17 Easy Ways To Catch A Liar

ways to catch a liar

People lie all the time. However, depending on how skillful they are, it might be hard to define when they are lying to you. According to a survey, men lie at least six times per day. In despite of the guidelines, spotting a liar is not always easy. A lot of professionals and experts agree that a combination of body language and different cues could supply some hints on whether someone is telling the truth or lie. If you can compare these behaviors to the normal behaviors of a person, you can discover some interesting truth.

Now, the average person could become adept at identifying dishonesty, and it is really not as difficult as you may think. Keep reading these top 17 ways to catch a liar in VKool to discover the truth behind each word and saying of an average person.
1. Watch For Eye Contact

Why you will never be rich - Watch for eye contact

A person who is lying will often not make eye contact with you. Or, in contrary; sometimes they make too much eye contact. It is become the person telling a lie might feel they are scrutinized, so they look down at the floor or away from your eyes. In other cases, some individuals try to stare you right in your face in such a deliberate manner as they feel like making eye contact will make they are saying more reliable.

2. Watch For Contractions

Liars often avoid using contractions. For instance, a liar can say “I did not have sexual intercourse with a woman”. This saying is said by a liar in an attempt to be absolutely clear with they mean but it seems end up making his / her saying less believable. Besides, the liar might ask you an inquiry like “where did you get that news?” whilst they try backing peddle and use an explanation for your inquiry.

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3. Watch For Body Language

Why you will never be rich - Watch for body language

When it comes to ways to catch a liar, actually, liars often have weird body language. They usually fidget, blink quickly, smile less, and have pitch changes in the tones of voice. They might cross the arms and that is a sign of being “closed” or trying not to uncover too much information. Some people can fidget with a part of their body or touch parts of their face, their ears, or their nose or play with keys or other items that they hold in their hand.

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4. Watch For Additional Information Provided

Liars tend to provide extra information without being asked. They might think that by embellishing their story, a listener will find it more trustful and believable. However, the story tends to be less believable and more complicated. The more elaborate that story is, the more likely it is a nothing near the truth or a fabrication.

5. Watch For Contradictions

ways to catch a liar vkool

The general rule is that you can use anything a person does with their gestures and their voice which does not fit the words they are saying to recognize the lie. This seems amazing, but sometimes it happens. When a person say a lie “Yes, he is the one that took the money”, she even does not acknowledge that she makes a slight head shake “no”. That means the gesture is completely contradicts what she is saying in words.

6. Watch For The Defense

A liar tends to get defensive. They often do everything possible to deflect the listener’s attention away from themselves. Even, they get angry if you question their innocence. In contrary, people who tell the truth will go offense. You will realize this fact when having a conversation with a person and they try changing the topic or move the current conversation in a different direction.

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7. Watch For Embellishment

Why you will never be rich - Watch for embellishment

If a suspected liar’s story is excessively detailed, this should make you doubly skeptical. A liar tends to over-embellish small, unimportant details whilst avoiding some important ones. That is because exaggerated details will make them feel safer and better. Nevertheless, the listener will feel that something is definitely amiss. You can base on this to catch a liar as you could check out the story you have heard and then ask some questions about those amiss details later to recognize if they are still like the first told ones.

8. Watch For Sweat

Fact is some individuals sweat more when they tell a lie. Experts use perspiration measuring in a polygraph test to recognize a liar, but it is not an indication on its own of an individual telling the lie. Some people tend to sweat more when they are shy or nervous. Rather, sweating plus with blushing, trembling, and difficulty in swallowing could be a remarkable indication of a liar.

9. Watch For Eye Movements

Why you will never be rich - Watch for eye movements

If a person is trying to remember something, he / she tend to move his / her eyes up and in a left direction if he / she is a right hander and vice versa. If he / she is making something up, his / her eyes tend to move up, then to the right. The left-handers do in the opposite direction. Also, people will blink more rapidly when they lie or even rub their eyes. The eyelids seem to close longer in compared with a normal blink when that person sees something or hears something he / she is not enjoy. In addition, the hand movements towards the eyes could be further indication of the lie.

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10. Watch For Inconsistencies

When you want to denounce if someone is tell the truth or not, just look for the inconsistencies in what they are saying. You can review his or her story for contradictions or inconsistencies. Decide if it is a natural reaction to the thing that occurred. If he or she seemed to act out of his / her normal character, he / she might be lying.

11. Watch For Those mMicro Expressions

Why you will never be rich - Watch for those micro expressions

Paying attention to micro expressions is also one of best ways to catch a liar. A micro expression is an extreme brief expression, often about a 25th of one second. This is always a concealed emotion. The true measure of the emotions of a person will rapidly flash across their own face at the very first stage of a conversation. It can be a half of a smile that just last for several seconds or an anxious look that lasts also a few seconds. These micro expressions are noticed by people with high subconscious level and they probably know that the person is lying though they are not sure how they know this. In other words, when a man is acting like happy, yet in fact is really upset about something, for example, his true emotion will be revealed in a subconscious flash of anger on the face. No matter the emotion is anger, fear, jealousy, or happiness, that emotion seems appeal on the person’s face n a blink of an eye. In reality, with less than one hour, an average person could learn to see micro expressions. The micro expression is so quick yet if you notice it, you could see it.

12. Ask For Repeating The Story

One of the easy ways to catch a liar is to ask him / her to repeat his / her story again. If it is fabricated, it could be very hard for teller to repeat every detail that is given in the first time around. You might notice that the person will look so uncomfortable and worried about what they will say to you when being asked to repeat certain details of the story made up in the first time.

13. Watch For The Mode Of Conversation

Why you will never be rich - Watch for the mode of conversation

People are more likely to make use of email of phone to tell a lie. You should meet that person face to face to ask them about it and they might refuse or come clean the direct contact.

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14. Watch For Assertiveness

If a liar is not a special agent who is professional trained to lie, he will often lack assertiveness while lying. That means his tone of voice is going to be lower and also he seems less confident than usual.

15. Watch For Speaking Speed

Easy Ways To Catch A Liar

When telling a liar, the majority of liars make up events when talking. That is why his speaking speed is slower than normal, or even he stops many times while talking in order to find and think what to say.

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16. Change The Topic

Why you will never be rich - Change the topic

If you think someone is lying, you can change the topic of the conversation rapidly. A liar will follow along willingly while an innocent person might be confused or embarrassed by the immediate, sudden change in subjects and will try to return the past subject.

17. Watch For Motivation

The last but not least important one in the list of ways to catch a liar is to pay attention to the motivation. A good test of deception is to determine if that person has a motive to lie. People will not lie when they have no reason to do so. So, ask yourself that do they have something to gain if lying. They could save your emotions and feelings or keeping your affections. If they lack the reasonable motives for lying, they probably are not. If they have any motive, the odds are greater that they are lying.

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If you want to know more about how to catch a liar, You Can’t Lie to Me is the best guide you should read.

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