How to save electricity at home – 7 tips

The heating up of the Earth, the increasing of C02 emissions and the environmental pollution are the most important issues of humanity. The gradual depletion of the Earth’s energy resources takes many challenges for all of us. The energy crisis is becoming more urgent which not only threats world economic growth but also directly to peace and international security. Fossil energy sources – a precious gift of human nature are exhausted. Energy is limited and people are generating more demand for energy. If people do not save energy and have research solutions for the new energy, the energy crisis will occur.

Tips On How To Save Electricity At Home – Best Ways To Save Power At Home:

Energy is always a short and difficult problem for any country. Now most of the energy is generated from natural resources. For example, electricity is generated from water, coal, oil, gas… So if people do not save energy, it will lead to depletion of natural resources. How to use electricity efficiently is always a question putting on the top priority of many households as well as businesses and organizations.

Here are the numbers you should know to see the power using per month:

– If you turn on / off 21-inch TV with a capacity of 220W in 4 hours / day and turned off it by remote control, the power consumption is 5,4kWh / month.

– If you turn off the air conditioner 12.000BTU 1 hour earlier than usual, you save 21kWh / month.

– If you turn on / off a 40W fan 5h / day with a maximum speed, you will be charged more about 2kWh / month if comparing with the fan runs at the lowest level.

– If you use an iron as 750kW 10h / week, the electricity number you have to pay is 30kWh / month.

– If you turn on the radio in 3h, you lost 1,35kWh / month.

– Using a computer with 17-inch 120W 20h / week, the number you must pay is 9,5kWh / month.

Therefore, today we would like to share with readers some tips on how to save electricity at home:

1. Selecting The Device To Save Electricity

how to save electricity - selecting the device to save electricity

This is one of the most efficient tips on how to save electricity at home that people should know to save their money.

In fact, choosing devices that can save electricity to the best extend is a very useful tip and also very simple for people to apply. It will not take you too much time as long as you follow exactly some rules.

People should not use old electric equipment because most new generations have the capability of power saving. When selecting rotating electrical equipment such as pumps, electric fans, washing machines …, you should select more rungs engine speed or inverters to save electricity. With bulbs, you should use compact instead of incandescent bulb because it takes 3 to 4 times power consumption than compact.

2. Setting Electrical Equipment Scientific And Reasonable

how to save electricity - setting electrical equipment scientific and reasonable

This measure seems to be one of the best tips on how to save electricity at home that people should know to protect environment. This measure also contributes to power saving. For example: Pumps placed in appropriate locations at home will help your tank filled more quickly. All walls in door should be painted with bright colors to make use of natural light to save some of the light power.

Proper use of electrical equipment can not only help to save electricity but also protect the environment.

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3. Refrigerator

how to save electricity - refrigerator

You should limit opening cabinets to help take power. The temperature inside the refrigerator should be in mode 3 – 6 degree C. With frozen regime are from 15 to 18 degree. Just colder 10 degree C is consuming 25% more power. Besides, the refrigerator also should be cleaned more often and the door must be closed.  You should also regularly check rubber baskets, if it opens, compressors part of refrigerator compressors will have to work more leading to power consumption. The refrigerator should be placed away from the wall about 5 to 10 cm and away from heat sources. This method is very useful on how to save electricity at home that the reader should study and practice. Your fridge will consume a lot of electricity if you take the food hotter than normal temperature. You should arrange the food in the refrigerator neat and tidy and avoid too tight. The power source must be plugged in all day because if you disconnect the fridge, it will take time to connect again and consume a large amount of electricity. Knowing the ways to use fridge reasonably is the best tips on how to save electricity at home.

4. Air conditioner And Fan

how to save electricity - air conditioner and fan

You should let temperatures above 20 degrees C. Regularly cleaning the filter will save from 5 to 7% power. If you put the machine away from the wall you will save 20 to 25% energy. So you should turn off the air conditioner for 1 hour or more if you leave the room. Moreover, fan limitation of using is also the ways on how to save electricity at home. You should pay attention to area and structure of the room to arrange the fan reasonably. According to scientists, using a ceiling fan will save electricity than using multiple smaller fans. However, if your house can not use ceiling fans, table fans can be resort to. So we should not choose the motor structure, lightweight because it will heater and the performance will worse. Besides, the power consumption is also much more. Fan should be cleaned regularly. The fan is cleaned by giving oil into drive shaft and the new grease into the gearbox fan and checking the rated voltage of the device whether it is suitable for the mains voltage in your family or not … Remember to unplug the remote control of the fan after each time you use. Air conditional and fan are 2 home appliances that may take a lot of energy and electricity consumption so that you should use it reasonably and find the best way on how to save electricity at home.

5. Computers

how to save electricity - computers

If computer monitors have higher luminance and color, the consumption energy is higher. So turn off the computer if you do not tend to use within 15 minutes. You should select power saving mode of the computer (Save Screen) to both protect the machine and reduce just about 55% of power consumption during down-time. If you just use the sound from your computer like music, learning English, you can turn off the monitor if possible offline. When using a laptop, you use the energy from the battery to save energy rather than electricity used directly. You should only open your computer when you need to work and use. Take off completely when you are done, because the “sleep” still consumes energy. This is one of the significant tips you can do with your computer on how to save electricity at home.

6. Irons 

how to save electricity - irons

The first thing is that you shouldn’t use the irons in the room with the air conditioner, when the power flicked or clothes are wet. After off the power, you still probably iron two sets of clothes because ironing temperature is slowly decreasing. The type of iron with non-stick substances with power levels from 1000w to 1200w is the most appropriate because this type of irons is not only comfort but also help you save power consumption when ironing. Clean the metal surfaces of iron will help the irons are working more efficiently and limiting the adhesive material on the irons. Setting the appropriate temperature for each type of fabric is also one of the best tips on how to save electricity at home that people should know. You can collect many clothes to take use of the heat of the iron.

7. Televisions 

how to save electricity - televisions

You should not leave the screen in bright modes to help save power. Instead of using the remote control to turn off the TV, you should turn off by pressing a button on the machine. Do not watch TV while connecting to the video. Then, people always select appropriate TV size for your home area as large as for the television power. Choosing suitable television plays an important role on how to save electricity at home that all men and women should know.

Quick tips on how to save electricity at home when there is no need to use the devices

  • Make a habit to turn off all electrical appliances do not need to use before leaving home as lights, fans, air conditioner, computers, …
  • Do not connect the battery charger for electronic devices such as laptops, phones all day because they will make you spend a significant part of power there.
  • Unplug electrical appliances when there is no need to use as televisions, fans… This is the best ways on how to save electricity at home effectively.

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The article above contains simple and effective ways and tips on how to save electricity at home that you can learn and apply at home. They will be very effective and can help you save a considerable expense for electricity every month. Therefore, people who are trying to find out useful solutions for saving money on electricity use should make use of this article and the tips and tricks revealed inside as soon as possible for good.

The list today gathers 7 tips on how to save electricity at home that people should read this article on and other people concerning about this problem.

I hope that after reading the article about how to save electricity at home, you will be able to start your electricity saving plan right away at your own home. You should also spend time visiting our lifestyle page to learn how to fix some other problems in life. If you have any question, please leave your comments below. I promise that I will reply you as soon as possible.

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