New styles of glasses and sunglasses 2024 for you to choose

Though you are have any problem with your eyesight and need to wear glasses, a pair of glasses is still a part of your style. Therefore, learn to choose right styles of glasses that match your face shape and some important factors like your hairstyles, your purpose of using eyeglasses and your fashion. In this article, you will discover the detailed guide to choose new styles glasses and sunglasses 2024 that match your face and style.

Find Out What New Styles Of Glasses And Sunglasses 2024 Attract You

I. How To Choose Right Styles Of Glasses For Your Face

Let’s check out some new styles of glasses and sunglasses 2024 tips to choose eyeglasses that match your face to enhance your style and make you feel fabulous as follows:

1. Styles Of Eyeglasses For Square–Shaped Faces

styles of eyeglasses for square–shaped faces download

People with square faces have broad forehead, heavy brow detailing, wide cheekbones and square jaw. To hide these facial strong shaped angles, you can choose curvy styles of eyeglass frames to soften your face. According to eyeglass stylists, the butterfly frame is the best solution for square face.  Besides, you can choose rectangular and narrower oval styles to stay away from your square chin, lengthen your face, lengthen your nose and make your eyes sharper.

2. Styles Of Eyeglasses For Round–Shaped Faces

styles of eyeglasses for round–shaped faces download

Owning a round-shaped face is great. When wearing glasses, you should pay attention to styles of glasses for sliming the two cheeks. According to stylists, soft yet angular styles work well to lengthen your face, break up your facial roundness, pull your mouth away from eye areas and give your face an impressive look and defined face. For guys, acetate eyeglass frames in dark and bold colors can make you look more masculine. 

3. Styles Of Eyeglasses For Oblong–Shaped Faces

styles of eyeglasses for oblong–shaped faces download

For an oblong face, you can choose styles of glasses that do not extent the wide parts of your head. Sturdy-sized and oval specs with acetate framework are ideal. Aviators are a unisex option with the metal framework can help accentuate your cheekbones and chisel features. Some eyeglass experts suggest that you should try squared-off, circular frames, thicker eyeglass arms and eyeglasses with decorative details to balance your facial features as well as make your face look broader.

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4. Styles Of Eyeglasses For Heart–Shaped Faces

styles of eyeglasses for heart–shaped faces download

Heart-shaped faces are featured with a broader forehead, narrow jaw line, pointed chin. Aviators are great to balance these patterns on your face. In addition, rimless styles are other choices to keep your face away from a top-heavy look.

5. Styles Of Eyeglasses For Trapezoidal Faces

styles of eyeglasses for trapezoidal faces download

A trapezoidal face is defined by a wide bottom. When choosing styles of glasses, you can try cat eye frames or half-rim style to balance your face with narrower jaw. 

6. Styles Of Eyeglasses For Oval-Shaped Faces

styles of eyeglasses for oval-shaped faces download

If you have broad cheeks but a narrow chin and forehead, search for some styles of glasses that darker and thicker on the eyeglass top than the eyeglass bottom – top-heavy frames. Besides, you can try the butterfly frames that wings out at the top of frames. You also pay attention to the size of eyeglasses. The medium size or large size is ideal for an oval-shaped face. It helps squash the face shape by accentuating your chisel cheekbones. In addition, you can choose different styles of frames with more details on eyeglass arms. These patterns help pull temples out, add definition to the face shape. Moreover, embellishment, color and branding blocking can add accents to your shades.

Dark lenses also work effectively on cat-eye frames for oval-shaped faces. Once again, make sure that you will not choose narrow styles. You can choose mental framework to soften the angular shade to appear more subtle. When choosing for eyeglass arms, make sure that when you wear square frames, their arms do not sit low on the face.

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7. Styles Of Eyeglasses For Diamond-Shaped Faces

styles of eyeglasses for diamond download

Diamond face is a rare face shape and this type of face is defined by a narrow chin, a narrow forehead and wide cheekbones. The aim of choosing glasses for diamond-shaped faces is to make your eyes focused, make the chin area and the eye line wider as well as balance your face. If you have these features of a diamond-shaped face, try rectangular glasses and cat eyed glasses, which widens out your face to balance your chin. Colored arms and frames with specific details can soften lower portions of your face as well as accentuate the eye areas. Eyeglass frames, which have detailing brow lines can help you achieve effects for a balanced face. Alternatively, oval shape and rimless frames also add more attention to your eyes. With these techniques, your diamond-shape faces will look good in the dramatic frames. For feminine option, you can choose the cat eyed frames in the classic back, cream and tortoise colors. For the sporty styles, you can wear some styles of glasses with wrap-around frames for getting a balanced diamond-shaped face.

