How To Move On After A Breakup Quickly And Easily

how to move on after a breakup

Updates: 07/11/2024

When things go wrong and you just want to cry all night. That is when you know you need to get over that ex. If you are experiencing the I-can’t-get-out-of-bed heartache, you know what I am talking about. Everyone experience heartbreaks, but being strong about it is another thing. Read on this article to discover tips on how to move on after a breakup quickly and easily to help you move on to greener pastures.

How To Move On After A Breakup Quickly And Easily – Top 20 Tips Revealed 

1. Never Ever Run Back To Them Or Call Them All The Time

Remember that if you keep calling that person, then you can just never let go of that special guy/girl that taught you how to love. When your relationship is broken up, it must happen for a certain reason. Do not keep calling him/her and talking to them like nothing occurred or try making them love you again. It cannot work out. It just makes you weak and clingy.

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2. Show Up

This is an ultimate tip on how to move on after a breakup. We know you are  having a difficult time dealing with this situation, yet whatever the situation, however bad that time, you should wake up, then dress up, and show up.

Get back to your earlier routine. Wake up at 6 am, take a shower, eat your breakfast, and go to workplace. The advice is to do everything that you did previously. Do not give yourself the moments to think of what happened. Keep working because it makes you busy. The busier you are, the faster it will be to move one. Do not wallow in your self-pity. Once you are determined to heal, you will.

3. Get Outdoor

moving on after a breakup for guysNature itself has ability to heal your heartache. So, you should spend time on going outside, explore things around. If you are not exclusively into fauna, then flora will provide you with some choices. Go hiking, camping, or even just gardening. These can be considered as green therapy which will soothe your hurt naturally.

4. Out Of Side, Out Of Mind

When it comes ways on how to move on after a breakup, this is ultimately tip that you should follow. Let their face begin to fade from your own memory and remove all social media connections. If you torture your mind when cruising their Twitter feed, Facebook updates, or Instagram accounts, then you are spotting broken glass in your path. So, stop torturing heartbroken yourself now.

5. Listen To New Music

When coping with a broken heart, if you continually play the music that two of you experienced together, then this just reinforce the fact that you are broken and alone now. Therefore, the recommendation here is to find some new music so that you can make yourself an upbeat playlist which does not get involved in your ex, and begin to let your own mind clear.

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6. Move Around

Home is where the heart is and also a hell with a lot of memories. So, change thing up. Move the furniture around, you can buy some new things to make your home different from its old image. Throw away his or her photos or return any forgotten items such as clothing and toiletries. It is going to sting initially; however, keeping those photos around will absolutely make it harder to move on.

7. Rediscover Yourself 

Breakups are good time to discover yourself once again. Yet, this should be done in a healthy way. We all have skills, strengths, and goals. Sometimes, particularly toxic relationships, we could forget that we have these things. After your breakup, it is critical to actually ponder over what your past life was like before the relationship and try work your way back to that life.

Ensure that you do not allow the negativity of a broken relationship to impact your health in a bad manner. We tend to break down and spend too much time in our sweatpants wallowing.  And wallowing is good, even necessary, for a certain period of time. But after the initial breakup shock has worn off, we need to take care of ourselves.  Just eat healthy and work out. By this way, you are caring for yourself properly during a hard time.

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8. Reconnect With Old Friends

Many of us, while being in a relationship, probably forget all about our friends. If you are lucky, they might not forget you. We all know that breakups are tough, yet they could be easier to endure if you have someone to share your feelings and thoughts with. Obviously, you should not run to a friend for a shoulder to cry on. Try spending your quality time with them. Keep in mind that you are still able to have fun. At first, it might be difficult to find motivation or stay positive in the social world. However, over the time, sooner or later, you will start to feel much better. It also chases away any ridiculous notions which you could not possibly be happy with him/her.

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9. Get A Brand New Hobby

moving on after a breakup songsThe trick to moving on is to keep your mind occupied. This will ensure you are not regurgitating any previous memories as well as conversations. And, creating new hobbies is a great idea to keep your mind busy. There are many kinds of hobbies out there that you will be spoilt for options.

Choose dancing, sketching, painting, writing, stamp collecting, or photography. These are traditional hobbies. Or, you can find something which is more adventurous or experiencing like learning to knit or sewing, water rafting, extreme sports, paragliding or ski-diving.

