20 Things Every Woman Should Have In Her Purse

My bag is like my best friend because it comes with me everywhere and it also holds all of my secrets. My purse has tons of stuff in it, so what do you carry in your bag? You should know that your bag is the vehicle by which you can live your life – it is far more than only a place to stash your keys and cash. Whether you like keeping it light and simple, or you believe in toting half the house, there are 43 essential things every woman should have in her purse at all times. Let’s take a look at these must-haves so that you can be ready for anything, which life throws your way. I’m Hang Pham, an author from the site VKool.com, and I made this article to show you the reasons why these items are necessary for a woman.

Every woman should have in her purse

People say that you can discover a lot about women by looking at the contents of their handbags. Each item she carries in her purse can tell her story. A single girl’s handbag will contain different things and a mom’s handbag can have different things. Although we can have different lifestyles, a few things still are common. People always wonder what lies within. Men consider a girl’s bag to be like a black hole that has a never-ending pit. A girl’s purse is not a mystery and if you are aware of what is inside you will probably agree that these items are necessary things. Therefore, to increase your intelligence quotients about women, you should know what is inside their “mysterious” bags. You should have a look about things women carry in their bags, and you can decide for yourself whether it is justified called useless or not?

20 Things Every Woman Should Have In Her Purse

1. Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizer

Hand sanitizer is one of things every woman should have in her bag because it helps protect her and anyone she meets and makes a contact with from spreading terrible germs. Sometimes, when you go to the grocery store, you are able to grab a cart, which has been used a lot of times and which never wiped down. Other situations are that you count out money or contact someone new and shake his or her hand. For these situations together with many other reasons, you should have hand sanitizer in your bag.

Here is the best hand sanitizer for women to put in their bag.

2. Lipstick


As any woman knows, lipstick will help create a beautiful focal point on a woman’s face. Therefore, if you do not have time in the morning to make makeup on your face, lipstick will be the best choice to make you look put-together and glamorous.

To choose a good quality lipstick, you should choose NYX Matte Lipstick.

3. Safety Pins Or Sewing Kit

When your blouse is missing a button, it is the perfect excuse to buy another blouse. However, if it is the middle of the day and you are still at work, what do you use for the next some hours? In this situation, safety pin and mini sewing kit will be the rescue method you need.

To choose a good sewing kit, you should choose Best Sewing Kit for Home, Travel & Emergency.

4. Hair Items: Hair Ties, Hairbrush Or Comb

Hair items

Comb is one of things every woman should have in her handbag because it is a woman’s friend for life. I usually keep a few bobby pins and hair bands in my purse. They are especially handy when you find yourself over heated and you need to pull your hair back.

Recommended reading: Secrets To Growing Black Hair Long – a new book that shows tips on how to make your hair grow longer.

5. A Pen

things every woman should have - a pen

While it seems like commonsense, when facing with the prospect of needing a pencil or pen, some women dig through their purses just to come up with their eyeliner – a fairly good substitute. Therefore, you should keep some pens in your bag and you will not end up giving someone your phone number.

6. Aspirin Or Tylenol

Aspirin or tylenol

How many times have you taken a headache when going out of the house? Getting headache may put a damper in your whole day. Upon keeping a bottle of aspirin, Tylenol or other pain remedies at hand, you will be able to expel your headache and get back to do everything you want in your whole day.

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7. Notebook


People usually use the note application in their phone to store important information. This does not work when they need to write down directions for a tourist or even for an emergency when their battery dies. Therefore, a small notebook from local bookstores will do! As odd as it seems a notebook is always essential. You can use it to write down a phone number, address or any important note, which you would like to remember for later on. In addition, sometimes if you occur to be driving and someone hits and runs, pen and paper can be very helpful for writing down the license plate number. Certainly, almost people depend on their cell phones for most of their reminders; however, this helps when it neither stops working nor runs out of battery. In that context, notebook is more reliable.

If you are looking for a most suitable notebook to put in a bag, Moleskine Classic Notebook is the best choice.

8. Emergency Contact Information

Emergency contact information also is a commonsense thing that you need to carry with you. It will come in handy in case you are locked in solitary confinement, mistaken as a terrorist, and someone has to come in to guarantee for your identity. Seriously, emergency contact information is very crucial if you are involved in an accident and you are unable to speak for yourself.

You will discover more about things every woman should have in her purse and find out the reasons why these items are necessary for a woman in the next part of this article.

9. Lighter/Matches


You do not smoke and you do not carry a lighter because you believe that you will never need it. Trust me, I do not smoke; however, I always carry matches or a lighter for emergency purposes. You also should carry a lighter for the emergency purposes only. Emergencies such as burning off stray threads on clothes or lighting candles on cake. In addition, if you are ever stranded in the wilderness and you want to build a fire, you will be prepared! Therefore, you should make sure you always carry matches or a lighter in your purse.

To choose good quality lighter or matches, you should choose Zippo Lighter Fluid.

10. Mirror


Yes, every woman always carries a mirror in her purse, and it is stashed in a secret compartment. Mirror is an essential thing that is often used for making up. Therefore, mirror is one of things every woman should have in her bag.

Fog-Free Travel Mirror is the most suitable choose for you to keep in your bag.

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