II. Choosing Styles Of Glasses That Match Your Hair Color

choosing styles of glasses that match your hair color download

Beside the face shapes, you also pay attention to your hairstyles to choose right styles of glasses to be sure that a pair of glasses you are wearing does not overwhelm appearance and your face. Actually, hair color is one of important consideration for you in choosing eyeglass frames. Tortoiseshell is universally flattering. Grey hair may be an exception and this hair color clash with that frame color.  If you have blond hair, brown frames or olive tortoiseshell frames are good options.  If you like black tone, choose some eyeglass frames with the crystal accent. However, black frames might look harsh so that you can choose medium tones like green, blue or purple, instead of black.  If you have brown hair, you have many eyeglass choices. According to experts, tortoiseshell can go with golden tones. Besides, red is also an alternative for a golden tone.  If you have red hair, choose eyeglass frames with tortoiseshell tones; yet avoid yellow because it cannot create a right match. In addition to tortoiseshell tones, you can use rich henna and warm brown as other options of frame colors. However, black hair is well matched with frames in solid black and none-yellow tortoiseshell tones. Bold colors are also good to combine with back or white between your hair colors and your frame colors.  If you have grey hair, eyeglass frames in blue is a great choice, but avoid using silver and tortoiseshell tones. 

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III. How To Choose Right Sunglasses

1. Understanding Lens

understanding lens download

Lens is one of the most important elements in choosing sunglasses. For general purpose of using sunglasses, the smoke lenses and dark grey are popular. These colors do not distort other colors and they can lower glare in providing comfort as well as limit UV light from the sun light. If you ask an eye expert or doctor for your sunglass prescription, he absolutely recommends you sing smoke lenses and dark grey. However, each lens color provides specific feature and help. 

Gray lenses of sunglasses help reduce the intensity of sunlight without distorting colors. Brown lenses of sunglasses help enhance the contrast by blocking blue light. Amber and yellow lenses of sunglasses help enhance the contrast when sunglass users look at targets in the sky. Red and orange lenses of sunglasses help sunglass users see targets on green backgrounds. Violet lenses of sunglasses help sunglass users look for clay target on backgrounds. Copper sunglasses help mute grass and the sky. Green and blue lenses of sunglasses help enhance the contrast when playing tennis balls. 

understanding lens download

The following are specific uses of the lens colors that provide you with various protections for different sports activities. For football, baseball and other outdoor sports, use sunglasses with the lens colors: grey, smoke, brown or amber. If you want to improve your football skills, read epic soccer training to get started the course. For activities on beaches, use sunglasses with the lens colors: grey or smoke For boating or sailing, use sunglasses with the lens colors: grey, smoke, brown or amber, with mirror coating. For going fishing on a sunny day, use sunglasses with the lens colors: brown, amber, smoke or grey with added polarizing filter. If you love fishing, spend some minutes checking out the instant crappie tricks ekit to discover new crappie fishing tips in this guidebook. For playing golf on a sunny day, use sunglasses with the lens colors: smoke and grey. For playing golf on a cloudy day, use sunglasses with the lens colors: grey or smoke. If you are a golfer, why don’t you search for consistent golf school to learn this course and develop your golf techniques like a pro! For hunting, use sunglasses with the lens colors: smoke or grey on a sunny day and yellow with added anti-reflective coating.  For playing racquetball, use sunglasses with the lens colors: yellow, amber, with added anti-reflective coating.  For going Skiing, use sunglasses with the lens colors: brown, grey or smoke, with mirror coating. For those who are fancy with skiing, take a look at avalanche ski training. For playing tennis, use sunglasses with the lens colors: yellow, amber on a cloudy day or indoors and grey or smoke on a sunny day. For people who love tennis, check out secret of a power serve to master this tennis technique.

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2. How To Choose A Pair That Suits You

how to choose a pair that suits you download

Below are some new styles of glasses and sunglasses 2024 for you to choose a pair of glasses: You can buy a washing machine online but don’t buy glasses in this way. Fistly, search for a pair that matches your face shape, style, purpose of use or the weather. Then, try it before buying. Go to eyeglasses shops, and try different styles because there are many variables for you to consider. By testing loads of glasses styles or models, you will find the right pair that works for you. In addition, you also search for the price and different glasses brands. Consider both your skin tone or hair color or your current hair style to have the best decision of purchase.