10. Raise A Pet Or Plant A New Tree

You were in an incredible relationship last week, yet now you are not. You might wonder at how things get so bad and that you think you cannot change your current situation and feelings. At that time, getting yourself a pet can distract your negative thoughts easily. Let them be your new friends, talk to them and sit with them. You will feel the joy of companionship. If you do not think that you could keep a pet then an alternative is to volunteer at an animal shelter in order to spend your time with them. In case that you are not interested in animals, then you can purchase a plant to take care of. The idea is, looking for something or someone to care for apart from yourself.  

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11. Do Meditation Or Exercise

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Serotonin is a hormone which is really magic. This is a type of hormone in the central nervous system. Its levels in the human brain impact their mood. Serotonin is used in some anti-depressants. Thus, after breakup, you should boost your levels of serotonin without drugs.

And, pumping these levels by doing some simple meditation techniques or getting sunlight, massage, or exercising is a good idea. So get down to serotonin boosting. Try to get up early and do exercise in the morning. You can take a walk in the early morning to get benefits in different ways. Or, taking advantage of stress-relieving possibilities of mediation is also another way to boost your serotonin levels.

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12. Try A New Hairstyle

It is the classic post-split ritual, yet there is something liberating about changing your hairstyle after a broken relationship. As a survey, about 30 of people shared that they tend to change their appearance after a breakup, especially rock a new hairstyle. They do this because they are convincing themselves that changing something external will make a difference next time around. There is certainly nothing wrong with these changes because they will make them feel better for the time being.

Yet, in other words, do not do anything drastic, like lobbing off all of your current locks because you might live to regret it.

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13. Laugh

Laughter is extremely great for our health, especially when our mood is down. You can read humorous books, buy tickets of comedy shows, or watch silly movies which can make you laugh off your seat.

Now, you are free, free from attachment, and free from relationship. The world awaits you. You are able to do things that you have not ever done before, such as a plan of solo vacation, have a wardrobe all to yourself, meet new people, etc. You are young. No more messages being ignored, and no more calls being unanswered.

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14. Start Dating Again

The next effective tip on how to move on after a breakup is to jump into new dating scene. Socialize, meet new people, and go on casual dates. This can not only prevent you from let yourself move out, but it also boosts your self-confidence. Most of all, it can remind you that there are many beautiful things that you can explore and feel. Just move forwards.

15. Delete, Delete & Delete delete, delete & delete

A hurtful way to torture yourself is to reread his or her old emails and texts, or watch his or her images. To avoid these temptations, delete them immediately. If you remember his or her cell phone, don’t text or call him or her any more. Then you will forget it soon. In addition, if you often visit his or her personal pages such as Facebook, Twitter or a dating site, you should block him or her too. If this way does not work for you, you may delete your own social accounts and set up new ones without adding him or her. In short, whatever belongs to him, delete all for being free from him and get rid of obsession in this affair.

16. Don’t Run Into Him/Her To Be A Friend dont run into him her to be a friend

Next to ways on how to move on after breakup, try to fight off your impulse that makes call him for a little talk or explanation. But resist. As, this relation won’t go to a happy ending like mutual friends or a marriage. Think about it carefully, you will realize that there is no pure love as it formed before. You are going to be suffered from new pain anyway. To stop it, stop thinking about a new relationship with him or her, even a friendship. If possible, stay far from his or her place.

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17. Take Some Responsibility

You tend to blame your breakup on him or her and forget a part of your responsibility for it. Rethink and get some responsibility that explains why you and that person could not step in the same way. Then, you will feel calm, feel less pain and get back to your normal life soon.

18. Don’t Play The Victim don't play the victim

It’s necessary to remind you that do not play with the victim. If you can’t save your relationship or stop that breakup, let your partner go with peace. Don’t show more tear, don’t get his or her wrong, don’t say hurtful words, don’t blame him or her. Don’t play with his or her heart. Be positive to save your face!

19. Keep The Faith

When you get some pain in a relationship, you may lose the faith in love. You may want your heart to close forever. You can’t accept the truth and you just see bad ones in the streets and any place and any time. But keep your faith. One day you will meet a good one who can heal your heart, open your warm heart and make you live with affection and passion. Keep being positive, hopeful, confident and active. You will find a new one soon.

20. Refocus Your Life refocus your life

Don’t be weak, don’t show more your negative thought, moods and actions. Don’t think about him or her anymore. Instead, refocus your person to become a more perfect one and refocus your life to make it become happier. When your partner can’t stand by you anymore, you don’t need to care about him or her. Also, he can’t be with you to do the same. So, think about yourself. When your life is better, everything better will come and stay with you, too, Believe in these wishes!

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Now a lot of these tips on how to move on after a breakup quickly and easily might seem a little facetious and even idealistic, yet be the key to changing your thoughts about what happened. You deserve to be happy. Wake up and move forwards.

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