Easy Movie Making Tips And Tricks For Beginners

easy movie making tips

Making a movie is divided into 3 stages – pre- production, production, and post-production. What people do before the camera begins rolling is as important as what people do on the day. Storyboard and script the movies, ensure people have budgeted for all their needs and have copyright clearances for their music and visuals, otherwise the movies arenot able to show in festivals or get any distribution.

The most important part of the film production process is writing the storyboard and script. People can take the most expensive kit and the best actors, and still make a bad movie if the script is not up to scratch. It is also the cheapest part to fix, so take time over it. The following article on our website will shows all people the best movie making tips.

Movie Making Tips And Tricks For Beginners

1. Get Essentials

choose location

Getting a good camera is one of the most important movie making tips!Many moviemakers have utilized cheaper cameras to create some professional-looking films. Some homemade sides of footage are related to movie story directly. Decide the type of camera people need and the type of camera they can afford. These cameras can cost from a  hundred to thousand dollars. People already have access to any relatively cheap camera, they need to consider making a movie with a story that will work well with the homemade-look.

In range of $100 to 200, people have got many affordable available home recorderoptions. Some companies like Canon, Panasonic, and JVC have relatively good and cheap cameras that are look great, mobile, and effective.

In the range of 0 to 800, people have got very solid Sony and Panasonic cameras that have been utilized to make movies such as “Open Water” and  many documentaries.
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If people are serious about filming, or they want to make more than one movie, consider investing in a really solid camera.

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2. ChooseLocation

choose location

Choosing location is one of neccessary movie making tipsand tricks. Draw up a list of many available locations, such as workplace, home, school and write scripst around them. Even all mundane locations will be able to be made interesting with an interesting and clever script. People can look at some movies such as Primer, all screnes arein a garage and suburban house, or some screnes in flats and houses, some scenes shot in a nightclub.

Making a movie about an outer space in the dorm room will be very difficult, aswell as filming the gritty movie about some street hustlers in mall. They need to find available locations for the movies, and consider the stories evolving from those locations. People can see that the “Clerks” movie revolved around a group of some apathetic guys working at the convenience store.
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With no access to that convenience store, the film will be difficult to go.

Restaurants and businesses are usually hesitant letting the amateur moviemakers use their own property for making movie, but filmakers can always ask as many people will be interested about the interesting ideas of being involved

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3. Decide What Story To Tell decide what story to tell

When people want to make a good movie, they firstly need to have a good story to tell. The filmstory may be fictional or a story can tell events that have occurred actually. Whether filmmaker is making a special historical film of the civil war or a movie for children about a girl who will be able to fly, he/she needs to know the events which are going to happen in the film and the overall message that he/she needs to convey.

Because almost films are visual stories, and the first movie making tip is coming up with a film idea that people want to make it into a film.
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People do not need to have all details, but they need to have a basic idea of premise.

They need to think about all of movies filmmakers like to watch, or all of the books they want to read, and then consider what will make the films become more interesting. Are these the action, the theme, the visuals, or the characters? Whatever they are, keep those elements in the mind as they plan their movie. Write out the full list of the props, actors, and locations which are available locally then develop this movie around those. Keep the notebook ready for writing all ideas down. You also need to read all stories in the news papers. Have a good basic idea, and work with it. Narrow this idea down when filmmakers go along while writing their plot. You may like to know Full Movies website.

4. Expand The Idea Into A Story

The essential tip in the list of making movie tips and tricks  is building a good film story from the basic idea. Who are the protagonists? What do the protagonists want? What will keep them from having it? How will the protagonists be changed? If filmmakers can answer all those questions, they are on their way to get the best story. It is been said that the stories have 1 or 2 basic premises: A stranger comes and shakes up all normal things, or a hero departs and goes on his journey. All the filmmakers need to ensure the story has a beginning, in which all the characters and the scenario are introduced, a middle, in which the conflict is built, and a good ending, in which that conflict is resolved completely.

5. Write A Screenplay write a screenplay Writing a good screenplay is one of the most important movie making tips and tricks, because a good screenplay will break every moment of a story into many individuals, film-able scenes. While can be tempted to costume-up and begin making all the scenes as they come, all filmmakers will be in much better shape if they  plan things out before doing and they need to think about their movie scene-by-scene. A good screenplay will write out all the dialogs for each character, along with all physical directions, camera movement, and exposition. Each scene will begin with a short description of main idea for that scene. For all purposes, it will be much better for a story to cut out the epic thirty  minute car chase instead of cutting straight to aftermath.

