Alpha Boost Review (UPDATED 2024) – Is It Safe?

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Because all that’s offered is a bait and switch website, we don’t know for certain if this can be relied on. There’s no way to know what’s really added to it, and it’s highly questionable whether or not it’s still being made.

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Alpha Boost Overview

Alpha Boost is a nootropic supplement which no longer has a reliable website to review it. This is now only featured on a website which looks legitimate, until you read what it has to say. In reviewing many brands we see the common problem of a cheap looking website hosted on a free template.

This makes it appear like you’d be able to get a free trial, but once you click anywhere it will show you another nootropic. This bait and switch is typically the result of other companies looking to steal the popularity of a brands name. Because of this major issue you wouldn’t be able to purchase Alpha Boost anymore.

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Alpha Boost Claims

The only source for supposed benefits is from a website which is not official. And it does not provide any real evidence. Still, here’s what this is supposedly effective for:

  • Increases work ethic so tasks are completed
  • Supports overall brain function by proving it with studied ingredients
  • Can deliver improvements without any side effects
  • Contains the strongest and most effective kinds of nootropic ingredients
  • Supports concentration

This last statement is a bold claim that would never be used by a reliable supplement. There is no certification to determine that a brand would truly be the best, and the FTC would take issue with it since it’s a false marketing claim.

The problem in even proving these claims is that there is no longer an official website. We can’t know for certain if any of this is actually backed by a legitimate company. Some old images which appear to be made by the creators do exist, but they don’t offer any useful information. All that you can read are basic nootropic claims offered on virtually all brands.

Alpha Boost Ingredients

We can’t determine for certain if any of the following are truly used:

  • Caffeine
  • L-Theanine
  • L-Carnitine
  • Bacopa Monnieri
  • Rhodiola Rosea
  • Vitamin B6

This is all pretty much what you’d expect to find in a nootropic supplement.

The two amino acids are L-Theanine, which can impact relaxation and L-Carnitine, which supports energy production and blood flow.

Caffeine is another common but controversial ingredient which affects focus and energy, but when overused can also lead to side effects and addiction.

Rhodiola Rosea and Bacopa Monnieri are also common herbs. With Bacopa there may be a calming effect which also supports the processing of information. Rhodiola has a direct impact on how people perform mentally.

This is also used to help reduce the effects of mental fatigue, so users can feel effect enough to continue working.

Vitamin B6 is yet another common nutrient which affects energy production. This can deliver a noticeable boost in cognition when it is taken in regulated amounts. We don’t know how much of any of the ingredients is used, or even if these ingredients are up to date and still added.

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The Science Behind Alpha Boost

We can’t look at any reliable data since the dosage strength is never mentioned, and it’s unclear as to what is truly added. There was a website which made some unprovable claims, but this is no fault of the makers of Alpha Boost, as this is clearly a fake website.

There’s a major problem with the way a company functions if they no longer produce a reliable source to find information about their product. It should be the companies responsibly to at the very least make some sort of presentation which appears scientific.

If the supposed ingredients used are included, than this is no better than the most standard nootropic. Worse yet, it also decides to add caffeine in amounts we can’t determine. Using any nootropic daily which has caffeine can be potentially dangerous, as addiction is highly likely.

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Word on the Street About Alpha Boost

There were only a handful of reviews online and all of them were negative:

“I felt much worse after taking this and it had the opposite effect”

“My heart was racing so bad that I felt like I needed to be hospitalized”

“Felt a strange sensation in my brain, I did not enjoy this one bit”

Not positive experience was ever mentioned and in fact, many said it was incredibly terrible. It caused the few people who took it to experience damaging side effects which are hard to explain as to how they could have occurred. Since it did lead to damaging effects, it’s clear there is some sort of issue in the batches given to people.

The effects mentioned could be linked to stimulants, but we can’t determine for certain if this is the reason for symptoms. The few people that tried it had effects rarely seen in any kind of nootropic brand.

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Is Alpha Boost Worth a Try?

There is no need to ever use this supplement. The fact that you can’t find out any reliable information about this increases the risk factor involved. There is no way to determine if the company that made it continues to produce it. All you get are some old images and a cheap website which uses a copy and paste template for tis clear scam.

The website which markets it claims it’s a top notch nootropic but there is no way to actually purchase it.

They will instead redirect you to a completely unrelated nootropic supplement, using a common bait and switch tactic that is used by failed brands. It seems highly likely that this is no longer produced fresh and at worst, if sold it may be an expired or unprotected product. You may be paying for a supplement which is not backed by a guarantee, and you’d be giving your money to an untrustworthy website.

We’ve seen many websites that use the same kind of template and it’s clear that this is always the sign of an untrustworthy site. We highly recommended avoiding this.

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Alpha Boost FAQ

  1. Are there any Alpha Boost side effects?
    Some who tried it complained about headaches and a burning sensation. Rapid heart rate was also mentioned by a customer. All the reviews we found were related to some kind of side effect.
  1. Where can I order Alpha Boost?
    There is no current reliable source to order it. Only bait and switch websites exist which claim to offer it, but instead they will redirect you to another similar nootropic.
  1. What are common Alpha Boost reviews?
    People rarely gave it a review and of the few reviews, all of them were negative.
  1. Is there an Alpha Boost Amazon page?
    Not at this time, it appears this was never sold there.
  1. Is there an Alpha Boost free trial?
    It’s claimed that there is a free trial but when you click the link for it, this redirects to another supplement.

So What Really Works?

Our clear favorite nootropic brand was Memotenz for good reason. We liked the natural ingredients as well as the great amount of positive reviews. After looking into the formula it was clear why a lot of people use it for studying, work, and exercise. The ingredients can deliver a noticeable improvement in how the brain functions, giving it the edge possible to focus when needed, and to stabilize a positive mood. The positive improvement in energy is also possible without the use of any kinds of stimulants or artificial ingredients.

In fact, everything in this is natural and added in amounts which don’t have to be cycled. The dosage strength is just right enough to give people a noticeable boost, and this is according to the many positive experiences. We also looked at the research and saw that every ingredient can deliver a positive nootropic benefit. See what we uncovered about Memotenz by learning about it further here.

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