How to stop lying compulsively in a relationship – 7 Tips

Lying is a bad habit which affects to your life. Most people tell lie because they feel insecurity. They often tell lie about their professional credentials, fidelity in the marriage or even their weight, height, age. .. The other reason of lying is that they feel that lying is necessary. Many people think that lying is better than the truth. They will save an explanation with lying but it will make feeling guilty all the time. The problem will become worse if you continue to lie just to protect the original lie. Many people cannot escape from the lying chains because they don’t know the way to stop lying compulsively. This article is aimed at helping them to solve problems with the best tips on how to stop lying in a relationship compulsively.

How To Stop Lying In A Relationship – Best Tips To Stop Lying Compulsively:

In fact, people often want to say only a part of the truth they feel acceptable and hide the others part of the truth. These lies can hurt other people and destroy a relationship when all the truths are showed off. You also lose the belief if people know that you are not honest. Therefore, it’s necessary to know thee effective ways on how to stop lying I would like to introduce to the readers of today. Below are 7 ways and tips on how to stop lying in a relationship that you should know:

1. Admit You Have Problems:

how to stop lying - admit you have problems

The first, foremost and important tip on how to stop lying compulsively is to admit your problems. One of my friends said that: she always tells lie to her boyfriend. The main reason is that she wants to be completely perfect in his eyes. So she always lies about her education, money or friends…and then she decided to tell all the truth and told him what she want is his help. Of course, he loves her and accepts to help her dealing with the problems. It is the fact that you do not want to lie any more, but you cannot stop it alone. You should find someone who you feel most trustworthy. You will find braver to speak out the truth. You may say to them that you have lying habit.  And then you say all your troubles that you are facing to them. I am sure that they will try their best to find the most useful way to solve it and tips on how to stop lying in a relationship.

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Admitting the mistakes and problems of yourself are always a difficult task, but be brave!

2. Keep Calm And Think Before Speaking:

how to stop lying - keep calm and think before speaking

This is the one of the tips on how to stop lying compulsively that I would like to introduce in this entire article and want you and my other readers to learn. You should deliberately think about what will you say and try to not open your mouth if you feel it’s not sure. Instead of saying something may be entrusted, you might take time to think deeply about what you are going to say. It helps you start to control yourself back. The easiest way is control what comes out from your mouth. This is also another out on the top tips to stop lying that are helpful with everyone.

3. Talk To Other About Your Expectation:

how to stop lying - talk to other about your expectation

Another one out on the list of the best tips on how to stop lying in a relationship that I want to introduce in this entire article and want you to practice is “Talk to other about your expectation”. Some people such as parents, friends or teachers often put too much expectation to you. This is one of the reasons you feel you must be lie when you fail one of their belief. You are always led to tell lie by the wrongs actions. When you tell lie all the time, It’s hard to rebuild the trust you have with them. So your duty is to keep calm and try to talk all the truth to avoid lying.
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4. Try To Find Out What Pressured You To Lie:

how to stop lying - try to find out what pressured you to lie

There are many questions for you to answer if you tell lie. For example: What were you trying to hide? What would have been a better way to tell the truth? Almost behind the lying is a reason. Some people also want to control the other around. Sometimes they do not want to lie but if they see someone that they feel pulling away from them, they start to tell lie to get them closer. However, it is easier to tell the truth than continuing tell lie. This is actually one of the best ways on how to stop lying compulsively that people should learn and try to avoid telling lies.

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5. Immediately Backtrack If You Lie:

how to stop lying - immediately backtrack if you lie

After lying, you should realize the problem and admit it with others people. The other trust to you could be rebuilt from this action too. You may be scared the annoyance because you think that they are angry. The anger will pass if they understand your honest and your problems. You will be taken strength and courage as well benefits to yourself and your relationships. You should always remember that lying is addiction, not a moral issue and you have to decrease it as soon as possible. You also may not justify your lie. You can explain to the people that this is your addiction or your habit and you are trying to stop lying compulsively. When you tell them, your believability is less than the beginning. However, your admitting lying will help you start to rebuild the process of getting people more comfortable with you again step by step. In brief, if sometime you tell lie, try to do this useful tip on how to stop lying compulsively and in a relationship for good.
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6. Think All Lies Seriously:

how to stop lying - think all lies seriously

Never allow yourself lie even the smallest things. All the little lies and the big lies are getting effects on others. Your lying habit will reduce in time if you always need to remember that truth is better than lie. It seems to be difficult in the beginning but the small lie comes to a big lie and leads to the serious consequences. Your patience needs to be practiced as you navigate the tricky terrain of early recovery. Sometime to avoid the bad results, you choose lie. However, the consequences of lying are increasingly worse. Your strength and self esteem will be built from each small step of truthfulness although it may be slowly. You might to be the real you.

7. Note Your Lies:

how to stop lying - note your lies

You should buy a calendar or a notebook that you can carry all the time .
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With the calendar, color the day by many colors to separate which day you lie and do not. You color your honest with yellow and the lie with red. The red color will be emerged day by day so you will wonder the reason why you lie too much than what you think. On the note book, write down all the things you are going to say or what was going on with you before lying. Don’t forget to write about many things like feeling, needy or even your regret… You can rewrite all the things you told lie and read it when you free. By this way, you will remember to fix your lie and never do it again. Your will feel more comfortable than hide it inside. This is the last but also very significant one out of the tips on how to stop lying in a relationship that I would like to introduce in this article and want you and my readers to know and to practices if you have lies.

What happen with you if you do not stop lying? Yours self will be loosened. You do not know who you are any more. Your speaking will come out without like a machine. By the time, your speaking will be silly and fake that people can realize and distance from you. So you should know the ways to fix your lies and your mistakes. Whenever you begin to overcome the cause and the result of your lying habit, your relationships and confidence might be improved. No one wants to tell lie but in some case, they must to lies compulsively. You should avoid this problem by beginning honest to people around you. Another thing I want you and my other dear readers to do after reading some tips to stop lying is that you should learn and make use of a related article – the How To Detect Lies And Liars – 11 tips. The 2 articles I introduce today will help all of you avoid lying as well solving problems. So you should try learning to practise them to have a good life.

This article has shown you to 7 tips to stop lying. I am sure that it is totally useful for all ages, even children. These tips above are 100% safe and reliable. If you have any question, do not hesitate to leave comments and feedbacks below. I promise to reply yours as soon as possible. To discover more about tips which are helpful to life, you should visit our how – to page

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