6. Create A Storyboard

When all filmmakers have their basic ideas of what they want to film, they need to take time to plan for each scene in their movie. Draw simple sketches for all their scenes that describe everything will happen. Consider which actors will appear in every scene and their own dialog. Plan all costumes those actors will wear and all props they need. Planning all scenes of the movie is one of the most important movie making tipsforboth beginners and professionals. It can cause all filmmakers to stop and think about all resources they will need, including costumes, background designs, actors, lighting, camera angles, and props. Planning will also help all filmmakers decide in what order to record each scenes of their films. The better they plan, the smoother of the movie making process will go. About an animation movie, the film storyboard will help finalize the growth of the film storyline, and is an important stage of movie making tips. It will be made up of drawings form of this comic strip, and is utilized to support all filmmakers both in visualizing the animation and communicating their ideas clearly. It will detail the scene and change in animation, often go with text notes describing things happening in the scene itself, like camera movements. The storyboards will be useful especially when working in group environments. People also can read best action movies of all time to get more other useful movie making tipsthrough famous films.

7. Identify The Cast identify the cast

In addition to getting a good, concrete plan and storyline when people make a good movie, they will want to hire all profesional actors. However, quality of the acting crew’s skills is related to what filmmakers are planning on doing with their film. For instance, they will not need to be fussy about film stars in their production if they are just filming their movies for their family reunion. If filmmakers plan to make a film to enter in a special movie-making contest, it will be more particular about people performingin the film that are depended on their acting skills.

8. Prepare Your Resources

The next tips in the list of movie making tips when people want to make a film are the props, sets, and costumes they will need for their film. If the film’s subject is in the crowd of many people, they need to put this subject in a color that can stand out a little so their audience will quickly identify and focus on this subject. If the subject will climb a ladder, filmmaker need to make sure he has a ladder. This is an obvious detail, but it is very easy to forget in some props when people are coordinating movies. They will want to determine whether they plan to shoot their movies on location or create their background images for their sets.

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9. Filming


Now that filmmakers have prepared, they are ready to begin filming their movies. Make sure to record more times after and before each clip to give themselves room to work and trim with footage. If their footages have unwanted audio, they need to remove the audio in their editing process and add voiceovers. They need to have consistent lighting in their footages so that all the clips can flow better when they are ready to combine all of these clips.

10. Decide How To Edit The Film

Unless filmmakers are going to go quick-and-dirty and they edit only on the camera, which will involve filming all of things in order, all filmmakers will need to import footages onto the computer. All the Mac computers will come with the application of Windows Movie Maker, all basic types of film editing software that can allow filmmakers to edit footages together, mix in the sound.

Filmmakers can upgrade to more professional and complex film editing software such as Avid FreeDV or Video Edit Magic.
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 If these softwares are not available free, people also can choose some free available and professional film editing tools such as Light Works and Open Shot.

11. Edit Your Movie edit your movie

After filmmakers have taken all the footages for their movies, they need to combine these into the finished movies. Movie editing tool can help filmmakers arrange and trim the clips. This tool can also help people make some small adjustments in the brightness and color. However, remember that if any filmmaker has poorly filmed footages, itis very difficult even with the best and most advanced movie editing software to edit a quality product.

As filmmakers edit their film, they may remove unwanted audio, or add in some special transitions and effects, and insert background voiceovers and music. They can add Foley, which are the sound effects like clothing moving when the subject goes or the sounds of the footsteps on rocks when the subject walks on the cobblestones. These small details will be able to add to the professional feel of the film.

After a filmmaker has the finished movie, he can create break chapter and add the menu to the movie. He can also add the title, details or ending credits. Movie editing tool also walks people through the full process of exporting their project in the format they want. For instance, they will be able to burn their films on a CD or upload their films to YouTube directly.

This article  provides people all easy movie making tipsand tricks for beginners. These are useful and very easy for beginners and even kids who have no idea on film making. All things they need to do is following these movie making tips to get a professional movie. If they want to get more useful tips about fashion, film, tv, comedy, magic tricks, music…they can visit entertaiment page to learn about them.

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