How To Strengthen Your Faith In God As A Christian

how to strengthen your faith in god as a christian

You sometimes doubt your faith in God. God also knows that Christians sometimes struggle in their religious faith. Devotions sometimes don’t really like devotion, yet work. Christians sometimes wonder whether God is there. Below are some tips on how to strengthen your faith in God as a Christian. Check out all of them on VKool site in the line of Lifestyle that can help you be faithful in God through your tough times.

How To Strengthen Your Faith In God

1. Believe That God Is Always There

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First in ways on how to strengthen your faith, believe that God is always there to bless you. Yes! Even in your hard times, when you don’t feel the presence of God, you still have to remember that he is always there for you. God never forgets you. The true faith is strengthened even when you are not looking.

2. Do Daily Devotional

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Doing daily devotional is very important for you to maintain your faith. It helps keep you staying in the real world, get rid of negative thoughts and improve your prayer life. Also, your daily devotional also helps you get closer to God when you are struggling in your religious faith.

3. Talk To Someone

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When it comes to ways on how to strengthen your faith, try talking to someone. When you think you are separated from God, talk to someone like your parents, friends or a pastor. Talk through all your issues. Pray about your struggle. Those who understand you will pray with you and strengthen your faith about God and good things given by God.

Be ware of your Christian identity. When you shy away Christian identity or compartmentalize your faith in front of your friends and family, then it’s difficult to experience the authentic spiritual growth. Instead, proclaim your faith with God and keep in mind that it is okay to boast, yet boast in God.

To learn more about how to strengthen your faith, you should read the Strengthen Yourself in the Lord book.

4. Get Involved

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Many Christian people are apathetic over time, as they don’t go to any church or connect any Christian organization. In fact, there are many Christian activities in the community. So, you can join in and strengthen your faith in God with these activities. The more often you connect with Christian organizations, the stronger you can maintain your faith in God.

First of all, get involved with the local church. Don’t be lazy to take part in a Christian group and volunteer at your church’s ministry. When getting more involved, you will spend more time with new fellow Christians; thereby your faith in God will grow. Moreover, you will begin to see that as iron can sharpen iron and a friend can sharpen a friend.

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5. Pray More Often

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Be a good Christian by reading the bible regularly. The Bible will tell you that your faith in God can come from hearing Words of God. For growing spiritually and understanding the Christian faith, it’s important for you to dedicate the blocks of time to practicing meditation on the Scriptures.

Do you believe that the prayer of righteous men is effective and powerful? If you can take your faith in God stronger, as a result it will be easier for you to make prayer become a regular task of your day.

6. Make Time For Sacred Space

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Next to ways on how to strengthen your faith, make time for sacred space. It is easy to be caught up in business of life. Hence, be proactive about adjusting time for your sacred space. If your sacred space includes journaling your thoughts, reading a devotional, listening to the worship music, you besides can spend time being alone to think of God and see as your religious faith grows each passing day.

Start your day with God. Before you turn on your computer or start your work, read the Bible and pray. God will bless you for a good day and you can strengthen your faith in him for long.

To learn more about how to strengthen your faith, you should read the Strengthen Yourself in the Lord book.

7. Be Watchful

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See how you fill and rebound in the gaps. Be straight to yourself. If you doubt your faith in God, start thinking about your Christian identity. Question yourself how your life will be if you lose your faith in God. You can remember the previous time, when you were weak in mind and your belief in God could help you overcome your struggle. I bet that if you can be watchful to see them, you can mind yourself and strengthen your faith successfully.

8. Tithe

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Do you think tithing is related to your faith in God? Well, it’s hard to talk about this social issue. So, think about it as volunteering. In the Bible, it is clear on tithing.

Malachi 3:10-12 says: “Bring all the tithes into the storehouse”
Remember that God do not tax your faith in him. If you want to be faithful, you just need to show your goodness and be a good one. Tithing is just a way you give God 1/10 of your income.

9. Immerse Yourself Spiritually

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Next to different ways on how to strengthen your faith in God as a Christian, immerse yourself spiritually. Read the Bible and books that can encourage and inspire your faith. Foremost, these books can help you have peace, get calmed, have balance in mind, boost your good mood, relieve depression and help you fight off negative thoughts.

In another way, you can go out, engage nature, meditate, pray and talk to God. He will be there to listen to and understand your thoughts.

Besides, you can spiritually immerse yourself by being alone. Take deep breaths and read the Bible only. Don’t make other things disturb you such as light, noise, children or work.

To learn more about how to strengthen your faith, you should read the Strengthen Yourself in the Lord book.

10. Find A Help From Your Family& Friends

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Yes, why not? Family and friends are good ones who can encourage and support you in many ways. They can cheer you on, even when you feel lost and stay away from God. Hence, spend time with your family and friends more often that helps your soul. They may not care what you did, but they always love you unconditionally. Being with them, you will be embraced as God, he is still there with you.

If you cannot stay with your family and friends, you can text or call them. In any way, they can help you and help you strengthen your faith in God.

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11. Be Obedient

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Be obedient to God and he will help you dredge up your painful memories. He will help you know your value. God never pays attention to your social status. Though you are rich or poor, young or old, if you are obedient, if you have a beautiful soul, he will stand by you to help you overcome struggle, misery in your life. Accordingly, your beauty will be shown and you will feel better, heal your pain day by day and grow your stronger faith in God.

To learn more about how to strengthen your faith, you should read the Strengthen Yourself in the Lord book.

12. Value Yourself

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Among effective ways on how to strengthen your faith in God, know your value. Never negate your value. Because God always respects his learners, so if do not respect yourself, he will be unhappy for it.

Like parents, God wants you to know your value and be happy with what belongs to you. You may get a lot of difficulties in life and make sure that you can be strong enough to overcome failure, be ware of your value and move on.

Gods always encourages you praying for other people, but at first, you have to learn to respect yourself and pray for yourself. If you can do it for you, then you will deserve to be a Christian and spread your kindness to everyone.

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13. Embrace Grief

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As I mentioned above, Christians should pray for themselves and others. Every grief should be understood and embraced. Let yourself grieve for unhappy things and misery. Allow yourself to cry for sadness and loss. To change a condition, you first have to acknowledge the reality. Call its name and weep for it. Your cry and blesses can be heard by God. This is a natural way to find God and engage your faith in him.

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14. Create Healthy Habits

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Last but not least among powerful ways on how to strengthen your faith, don’t forget to create your healthy habits to have a better life and God will follow to bless you for more success. For instance, you should be hard working to earn more money. On the other hand, you should kiss your spouse and kids before going to work and a lot more. Do the best things for your physical and mental health, thereby your life will be happy and you will realize that God is still there to bless you.

Bottom line:

Do you think that your faith in God is strong enough? If you doubt your faith in God, apply these tips on how to strengthen your faith in God as a Christian above. Comment on the article and share it with other Christian fellows!

To learn more about how to strengthen your faith, you should read the Strengthen Yourself in the Lord book.

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