Ez Flash Photography Review – Is Scott Voelker’s Course Useful?

ez flash photography

How To Take Good Photos – Author’s Claims

EZ Flash Photography is an online course that will guide new photographers take a good photos. The author claims that EZ Flash Photography is an ideal program for those who are frustrated trying to find out ways to get good lighting, and create professional portraits. EZ Flash Photography program will figure learners out all the technical stuff for get good pictures. Besides, the program also lets learners discover:

  • The ways to create low key as well as hi-key shots
  • The secrets to use gels
  • The techniques to add more than one light
  • The usefull guide to use a Hair light
  • The best way to get professional results by using one light set up
  • The good knowledge to use the author’s flash on the camera to remove shadows as well as get professional shots
  • Continuous Lighting or Strobes what is better
  • Umbrellas or Soft boxes What is better
  • What lights and what equipment do people need and what to Buy

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How To Take Good Photos – About The Author: Scott Voelker

Scott Voelker is the developer of EZ Flash Photography course, and this man also is the professional photographer who spent more than 20 years in taking photos and more than 2 years in coaching online. EZ Flash Photography course is created after six months of skyping, and creating many lessons and good content. If people have any question about EZ Flash Photography course, people can contact Scott Voelker via email here.

How To Take Good Photos – How EZ Flash Photography Works

EZ Flash Photography course is spread out over a three week period with many homework and various lessons. When singing this course, learners will receive weekly lessons such as:

  • Week 1 – this week covers 5 lessons with various topics including: introduction to the equipment, basic bounce technique, studio flash, the diffuser method, and modified.
  • After seven days, learners will get week 2 lessons with topics including: studio lighting, another 2 light set up recipe, studio flash, understanding catch lights 101 ,and the feathered lighting technique.
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  • In week 3, learners can get 7 lessons with some of topics including: Hollywood lighting, outdoor shooting, and high key lighting.
  • In addition, the author offers some useful bonuses to support members in their learning process such as: the unique support chain in the private member’s area, the access to three private coaching all recordings, feedback from Joe in the unique support chain, and live video recordings of Joe’s workshops.

Our website provides many reviews and writings that cover lessons and guides on how to take good photos.
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Photography Course Online – Pros Of EZ Flash Photography

  • EZ Flash Photography covers detailed instructions that help new photographers understand easily.
  • This course is an online course so, new photographers can learn at any where they want.
  • This guide provides everything new photographers need from techniques to taking photos to editing photos.
  • Scott Voelker offers a 24/7 support via email
  • The author provides a policy of back money within 8 weeks if EZ Flash Photography does not work for new photographers.

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Photography Course Online – Cons Of EZ Flash Photography

EZ Flash Photography covers many strong points; nevertheless, it also has some disadvantages. You do not expect that EZ Flash Photography can teach you to become a professional photographer overnight.
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It depends on you and your time and effort.

Photography Course Online – Conclusion

This full ez flash photography review is made by me truthfully to see whether EZ Flash Photography works for your problem or not. In my opinion, you should try it.

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