10 Natural and Wise Tips To Always Have A Clean Home

tips to always have a clean home

It’s no surprise that most of us work incredibly hard to create a peaceful abode for ourselves – but, the fact is, even the most heavenly abodes can fetch a lot of dust and germs. However, there are products available in the market that claim to keep your home germ free, but, sadly, most of these products are full of harsh chemicals that pose a health risk to the residents. And, besides, the smell of these products is unbearable.

Thankfully, it is easy to have access to natural and vegan products that allow homeowners to have a germ free and good smelling homes. In addition to using chemical-free cleaning products, it is also vital to come up with simple strategies and tactics that help in keeping a home clean. In this article, we will run through a few handy tips that will keep your home clean, always! Read further to know more.

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1. Cultivate a habit of making your bed

cultivate a habit of making your bed

As a matter of fact, studies have proven that those individuals who have a habit of making their bed each morning lead a more productive day than those who don’t make their own bed every morning. So the process of making your bed will not only make your day more productive, but it will also help in keeping your bedroom clean and non-messy. While you are making your bed, you might even notice a couple of clothes piling up underneath, which will help you in bringing your attention to these dirty laundry and may make you want to start the washing machine. It’s a pattern that goes on and on, and it all starts with a simple act of making your bed.

Also, making your bed will allow your sheets to get plenty of time to air out. Besides, a made bed will create a remarkable appearance of a tidy bedroom. Of course, it’s a small task, but coming to think of it, not so small either, since coming to a neat and tidy bed at the end of the day will make you feel positive and calm. And, if you have pets, then making the bed will aid in keeping the pet hair and smells off your sheets.

2. Keep Cleaning On The Go

Broadly speaking, many men and women have a tendency to create a mess on the kitchen station while cooking. It is, however, a good idea to keep cleaning the kitchen while cooking and not wait for the cooking to get over. Ensure that your dishwasher is already empty at the time of your cooking as you might have to load the dishes straight in. The point is, don’t have too many unclean vessels lying on your kitchen table. Always keep your dishwasher clean so that you can load all your dirty vessels in it and run the dishwasher after the dinner. That way, you will be able to keep your kitchen clean and non-messy.

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3. Keeping The Kitchen Clean

Most of the germs hang out in the kitchen, especially in the sink and countertop, in addition to rags, sponges, and kitchen towels that you may be using for cleaning purpose. In order to have a germ free kitchen, it is imperative to employ ways to clean up the kitchen. So how do you do it?

A couple of tactics when used rightfully can take you a long way in keeping the kitchen clean. For instance, after you are done cooking a meal, it is a good idea to clean the counters and sink with water and soap. Even better, sanitize your sponge in the dishwasher and all your rags in the washing machine. You can take the cleaning spree to an advanced level by cleaning the sink and drain using a solution of bleach and water.

The word of advice is, do not leave your sponge unclean as that could breed germs.

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4. Keeping the bathrooms clean

The good news is, while you take showers, you are removing germs and bacteria from your body; however, the bad news is, not all these germs and bacteria directly slide down the drain or perish easily. Some of them thrive on surfaces. Therefore, in order to keep infections at bay, you should use a disinfecting cleanser at least once or twice a week on the bathroom floor and even on the sides of the bathtub. Make sure you rinse well and dry all the surfaces with a clean bacteria free towel. And, also, ensure that you keep the shower dry on a regular basis.

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5. Take 10 minutes a day to clean

take 10 minutes a day to clean

Setting a timer for regular cleaning of the home is a fantastic idea, and it really works. Unarguably, cleaning can be quite an overwhelming and daunting process, but to make sure that you stay in control in your home, having a timer is indeed one of the most effective tools to rely on. You can use the timer of your microwave or have a special timer for this particular job, either way, pick a 10-minute slot in a day that you can invest in for cleaning your home. Pick a time when there are few people at home, for instance, when the kids are off to the school, or when they are asleep.

Once you have decided a time for cleaning, grab your timer, set it for 10-minutes, and clean until the timer beeps. Ten minutes of regular cleaning will really help you in keeping your home neat and tidy. Be flexible with your timings, which means on some days, if you fancy doing the cleaning for more than 10 minutes, feel free to do so!

