How to fight allergies to dogs naturally – 7 tips

how to fight allergies

US is the home of the number of dogs, according to American Veterinary Medical Association. While dogs and cats remain as the four-legged loyal friends of people, they also become the trigger of pet allergies which have exasperating symptoms such as wheezing and sneezing. Therefore, it is important to know the ways on how to fight allergies to dogs naturally when you want to keep your dogs as your friends.

How To Fight Allergies To Dogs Naturally – Tips That You Should Not Ignore

how to fight allergies

Dog allergies are one of the pet allergies which are caused by exposing to many animals such as ferrets, dogs, cats, birds and hamsters. It brings the danger and exasperating symptom for susceptible people. The danger exists not only in animal’s hair but also in their flaky and dandruff-like. Chiu, who is the professor of pediatrics and medicine, said that whether severe allergies or peanut allergies, it is protein substance that is the factor you react to. Protein which causes allergies is called allergens. Allergens are found in pet’s saliva and urine. The reason why many people do not touch the animals but still develop the allergy symptoms may be that these proteins are airborne and ubiquitous. Like seasonal allergies, patients with dog allergies may suffer from sneezing, itchy throat, runny eyes and nasal congestion as well as coughing, wheezing. The symptoms of dog allergies vary from mild to severe. The pet allergies are not inherited from parents to children. It means that not everyone in family can be vulnerable to pet allergies. When your parents experience pet allergies, you may or may not get ones.

Because people with other allergies or asthma face the higher chance of developing dog allergies, you will feel lonely in your family. However, there are a lot of ways on how to fight allergies to dogs naturally you can do to get rid of exasperating symptoms and I would like to introduce to readers on If you do not have dog allergies, please visit the doctor to get diagnosed and have treatments.

1. Keep Your Bed Room Clean: 

how to fight allergies

It is the first tip on how to fight allergies that you should not ignore. By making your bedroom become a pet-free sanctuary, the decrease of risk for dogs allergies can be seen. The possible explanation may be that you are reducing the level of allergens. Another solution you can do is buying a special bedding which is designed with permeable to allergens.

2. Clean Your Room Regularly: 

how to fight allergies

Cleaning your room regularly is also as important as keeping your bed room clean. Hair, dust, flaky and dandruff-like may exist in sofa surfaces and other furniture in your room. Therefore, as the second step on how to fight allergies naturally, you should collect and remove pet’s hair and flaky by using duct tape or hair brushes. The places where your dogs rest need cleaning the most. However, it is important to remember that using damp dusting can keep the allergens from blowing into the air. Especially, you also need to sweep the door frequently because door contains many allergens which can affect you.

3. Keep A Dog That Has Less Fur: 

how to fight allergies

As I mentioned before, two main causes of dog allergies and asthma are urine and saliva which exists in pet’s fur. Therefore, a dog with less fur will have less chance of developing allergies. Moreover, when you consider buying a dog, it is suggested that you should by a male dog instead of a female. The reason may be that males usually produce more allergens than females. And neutered males will affect you less than intact males. Talking about fur’s color, you should choose dark dogs rather than lighter dogs because color is also the factor that influence the risk of developing allergies.

4. Bath Your Dog Regularly: 

how to fight allergies

The less you take care of your dog, the more chance you will have to get diagnosed with dog allergies. Therefore, asking how to fight allergies to dogs, you should keep your dog clean as possible as you can. You can groom your dog regularly at home. If you are allergic to dogs, you can have a groomer do it for you. It is recommended that bathing your dog at least 2-3 times a week can reduce allergens. And it is the best idea to spray a dog with allergen reduction product after regular bathing.

5. Keep Your Dog In The Safe Zone: 

how to fight allergies

With people who are allergic with dogs, the advice on how to fight allergies naturally is keeping your dog in the safe zone. It means you should not let your cat enter your bedroom or other places where you use most of the time. Always keep the door shut. By doing that, it will create the habit for dogs.

6. Do Not Try Bring Your Dog Close To You: 

how to fight allergies

It is the compulsory tip on how to fight allergies. However, some people who love dogs and are the fans of dogs may do unhelpful things. It is important to aware that you are allergic. Therefore, keep your dog far away from you as possible as you can. Do not pet your dogs. The protein in saliva will trigger some severe allergies. By avoiding contact with the dog, you will naturally decrease the amount of allergens that can affect you. If you pet your dog, please wash your hand immediately with soap. Another bad habit is to kiss your dogs. If you want to be safe, please do not do these things.

7. Allergy Shot May Help: 

how to fight allergies

If you like a dog or your children love keeping them in their house, you should consider allergy shot as the way on how to fight allergies. Allergy shot will help you to release antibodies that fight against allergic factors and keep you from reaction when you get exposed to dogs.

These are 7 ways on how to fight allergies that I want to introduce to you. I hope that you will find the good ways to keep your dogs around you without allergic reaction. If you have any information or opinion to share with me and other readers, please leave it bellow. Thank you for reading.

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