How to maintain a healthy heart and prevent disease naturally

Heart disease includes different condition that can affect on the heart like irregular heartbeat, cardiovascular disease, heart infections, weak heart muscles, congenital heart defects, heart valve problems are becoming the most common anxiety of many people. A lot of people die from heart disease every year. It may begin early if you dont have any method to prevent. Or you also can have a healthy heart if you can keep your healthy lifestyle to protect against it. However, what should you do to maintain a healthy heart and prevent heart disease naturally? Is it difficult to do?

How To Maintain A Healthy Heart And Prevent Heart Disease – 12 Natural Tips To Get A Better Lifestyle

The answer is that it is really easy as long as you are patient following these methods. How to maintain a healthy heart and prevent heart disease is mainly from keeping your healthy lifestyle. It means that you must give up all your bad habits that can affected on your heart and cause the serious heart diseases. You should turn the following good actions into your good daily habits so as to make your life better, including:

1. Give Up Smoking:

how to maintain a healthy heart-give up smoking

Smoking is one of the most common reasons that can lead to heart diseases like coronary heart disease and other diseases like blood pressure. Smoking also reduces your resistance of your body and can lead to some cancers such as lungs cancer, at the same time, decreases your good cholesterol levels in your body. A study found that the people who are exposed to the smoke can lead to the increase of heart problems from 56 to 69 percent. If you are addicted to tobacco, the best way on how to maintain a healthy heart and prevent heart disease for you is to give up smoking immediately. According to some studies, the risk of heart diseases can be decreased to a half that of a smoker after one or more year of giving up smoking. However, it is really not easy to give up. You can talk to your doctor about how to quit smoking effectively.

2. Stay Active:

how to maintain a healthy heart-stay active

Getting active is another way for your healthy heart. Doing exercises with aerobic activity is a good idea to maintain your healthy heart as well as a healthy body. Or you also can try with yoga that is considered a good exercise for preventing many diseases including heart diseases at the same time, help you relax much more, improve your mood, boost the quality of your sleep and your energy level, and control the stress as well. If you like more active exersises, you can try jogging or something like that. In order to do that, you have to spend at least 30 minutes to do exercises on about 5 days per week. Follow this action regularly; you will possess an extremely good heart to prevent many diseases including heart problems.

3. Control Your Weight:

how to maintain a healthy heart-control your weight

Overweight is also one of the common causes that lead to heart disease, blood pressure, obesity…. Maintaining your healthy weight will help decrease the risk of heart problems. There are many ways on how to maintain a healthy weight. A good and healthy diet for you should be included a lot of vegetables and fruit, low-fat foods. Your diet can be combined with physical activity to get the best result.

4. Eat Oily Fish:

how to maintain a healthy heart-eat oily fish

Oily fish is known as a great source of omega-3 fatty acids that can help protect against many heart problems, blood pressure, and the buildup of plaque in the arteries. Some fishes are recommended including salmon, fresh tuna, sardines, mackerel. However, you only should eat oily fish about two times a week in order to make sure that your body can absorb all the necessary nutrition best.

5. Limit Drinking Alcohol:

how to maintain a healthy heart-limit drinking alcohol

A little alcohol a day can be good for your heart. It is true only when the women drink 1 glass a day and the men with 2 glasses a day. However, if you overuse alcohol, it can contribute to make your body be worse; more seriously, it causes heart failure, blood pressure. It is also the cause that leads to put on weight quickly for about 2 weeks if you enjoy a drink combined with gin and tonic. In case you cannot limit the alcohol intake, you can ask your doctor for healthy advice.

6. Know Your Heart Health Numbers:

how to maintain a healthy heart-know your heart health numbers

All the index numbers including good cholesterol (HDL), bad cholesterol (LDL), total cholesterol, body mass index, weight, blood pressure, triglycerides have affected on your heart. So, you need to know all these of index numbers so that you can have a suitable action to manage it well. Thereby, you can maintain your healthy heart so as to prevent the heart problems and other serious diseases like diabetes, blood pressure. A regular healthy test is necessary to know well and control your index numbers effectively.

7. Try The Nuts And Plant Sterols:

how to maintain a healthy heart-try the nuts and plant sterols

Most of nuts are very rich in omega-3 fatty acids that can help reduce inflammation in the heart arteries, thereby help your heart function better and longer. Some nuts like almonds, macamadia, peanuts are very high in plant sterols that can help to reduce LDL cholesterol in your body. Sterols mainly contain in plant foods, especially in unrefined oils like olive oil, nut, vegetable or in some foods such as spreads, juices, yoghurt, milk. Adding nuts and plant sterols contributes considerably to maintain your healthy heart and prevent heart problems effectively.

8. Reduce Your salt:

how to maintain a healthy heart-reduce your salt

Reducing your salt intake are good for high blood pressure, one of the main factors for heart disease. Hence, how to maintain a healthy heart and prevent heart disease also includes reducing your salt intake to lower your blood pressure. You can use herbs to cook instead of using salt. Less than 2.3 grams or one teaspoon of salt per day is the best to maintain your healthy heart.

9. Control Your Diet:

how to maintain a healthy heart-control your diet

A good diet with a lot of fruits and vegetables will be very helpful for your heart. There are many researches showed that a good diet plays an important role in how to maintain a healthy heart and prevent heart disease. Some excellent foods for heart are berries high in flavonoids that help to lower the buildup of plaque as well as provide other cardiovascular benefits; flaxseed full of omega 3 fatty acids good for reducing the total blood cholesterol levels in your body as well as other diseases like diabetes, stroke, heart diseases; Vitamin-C-rich foods with cardiovascular benefits as lowering blood pressure and boosting the immune system ; so do tomatoes and veggies.

10. Control Your Cholesterol Levels And Blood Pressure: 

how to maintain a healthy heart-control your cholesterol levels and blood pressure

High cholesterol levels and high blood pressure are the main causes that lead to heart disease. For your cholesterol levels, you should know about bad cholesterol (LDL) and good cholesterol (HDL) well and have a particular plan to lower bad cholesterol and improve good cholesterol levels. So does your blood pressure. For both of them, you should have a regular healthy test to manage it effectively.

11. Avoid Products Contain Chemicals: 

how to maintain a healthy heart-avoid products contain chemicals

Most of canned products contain chemicals that have bad influence on your body in general and your heart in particular. The chemicals in canned products can be one of the common reasons cause cancers, blood pressure and heart disease. So, avoiding canned products also helps to keep your heart healthy. You should eat natural foods to get a healthy heart and body to against the disease.

12. Reduce Stress: 

how to maintain a healthy heart-reduce stress

Stress is the most common cause for many diseases including heart disease, blood pressure, cholesterol levels. If you are facing with stress, you need to deal with it immediately. Some people often use the bad methods to cope with such as smoking, drinking or eating much more. All these action can make your stressful situation become more serious and have bad influence on your body. In this case, you should find out other healthy ways to cope with stress effectively without affecting on your body. Some healthy ways you can use including relaxation, finding new pressure, doing exercises.

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Here are 12 tips on how to maintain a healthy heart and prevent disease naturally that we want to share with you. Most of them are linked to your habits. Hence, it is rather easy for you to follow as long as you are patient of giving up all your bad habits and adding the above good habits. After a time, your heart health will be better considerably. And the last, you can write your idea or question about this topic in the following form of this post. We will reply for you soon.

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