28 Useful Ways On How To Treat A Hoarse Voice Fast And Naturally

how to treat a hoarse voice from cold

How To Prevent A Hoarse Voice?

Your voice might be hoarse if you sing, yell, or talk for a long time. A hoarse voice means that your voice gets change and you cannot have smooth vocal sounds as usual. Your voice will change in volume and pit and people at every age can get this problem. Some reasons of a hoarse voice are allergies, alcoholic beverages, smoking, living in dry places, coughing, GERD, laryngitis, throat cancer, sore throat, etc. In this article, VKool.com will show you top 28 useful tips and tricks how to treat a hoarse voice naturally and effectively at home. The writing is for informational purpose only, so you should go to see the doctor if the problem lasts long.

What Is Hoarse Voice?

Many people have a hoarse voice in nature but many have it as the change in their voice. The hoarse voice consists of the changes in pitch and volume that can range from a weak and raspy voice to deep and harsh voice. [1]

What Causes A Hoarse Voice?

A hoarse voice is caused by many causes. In general, the condition is caused by the injury to or irritation of the vocal cords. In fact, the larynx, also known as the voice box, is belonged to the respiratory tract that contains the vocal cords. The vocal cords are 2 bands of muscle forming a “V” shape inside the larynx and when you speak or sing, the vocal cords vibrate and create sound. [2]

Another common cause of a hoarse voice is acute laryngitis also known as inflammation of the vocal cords that is caused by an upper respiratory tract infection in common or by the overuse or misuse of your voice such as singing or yelling.

The causes of a hoarse voice are listed as below:

  • Allergies
  • Benign vocal cord nodules, polyps or cysts
  • Smoking
  • Inhalation of respiratory tract irritants,
  • Gastroesophageal reflux (GERD)
  • Trauma to the larynx/vocal cords
  • Thyroid problems
  • Neurological conditions (possibly Parkinson’s disease and strokes)
  • Cancer of the larynx.

28 Useful Ways On How To Treat A Hoarse Voice Fast And Naturally

1. Ginger

Ginger is one of the best ingredients used in natural ways on how to treat a hoarse voice. The reason is that it can soothe the mucous around the voice box and eliminate the inflammation causing the hoarseness. This ingredient can prevent the infections quite effectively and you can use some ways with ginger for healing the hoarseness as below:

Method 1: Eat some fresh ginger slices (optimally add some lemon juice or salt for better taste) to get rid of a hoarse voice shortly

Method 2:

  • Prepare a tablespoon of chopped ginger
  • Add it into a cup of hot water and simmer for 10 minutes
  • Strain and add some honey
  • Drink the tea for 3 times each day.

Method 3: Eat some ginger candies to get rid of the problem quickly.

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2. Honey

Honey is not only a healthy food for human health but is also one of the ways on how to treat a hoarse voice. In fact, this ingredient can soothe and help deal with irritated throat and decrease inflammation caused by the hoarseness. And honey can be used to deal with the hoarseness as below:

Method 1: Eat a tablespoon of organic honey for several times daily in order to moisturize your throat and treat a hoarse voice naturally.

Method 2: Mix a pinch of black pepper powder and some tablespoons of honey in a cup of warm water then drink the mixture several times a day.

Method 3: Mix basil juice with some honey to eat 3 times each day.

3. Apple Cider Vinegar

how to treat a hoarse voice - apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is also listed as one of the ways on how to treat a hoarse voice effectively at home. In order to get comfort and reduce pain from a hoarse voice, you should use apple cider vinegar into daily diets. It is because this ingredient has the antimicrobial property that can treat laryngitis and get rid of infection very well. [4]

Here are e methods on how to treat a hoarse voice with apple cider vinegar:

Method 1: Mix a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar in a cup of water and drink it several times daily

Method 2: Combine some water with apple cider vinegar to gargle twice per day.

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4. Salt Water

You may have known that salt water is a useful remedy for a sore throat as well as a hoarse voice. In fact, the ingredient can restore your voice to usual and get rid of mucus and reduce throat irritation successfully due to its antiseptic property that can prevent infection in the throat well.

All the things you need to do on how to treat a hoarse voice are putting a teaspoon of salt into a cup of warm water stirring well and gargling it 2-3 times each day.

