12 Tips on how to save water at home

Water is an indispensable part of our life. It covers 70% of the earth in which only 3 % is clean and usable. It is necessary to save water for many reasons. Water conservation plays an important part in protecting environment. In addition, water conservation can help you save money. In general, saving water is to protect yourself and your beloved ones. Therefore, on Vkool, I want to share with you some ways on how to save water at home. I hope that they will give you more useful information.

 How To Save Water At Home With 12 Simple Tips

1. Save The Water From Taps

how to save water -save the water from taps

Remember that while you are doing such things: brushing teeth, washing face, hands, and dishes and even showering, you should turn off the faucets or taps to save water. For example, when bathing, after getting wet, you should turn off the tap during soaping up. It is better to install a twist valve to save water. When waiting for hot water to shower, cold water coming out of the faucet should be contained in a bucket for watering plants and pouring into toilet reservoir. It is found sediment and rust in hot water tank compared with cold water tank; however it is suitable for drinking. With a water filter, the saved water can be filtered and put in bottles for drinking.

2. Check The Plumping For Leaks

how to save water -check the plumping for leaks

The first thing you need to do is spend time to check the condition of water tank, pumping, faucets in the kitchen, bathroom, toilets and other places. Make sure that water system functions well. The periodical inspection of water system can help you detect water leakage and malfunctioning water line and fix them timely. It also helps reduce the monthly expenses for the amount of leaked water. Moreover, the leakage can result in many consequences such as moldy wall and the limited life span of related equipment. A suggestion for you to discover the leakage is to close all the water equipment and check the meter within 2 hours. It is one of the effective ways on how to save water at home that you should pay due attention to.

3. Take Short Showers

how to save water -take short showers

You should cut down the showering time by challenging yourself and taking a timer in the bathroom. Taking showers takes less water than bathing. Moreover, taking shower is better for health. It can help you relax and reduce stress.  While you need 100 liters of water for taking bath, showering just accounts a third of the amount this. It is better to install a valve behind the shower head. This kind of valve is cheap and easy to install. You can turn off water by this valve while soaping up.

4. Install Low-Flow Shower Heads And Faucets / Faucets Aerators

how to save water -install low-flow shower heads and faucets, faucets aerators

Here is one of the important tips on how to save water that you should apply. You should install this kind of device to adjust the amount of water instead of directly discharging. It is not only convenient but also economical. You can save up to a half of the amount of using water.

5. Use Toilet Appropriately

how to save water -use toilet appropriately

Try to flush the toilet as less as possible. Don’t change your toilet into the trashcan. Every time you flush to remove small things such as snipe, toilet paper, you may waste about 25-35 liters.

6. Replace A Washing Machine With A High-Efficiency Washer

how to save water -replace a washing machine with a high-efficiency washer

Using the high-efficiency washers is one of the methods on how to save water. Usually, the old style washer consumes about 40 to 45 gallons / load; meanwhile the high-efficiency washer is just using about 15-30 gallons / load. In average, it can help you to save 11 400 to 34000 liters.

7. Wash Full Laundry / Dish Loads

how to save water -wash full laundry - dish loads

You should not wash a load just because you need to wear the next day. Try to wait to have a full load of clothes. By this way, you can save water and electricity. Remember to use the economy mode. And it is same to dishwashers.

8. Do Less Laundry

how to save water -do less laundry

Producing less laundry, of course, helps you save time as well as tear on fabrics. Here are some suggestions for you to do less laundry. For instance, after taking a shower, you can dry towels by hanging them and use them several times between your washings. You should change underwear and socks daily but can wear outside clothing more than one. It can be considered as the way to declutter your life.

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9. Install A Water Meter

how to save water -install a water meter

With the installation of water meter, you may find down the actual amount of using water. It will encourage your awareness in using water and reducing the water consumption. Try to learn to read a water meter to detect the leaks. For example, after the first reading, you should wait for 2 hours without running water, and then read again. If you see the movement, it means that leakage is happening.

10. Care Your Lawn In A More Water-Efficient Manner

how to save water - care your lawn in a more water-efficient manner

You should only water the water needed area in the appropriate time. Using a trigger nozzle or watering can is the best way to save water. In addition, when it rains, you can use a tank or bucket to catch the rain to water for the next time. The appropriate time for watering the garden and lawn is the night because water can gradually soak into without evaporation from the heat. There is one way to water deeply with minimum water by using the drip irrigation or micro sprinklers.

11. Wash Your Car On The Lawn

how to save water -wash your car on the lawn

It is better to use a bucket / trigger nozzle hose to wash your car. To save more water, you should buy waterless spray and wipe car products but cost you much money. Don’t wash car when it collects a little dust & dirt. It is recommended to wash car at car wash instead of at home because washing at home may use much water then car wash. In addition, using environmentally friendly cleansers can help you reuse the waste water to water the lawn.

I have just recommended you 11 tips on how to save water at home. I hope that those tips will be useful for you in saving water as well as financial budget. If you have any questions or suggestions, please leave your comments below and join the discussion. I am willing to respond to you as soon as possible.

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