Besides, do not take the above of the glasses as gospel. As a rule, this glasses wear can make the pair broken. Hence, don’t stick to them blinkdly. You can try different shapes, styles and colors and make sure that the seller be happy with your try. Consider the advice from the sellers because they help you get more confident to try new style or help you have a right decision to choose a pair that’s suitable for your money pocket. Remember to choose styles of glasses: classic or new styles of frames. Be aware of different brands and shops to avoid buying iconic styles or fake products. When you decide to invest, make sure that this pair of sunglasses are worthy of investing. The best way is to invest a high quality pair, with good lenses to avoid UV ray. Moreover, you can get confident with a good pair and get many other benefits. In addition, you are also aware that sports glasses are just for sports. Each types of glasses are made for certain purpose. Therefore, use glasses for right purposes to get their good effects.

how to choose a pair that suits you download

Sunglass frames must fit on your ears and your nose, but not rub. The weight of a pair must be distributed between your nose and your ears. Moreover, sunglass frames must be light to prevent excess friction on contact points. A good pair does not allow your eyelashes to contact the sunglass frame. In addition, you should remember to look for descriptions, which are included on the guidelines like “fit large faces”, “fit medium faces” or “fits smaller faces”. It is also necessary to consider how to choose a wire-core frame or metal frame so that you can adjust or bend sunglass frames. According to Academy of Ophthalmology, USA, it is advocated to wear sunglasses anytime you go out, near water, at the beaches, playing sports, especially go out at the high elevation. In case, if you have any eye disease or eye problem, you should have had a cataract surgery or take photosensitizing drugs and remember to wear sunglasses whenever you are outside.  

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IV. Women’s Glasses Styles

women’s glasses styles download

The following are some new women’s glasses styles for you to take a look at. To make your blue eyes pop, why don’t you shop for a pair with bold and  blue frames, says Ashley, the founder of Turen Boutique, New York. According to her, “This type of frames will mimic effects of your makeup to emphasize your eyes and there’s no need for shadow.” To balance your long face shape, try a large frame with a structured square shape. Turen recommends that the big proportion will add width as well as balance to your face. Have you ever try a pair with rounded edges? If you have square-shaped, try this frame to soften your square-shaped face for a more feminine look. “Think about Demi Moore, with her super sexy, nerd glasses,” says Turen. If you are hunting for a pair that comes unnoticed, instead of standing out, you should opt for a frame that looks understated and thin. Select soft, round wires like the Ray-Ban Eyeglasses.
This pair can stay out of spotlight and focusing attentions on your gorgeous eyes. If you own a face with defined cheekbones, you should shop for a pair, which have upturned corners and they are smaller in length, according to Turen. “Cat eye frames can give the illusion of facelift and they can highlight your cheekbones and they are perfect choices for fashion-forward women.

women’s glasses styles system download

Next, you as a woman should consider aviator frames. They are a timeless classic type of glasses found in the fashion industry. It turns up volumes with a frame in gold and with cognac lenses. These frames universally flatter on different aviators and face shapes. “It won’t go out of style” says Turen. Next, you can choose cat eyes frame to look chic and young. According to Eric Himel, a celebrite stylist, cateyes seem be be old-school Hollywood. Add a lible embellishment of gold can help soften your face, turn up your facial corners and help you have a more feminine look, too. Bold sunglasses can flatter most face shapes and give you a hip and young appearance. “Stick with tortoise or black colors to have a classic look. Both colors can work equally well with a little black dress or a t-shirt” says Eric Himel. “To protect your eyes from UV rays, you can choose eyeglasses with honey color or blonde hair”, say Turen.

Another choice of women, who want to try oversized frames which pose a challenge for different face shapes but some flawlessly pull this type of frame off, according to Eric Himel. Therefore, if you want, reap complements for seasons to go. If your face is narrow, try rounded frames. Himel calls these frames “frame confusion” because this type of glass frame looks both squared and rounded at the same time. Round frames will never be out of fashion but they are not suitable for every face shapes, says Himel. Round frames are the best choice for round faces. It helps enhance a youth glow! With the combination of brushed gold and tortoise color, this style obviously creates a luxe feel.

V. Men’s Glasses Styles  

men’s glasses styles download

Generally, people can choose glasses based on face shapes though they are men or women. Of course, there are more styles of glasses for women than that of men. Basically, men can choose glasses based on the following criteria.

  • A round face complements angular frames.
  • A square face complements round and oval frames.
  • A triangular face complements frames with wide tops such as club masters and cat-eye.
  • A diamond face complements wide top or circular frames.
  • An oblong face complements circular, triangular and deep rectangular frames.
  • A heart face complements wide bottom frames.
  • A guy with oval-shaped face is a lucky guy because he complements every types of glasses.

At last, I hope you find helpful information about the ways to choose new styles of glasses and sunglasses 2024 in this article. Share your feedbacks about any content related to this writing with me and I will be happy to check out and reply soon!

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