” and “I haven’t seen any loss of fat in 90 days.” Others said that “it doesn’t work by itself” and that “it helps with appetite, but doesn’t help you shed fat.

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Is QuadraLean Worth Trying?

This isn’t one of the better products we’ve reviewed. The ingredients don’t exactly wow us, as even though it contains CLA, there’s not a lot of information proving that it’s super effective – and we also don’t know if it’s been included in effective amounts in these pills. It also contains yohimbe, which as we mentioned is a chemical with toxic effects on the body that can include life-threatening conditions. We recommend staying away from any product that contains this ingredient. Customer reviews also aren’t good enough to suggest that it’ll work for everyone.

When in doubt, don’t buy – and we have our doubts about QuadraLean.

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QuadraLean vs Leanmode

These are similar products, but with different compositions. QuadraLean contains a larger list of ingredients, while Leanmode’s is smaller, focusing on herbal and plant-based extracts that are supposed to burn fat and support the metabolism. QuadraLean is more expensive, around $39.99 vs Leanmode’s $25.99. QuadraLean contains stimulants like caffeine, while Leanmode is proudly stimulant-free. That said, Leanmode contains only 50 servings per bottle, while QuadraLean contains 60 servings per bottle, which may affect the value.

QuadraLean vs Quadracarn

These are slightly different products. Both contain carnitine, but they are intended for different uses. QuadraLean is meant specifically to help people lose fat and up their metabolism, while Quadracarn is meant for overall male wellness, including sexual support, muscle building, and recovery after athletic activity. QuadraLean contains lots of herbal extracts while Quadracarn contains almost exclusively different types of carnitine. Both are similarly-priced, at around $40 for a single bottle (that lasts around a month and a half for both).

QuadraLean vs Hydroxycut

Both of these pills claim to help you burn more body fat during an exercise and diet regimen. They also claim to increase your metabolism and your energy levels for more activity. Both consist of herbal extracts, but QuadraLean contains more ingredients overall. Both contain caffeine as well, so neither are supposed to be taken at night. Both of these products can be found at mainstream places like GNC and Amazon, making them both easy to find. QuadraLean contains CLA and l-carnitine, which Hydroxycut doesn’t, favoring instead plant and fruit extracts like blackberry and papaya.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is RSP QuadraLean Thermogenic?
    It’s one of the types of QuadraLean, and the version reviewed here.
  2. Where can I see before and after pics of users of QuadraLean?
    Probably on weight-loss forums, we would assume.
  3. Can I get QuadraLean at GNC?
    Yes, it’s sold there.
  4. What ingredients are in QuadraLean?
    CLA, l-carnitine, yerba mate, matcha, caffeine, bitter orange, yohimbe, cayenne, choline bitatrate, and alpha GPC.
  5. Can I buy QuadraLean on Amazon?
    Yes, it’s available for purchase there.
  6. How does RSP QuadraLean compare vs Hydroxycut?
    If you want to know the answer to that, check out the section above where we compare the two.
  7. What’s the before and after of taking QuadraLean?
    Supposedly, more energy, less body fat, and more mental clarity.
  8. Can I buy QuadraLean at Walmart?
    Right now it doesn’t look like it’s available there.

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