Persuasive Advertising Techniques List And Lesson Plans

persuasive advertising techniques

A successful advertisement can create a desire in viewers, readers, or listeners. It also supplies necessary information on how to fulfill that desire and makes the potential customers be motivated and feel good about doing so. If you want to be master in advertising, then this article will provide you with all common types of advertising and the most persuasive advertising techniques used successfully. Just take a look!

I. Persuasive Advertising Techniques – Types Of Advertising

1. Print Advertising

persuasive advertising techniques powerpointIn fact, the most suitable advertising option for your own business will depend on what products and services you want to advertise as well as your target audience. Though technology is day-by-day developing, print advertising still plays a fundamental role in advertising methods. Newspaper or magazine advertising could enhance your business to a wide range of clients. Display advertisements are placed throughout the paper. This type of advertising will bring good result in a combination of advertising in your metropolitan newspaper and local newspaper.

Print media also offers options such as fliers and promotional brochures for advertising purposes. The price of print ads might also depend on the quality of the paper and the supplement in which they present.

2. Billboards, Kiosks, Trade-Show, Events

There are some tools to attract customers outdoors. Actually, the most popular instances of outdoor advertising is kiosks, billboards, trade-shows hold by an enterprise.

Billboard advertising is common, yet in order to catch the attention of passersby, it needs to be catchy, terse. Such kiosks can provide not only an outlet for a company, but also promote the products of that company. In other words, special events, such as exhibitions and trade fairs, will be excellent advertising methods. Another new type of advertising is mobile billboards. A large billboard will be attached to the bus or a van, and taken to various places within a town or a city.

3. Radio Advertising

This type of advertising is considered as one of the oldest types of advertising. Those advertisers will buy airtime from a certain radio station for airing their advertisements. Prices will be dependent on time, the duration, and the programs during which their advertisements will be aired.

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4. Television Advertising

persuasive advertising techniques videoThis form of advertising will reach the maximum quantity of target clients, and has various programming schedules which could be efficiently used for inserting ad content.

Also, this is so expensive, nowadays. A recent emerging trend of television advertising is to place banners in the setting or background while a certain program is performing, for increasing the visibility of ads. Besides, computer-based graphics are also used for generating ads that run in the backdrop of high-profile events like movie premiers or sporting events.

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5. Online Advertising

Advertising on the Internet could be a cost-effective way to attract a lot of new clients. You could reach a global audience at a low cost. Many clients research businesses online before deciding who to buy from.

A well-designed website could entice clients to buy from you. Discover more about tips for doing business online effectively.

6. Celebrity Advertising

Though the audience is getting much smarter and the customers get immune to the overly exaggerated claims delivered in ads, there exists a range of advertisers who take advantage of celebrities and their popularity to advertise their products as well as services. Making use of celebrities for promoting advertising includes different sorts of advertising, containing print or television ads. The efficiency of the ads, sometimes, majorly depends on each customer’s determination.

II. Persuasive Advertising Techniques – Promote Your Advertising Effectively

1. Repetition

The first one in the list of persuasive advertising techniques I would like to introduce here is repetition. This is a simple but effective technique applied to establish identity awareness and customer memory. Advertisements will mention the product or service name more than once, especially in the television by combining both sight and sound. In fact, although the advertisement does not explain what the product or service does, viewers still remember its name.

persuasive advertising techniques examples

2. Claims

Such kind of advertising techniques promotes special features or makes statements about what a product / service could do for potential customers through educating, informing, or developing expectations in the purchasers. Claims can use hype or state facts, such as claiming one brand of milk “the best” when nutritionally it is similar to others. This advertising technique use claims which use “weasel words”. These will be less meaningful if studied closely. Some weasel words contain “fights”, “helps”, and “virtually”.

3. Association

This is applied with celebrity advertising. Associating a certain product or service with a well-known person, the powerful statement and emotion will create a strong emotional and psychological connection in clients. There are a lot of companies specialized in sporting equipment use professional, successful athletes in their advertisements. Or, automakers often display their products – cars in front of mansions. These advertisements will stimulate a psychological response in potential clients.

4. Bandwagon

This technique sells a product or service by persuading the client that other people are currently using it, thereby they should take part in that crowd. Some suggest that clients will be left out if they do not purchase the product. These kinds of ads usually employ “glittering generalities,” such words connected to highly appreciated ideas or concepts which promote instant approval. Even, these do not relate to the subjects of those advertisements.

5. Promotions

Games, sweepstakes, coupons with prizes and gifts will create excitement for purchasers. This technique encourages customers to buy product and build a relationship with the sponsoring company. Fact is, the attraction of “free” or “rewards” will promote customers to engage in. Limited-time offers add urgency to this advertising tip’s call to action. Thus, customers will buy the product or service with less hesitation.

6. Testimonials And Endorsements

persuasive advertising techniques pptAn endorsement or testimonial from well-know people or a public figure can encourage customers, at least, try out a specific product or service. Such endorsements or testimonials are good ways to advertise specific products and services. Another version is called covert advertising, in which a product or a specific brand will be incorporated in some entertainment or media channels such as television shows, sports, or movies. For instance, the appearance of Nokia is displayed on Tom Cruise’s phone in the “Minority Report”.

7. Pixel Advertising

This is a new kind of Internet advertising. People will calculate the number of pixels that an advertisement occupies as its price of advertising. Apart from the space options supplied by those hosting website, people also have another option of using Do-It-Yourself (DIY) pixel scripts that warrantees that those individuals who do not get the intricacies of the pixel advertisements could incorporate those ads in their website with no hassle.

8. Bathroom Advertising

persuasive advertising techniques listWhen it comes to persuasive advertising techniques, this one seems so simple. In reality, it cannot be simpler than placement of ads in the public bathrooms. It is indicated that there is a large number of people who visit restroom can remember the ads advertised in these places.

This will lead to the conclusion that people visiting restroom can be good target audience. Thus, it is an effective catchy advertising tool.

9. In-Store Advertising

This is a common advertising tool for department stores and large malls, popularized by Walmart’s stores.  The products or services are often displayed prominently at checkout counters and packaged attractively. These ads target to the client who tend to make impulse purchases, rather than actually need the product. Advertisers also take advantage of another form of advertising that the product will be placed at easy-to-see points, and banners inside the store may announce price cuts or new products.

10. Public Relations Advertising

Establishing and maintaining good relationships with public will a good marketing tool for modern companies. This will maintain goodwill amongst employees and customers. This can create a good image in the public’s eye, it also a great manner to build and maintain a special brand identity and image as well.

Public relations are therefore a helpful advertising tool that is used by companies to reach out to their employees, investors, and of course, their existing as well as potential client base.

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11. Blog Advertising

Blog advertising is new advertising techniques. If you thought that a blog can do nothing but publish online posts, then you are wrong. Nowadays, advertisers use wisely blogs as effective advertising as well as marketing tools. Corporate blogs can be beneficial for enterprises to reach out to their client base on the Internet. When advertising, these blogs will make use of Search Engine Marketing techniques that will guarantee for them better results on the Internet.

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The field of advertising is so large. Thanks to enormous innovations in terms of technology, advertising is now present everywhere we go. Just look around you, then you will see different forms of advertising.

If you are interested in the topic of persuasive advertising techniques, leave your comments at the end of this post to let us know your thoughts. We will respond all soon!

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