6. Get rid of things

Most of us fancy having a neat and tidy home, but, the truth is, we ourselves are responsible for creating a messy home by being careless about the things that we buy. Don’t be a hoarder. Make sure you purge off those things that you don’t or hardly use. Learn to refuse to hold on to anything unless it has an emotional value to you or is absolutely essential. In order to get rid of unnecessary things, make sure that you go through your house, at least once a month, and spot items that you can give away to the charity or your relatives who may be in need. While scanning, you will be amused to spot so many items that you no longer use or remember. Don’t flood your home with such items, and, therefore, ensure that you get rid of these things asap!

7. Tips for pet owners

If you are living with a dog, it doesn’t mean your house has to smell and look like a dog house. Make sure that you keep the fur from flying, and, therefore, brush your dog every single day. Brushing a dog only takes five minutes a day, and it will stop all the hair from floating around the home. For getting rid of pet odors, baking soda works great. Simply sprinkle the baking soda on your carpet, allow it to remain there for some time before you vacuum it. The room, thereafter, will smell much better. Also, place mats on the inside and outside of every door as this will help in stopping muddy paws at the door.

When you have a pet living with you in the same home, accidents are a normal occurrence. If your sweet little canine has created a mess somewhere in the house, remember to clean it before it stains or smells.

And, most importantly, keep a ‘cleanup kit’ in your home. Your kit should include a spray stain remover, paper towels, and disposable disinfectant wipes.

8. Start cleaning the easy stuff first

It is a good idea to usually start cleaning the easy stuff first, or the stuff that you don’t mind cleaning, first. Cleaning, as mentioned earlier, is a daunting process, and so getting in the right mood for cleaning is imperative. If you start small, it will be easier for you to get in the groove and do a little bit more. Start with the dusting of the rooms, and pick one room at a time. Don’t make the mistake of hitting the more tedious tasks upfront. You will be quickly discouraged if you start cleaning the hard stains of a dishwasher first. It is advisable to start with the easy stuff first. Once you have accomplished the smaller tasks, you will feel more confident in leading the less desirable tasks.

9. Shop mindfully

shop mindfully

Lastly, and, most importantly, learn to shop mindfully. Marketers have proven excellence in creating needs in the minds of the consumers, which means consumers often buy things before having a need. Don’t fall for this crappy marketing gimmick. First and foremost, identify your needs, and accordingly buy things, and not likewise. Make a rule of not buying things in bulk, even if you get huge discounts on it.

Buy only those things that you immediately need, or either are completely and madly in love with. Mind you, loving here means you are not able to get it out of your mind even in the following day. When in doubt, wait for at least two days, before making a decision of purchasing anything.

Here’s your checklist to help you implement the useful habits to have a clean home!

  • Vacuum and dust regularly
  • Dishes are put in the dishwasher after use
  • Home is a shoe-free zone
  • Nothing is stored on the bed
  • Don’t buy anything extra
  • Leave the dining table set, so nobody unloads onto the table

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10. Get help from house cleaning services

If you are really concerned about the health of your home, then it’s worth relying on professional cleaning services who possess the skills and tools to clean your home. However, choose a service that has been referred. In other words, find well-known housekeeping services that have good references for you to get in touch with. Do your own primary research on the internet to find out some of the best house cleaning services in your city. For instance, go to Google, and search for house cleaning services Chicago or Michigan or whichever city you belong to’. Call them and find out more about their services on the phone first. Ensure that you ask the right questions that suffice your needs and requirements. Once you have decided that you will avail housekeeping services, arrange for a walk through of your home. And before they arrive, let them see your home in the usual state. Unlike others, do not make the mistake of cleaning your home before the walk through.

But, above all, before choosing any house cleaning service, decide if this decision of bringing in professional house cleaning service is right or wrong for your family. You should feel comfortable and safe about your home and belongings when given in the hands of unknown staff of housekeeping services. However, if you really hate the job of cleaning, then house cleaning service is for you.

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A Quick Wrap!

The task of keeping a home clean isn’t easy, and it requires high levels of determination and perseverance to have a clean home. Sure, keeping a clean home takes lot of work, but not a lot of work as anticipated. In order to have a clean home, it is pertinent to establish a few habits and repeat those habits on a daily basis. The logic is clear, the more you repeat these habits, the cleaner your home will get. If you have kids, ensure that the kids too are involved in the cleaning process. Teaching the kids to keep their home neat and clean should become an integral part of their growing up. This means that every week, get the whole family involved to vacuum, clean, and dust the entire home.

If you fancy a home that looks neat and clean consistently, start implementing good habits and see how your home becomes an epitome of cleanliness.

Have fun cleaning!

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