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Reduce Depression

Time passes and we grow older. Our brain will not be as sharp as before, so having a good memory will be necessary. Do you usually forget some information, numbers, words, names of your friends, or some images? Many people are born with perfect memory skills, while other people have to practice this technique to remember everything. In order to help people understand more about memory training, has released a writing of top 14 games and exercises of photographic memory training. Now keep reading this article and find out what information is inside.

Learning Useful Photographic Memory Training Games And Exercises

1. Reduce Depression 

Depression not only makes you lose memory but it also causes some health problems. If you are always anxious or stressed, you will have higher risks of brain-related diseases. Anxiety will be bad for brain cell and reduce the ability of your memory. Actually, there are different types of depression and some people may restore the brain function by using medications.

However, the best photographic memory training exercises you should practice is the natural therapy such as doing outdoor activity, doing some exercises such as tai chi yoga, etc. or you can make friend, talk with your family members, or spend much more time with your friends.  Sometimes, you can listen to music and learn to relax after work.

2. Be Active 

photographic memory training

One of the most effective photographic memory training ways is to keep your mind active. Like your body muscles, your brain should be improved through the exercises and games such as reading newspaper, reading book, doing crossword puzzles, playing board games, learning a new instrument or new language, and enjoying a class of local community. Instead of using elevator, try to walk upstairs to practice your flexibility.

3. Do Regular Exercises

photographic memory training

Doing regular exercises will be perfect photographic memory training for you. Physical activities will increase blood flow to your body and brain. Exercises also help you get more nutrients and oxygen to the brain. Do exercises at least 30 minutes per day. The importance is that you must do it regularly. You can choose some popular activities such as walking, running, cycling, swimming jogging, etc.

4. Limit Alcohol 

photographic memory training

Drinking excessive alcohol amount will damage your brain cells as it brings steroid to your brain. However, drinking in moderation can protect your brain and memory ability. This technique is for adults, how about the secrets for children? Photographic memory training games will be good for them. It not only help you improve memory, but it also helps you improve the ability to remember or recall the items or information.

5. Limit Distractions 

photographic memory training

Memory problems not only contain forgetfulness but they include distraction. Some people are distracted in some simple works. If possible, you should limit your distractions by focusing in one task at a time only. Do not take care of all things in the same time because it may not save your time and can cause more disorders to your brain.

6. Use Images 

photographic memory training

Another photographic memory training is to use images. This therapy will help you remember the tasks and you can remember where the key is, where the book is placed, and when your close friend’s birthday, etc. you can take a book and read the title, then practice your mind remembers that title and imagine some objects that relates to the book.

7. Repeat Name 

photographic memory training

Have you ever forgotten your friend’s manes in high school? That is common issue that many people are getting. Many people forget the names for 30 seconds. Another photographic memory training for you is to repeat the name of person right after you meet her or him. You can ask that person again if you are confused or are not clear on his or her name. Additionally, you can link to that name to people who have the same name or you can imagine to some name of film, book, or something related to that name.

8. Use Chunking Technique 

photographic memory training

Chunking is a term of memory technique to improve your ability to remember items, words, numbers, names, etc. If you want to remember the items in your list, you can divide them into different categories such as meats, condiments, fruits, frozen items, dried items, vegetables, and so on. You also can list them into one list such as salad items including cheese, cucumbers, tomato, and lettuce. To remember the number, you can break the number to remember, for instance, instead of remember the following numbers 565784698; you can break them into 565-784-698. Repeat the number for times and you will remember it easier.

9. Change Your Lifestyle

photographic memory training

Many people lose the memory because of their lifestyle such as anger, depression, and anxiety. You totally can improve your thinking skill by spending time to talk with people, listen to music, or enjoy parties or events, play picture games, recall story, building list, and associate words.

10. Be An Excellent Learner 

photographic memory training

Not everyone has the excellent ability to memorize all things smartly. Not everyone is intelligent when they were born. Almost of the people have their own ways to learn quickly and grasp things faster. Learn how to learn better will be efficient to your goal of improving memory. How can you be super learner?

  • You should determine your leaning objectives. When you want to increase your knowledge, the reason why you learn that lesson, the purpose of the training course, or what special thing you want to look forward.
  • Keep your learning discipline. Do not disturb it or have any distraction about memory training sessions in your mind. Holding multi tasks at the same time is not a good way to learn. You may learn less information if concentrating many lessons at the same time.
  • Improve your background knowledge by visiting to some resources to search information. You can take advantage of the Internet or some available resources such as book, TV, radio, etc.

11. Have A Healthy Diet 

photographic memory training

Along with the other exercise, games, and techniques to improve your memory, you must have a proper and healthy diet for your brain. It is very essential to supply nutrients to your mind. Your brain also need energy to work and it also needs to have enough vitamins, minerals, and nutrients to grow. Healthy diets will provide efficient calories to create fuel and energy to speed up brain functions. Healthy foods not only help your body better, but they also help your mind healthier and more active. Avoid taking drugs or supplements as much as possible and try to consume more natural healthy foods.

12. Increase Oxygen 

photographic memory training

Oxygen is very necessary to your memory and brain function. Try to supply oxygen into your body and mind through intense workouts or daily routines. Exercises are excellent for your photographic memory training as they supply enough oxygen to your memory improvement. In addition, exercises will increase blood flow in your body. Remember that providing oxygen regularly is good for your mind, but temporary oxygen will be bad for it. Do not lazy, try to wake up early and do some simple exercises or physical activities such as walking around your house, doing yoga, running around your park, etc.

13. Supply Vitamins 

photographic memory training

If foods do not provide enough vitamins to your body and mind, you may get consultation from doctor about the necessary vitamins or supplements, which can adjust significantly your memory ability. Certainly, you have to visit doctor first because getting too many vitamins or supplements may be harmful to your body and brain. Getting vitamins is also an effective way when you have little time to prepare meals. Supplying vitamins through foods is healthy but you may get difficulty in counting amount of vitamins you need in a day.

14. Picture Game 

photographic memory training

Picture game is an excellent exercise of photographic memory training. This game will improve your memory and improve your vision as well. Get started with a picture that involves a background and foreground. Learn the picture for one minute, stay away, and recall it. Count how many times and how much you can recall it. For instance, what clothes that people wear, the color of the house, the color of the clothes, the color of flowers, the name of the tree, and the color of yard, etc. Just ask the simple questions to recall the photo first. Hence, increase the level of difficulties by combining the pictures and ask more difficult questions. By the way, you will develop your photographic memory quickly. You also get fun from this game. Now try to play with your friends or family members.

To get more tips and tricks, you can go to our main Mind & Body page. After reading my writing of top 14 photographic memory training games and exercises, I hope that you have already learned the efficient and helpful secrets to improve your memory ability and restore the brain functions. If you have any question, please leave your comments below and I will respond to you soon. Now let try to follow those techniques and see how your brain changes day by day.

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