5. Steam

Steam is another method on how to treat a hoarse voice you should know. Dryness in the throat might cause your voice raspy and hoarse, which in turn leads to a hoarse voice. It is advised to steam at home to get comfort from the solution. Some essential oils should be added to get quickly effective results. [5]


  • Add some thyme, chamomile, lavender essential oils into boil some water
  • Use a towel to cover your head and inhale the steam
  • Do it twice every day
  • Additionally, take a warm bath every day to moist the throat and clear a hoarse voice.

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6. Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne pepper is considered a natural home remedy on how to treat a hoarse voice. Cayenne pepper can alleviate throat infection, reduce swelling, pain, and soothe the irritated throat. [6] And if you want to catch the details, you should follow these directions:

Method 1: Combine a tablespoon of honey, with a teaspoon of the cayenne pepper powder and eat the mixture every day

Method 2: Combine some lemon juice with a teaspoon of cayenne pepper with a cup of warm water and drink it every day.

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7. Lemon

Lemon is a perfect ingredient used on how to treat a hoarse voice you should know. This ingredient can moisturize your throat and reduce inflammation, soreness. Lemon is high in vitamin C that can control the growth of throat infection.

You can follow one of the methods below:

Method 1: Combine some lemon juice, honey, with a glass of lukewarm water and sip it for several times per day

Method 2: Add some lemon juice into a glass of warm water and gargle it twice per day (add some salt to this mixture if you want)

Method 3: Sprinkle the pepper, salt, and lemon and lick it slowly to get the highest result.

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8. Garlic

Garlic is not only a common spice in your kitchen but also an ingredient used on how to treat a hoarse voice. The reason is that it can relieve your inflammation, pain, and support the healing process. You can follow either of the 2 below methods:

Method 1: Cut a garlic clove in half and put each half of the clove in your mouth, suck on the juice to increase healing and slow down the irritation.

Method 2: Add some garlic oil into a cup of warm water to gargle twice daily.

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9. Slippery Elm

how to treat a hoarse voice - slippery elm

Another natural way on how to treat a hoarse voice is slippery elm. Among helpful herbs for your voice, slippery elm is highly recommended because it can cut out hoarseness and the mucous efficaciously[7]. You can use slippery elm for the condition with 2 methods below:

Method 1:

  • Mix some tablespoons of slippery elm powder in some cups of hot water.
  • Steep it for 5 minutes.
  • Drink the liquid for several times per day.

Method 2: Use slippery elm lozenges.

Note: Pregnant women should not use slippery elm.

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10. Remove Infection Of Croup Around Vocal Cord

A viral infection on or around the vocal cords is considered one of the causes of hoarseness. If you have a hoarse voice, this could be the viral infection around the vocal cords. Moreover, if you are difficult in both breathing and coughing when they sound like a barking seal, the infection of croup may be occurring making your voice hoarse. [8]

This kind of infection often occurs during winter seasons and is associated with the viruses causing cold such as adenovirus and parainfluenza. Allergies can also cause swelling around the vocal cords.

Children under the 3 years old are more likely to have the viral infection in the larynx when they are still in the development stages with a smaller respiratory system as well. So, if your children have any symptoms of hoarseness, removing viruses that cause cold is necessary on how to treat a hoarse voice.

11. Roasted Grams

Another way on how to treat a hoarse voice is roasted gram. This ingredient can reduce hoarseness and soothe the irritated throat efficiently. Simply, you can eat a handful of roasted grams followed by a cup of warm water before sleeping at night to get the better relief.

12. Onion

Onion is an excellent food for health and is also really helpful for your sore throat or hoarseness. To use it for a hoarse voice, you can follow the direction as below:

  • Cut some onions and put them in a vessel including water
  • Boil the water until it is syrupy
  • Strain and add some tablespoons in a cup of lukewarm water
  • Add some lemon juice and honey to taste
  • Drink the juice to relieve the hoarse voice
  • Drink it at least twice daily
  • Additionally, use onion to make delicious dishes.

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13. Turmeric

Being high in antibacterial property, turmeric is a helpful ingredient to eliminate viral and bacterial infections in your throat. In addition, turmeric has the antiseptic property that can stimulate the healing process quickly, which makes it ideal for dealing with a hoarse voice.[9]

Method 1: Add some turmeric powder in a cup of hot milk and drink it twice daily

Method 2: Add turmeric into your daily diets to get its benefits for health and for treating a hoarse voice.

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