Professional Hair Care Advice For You To Be Stylish

professional hair care

As you see we need to learn about hair care to have healthy and stylish hair. And hair experts know exactly what you need to enjoy your hair. For this, you should learn professional hair care from hair experts. In this writing on VKool site, we are going to reveal top professional hair care advice for you to be stylish. Read and apply these proven tips and you will be more confident with your hair.

Professional Hair Care Advice For You

I. Professional Hair Styling Tips

1. Calming Bang Cowlicks

An effective technique to deal with cowlicks at your bang area is to dry your bangs forward with a round or vent brush and your cowlick area can be weighted down. Another tip is to create a hairstyle, which incorporates your cowlick into a style, thereby create lift at your cowlick. You can use hair styling tools that support any styling technique.

2. Curling Iron Styling

professional hair care

When it comes to hair care advice, consider styling your hair with curling iron. If you have long hair and want to create a curly hair style, style with a good curling iron. To keep your hair hold longer, try spraying a little hairspray before you start styling your hair.

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3. Styling With Hot Rollers

professional hair care

Instead of using a curling iron, you can use hot rollers that keep your curly hair hold longer, too. Remember to use hairspray before styling your hair with hot rollers. Take the first hair section and comb the hair smooth, then spray with a hairspray and twist the hair section before you wrap it on a roller. This process gives a spiral look to the curls. When the rollers have cooled down, take out the rollers, then spray with a hairspray. Next, turn your head upside down, and run the fingers through your curly hair.

4. Styling With Hair Splits At Crown Area

professional hair care

Next to professional hair care, learn to style your hair at the crown area. If you often style your hair at crown area, you may have hair splits at this area. This hair problem can be solved by utilizing the right techniques and choosing the right styling tools. Avoid drying your hair flat to the head since it may magnify the hair split in crown area. Instead of that, use a round or vent brush to lift your hair from the scalp. If your hair sticks up at crown area when you have short hair, grow your hair longer. Understand that the weight of your hair can weight down your crown cowlick.

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5. Using A Brush & Blowdryer To Turn 1 Length Hair Under

professional hair care

After you dry your hair 70 percent dry, use a rounded vent brush or round brush to dry your hair under. Next, use a hairspray and directly spray on the ends of hair after the brush turned under your hair. You should aim the blow dryer at your hair, which should be in your brush for about 15 seconds, then let your hair cool for about 5 to 10 seconds, then remove the brush. Next, turn off the dryer. An important factor is to spray your hair, then use a blow-dryer set as hot as the temperature of a curling iron. Let your hair cool before you remove the brush. You should repeat the process until all of your hair dries under.

6. Bedhead Style

professional hair care

You’ve woke up? This is a sexy message from the bedhead style. Do you know how to create that sexy look and tease the hair along the hair shaft? You can use this technique to a random section of your hair or your entire hair for a laid back look. Remember to apply a lotion along your hair shaft before styling it.

II. Professional Hair Color Tips

1. Underlying Color & Artificial Color

professional hair care

When it comes to professional hair care advice, pay attention to use hair colors. Get clear about levels of hair color so that you can choose and mix the right colors for your hair style.

1- Black

2 – Very Dark Brown

3 – Dark Brown

4 – Brown

5 – Medium Brown

6 – Light Brown

7 – Dark Blonde

8 – Light Blonde

9 – Very Light Blonde

10 – Light Platium Blonde

2. Types Of Hair Color

professional hair care

  • Temporary: The color that lasts from the first shampoo to the next one and it’s deposited on the outside of hair shaft.
  • Semi-Temporary: The color that lasts up to about 4 to 6 shampoos; and it does not contain ammonia and developer.
  • Demi-Permanent: The color that contains little ammonia or does not contain ammonia, and it utilizes low peroxide developer (about under 10 vol.); plus it can last 6 weeks and fades back to natural hair shade
  • Semi-Permanent: The color that contains a certain amount of ammonia and it uses a developer of about 10 – 20 vol.
  • Permanent: The color formulas change of natural hair color and requires maintenance to new hair after about 4 – 6 weeks.

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3. How It Works

professional hair care

Before the permanent color is deposited into your hair cuticle, shaft or outer layer, it has to be opened. Then, the insoluble formula can react with the middle layer for depositing or removing the color. The color can be available in different forms; gels, tubes, shampoos and creams. These won’t change your hair color permanently until they’re part of reaction of oxidation chemical.

The Oxidizing Developer or Agent is hydrogen peroxide that can stay in various strengths and forms. It’s the cause of chemical reaction that can allow the formula to alter your hair color permanently. The strength of developer can be determined by manufacturer’s directions and desired results.

  • 10 Volume: The color that deposits with just slight lightening
  • 20 Volume: The maximum color that deposits for white or gray hair with lightening
  • 30 Volume: The strong lightening action (less color) that deposits
  • Bleaching Boosters: You can add bleaching boosters to increase lifting action. But, remember to consult the instructions from the manufacturer. Too many colors and too much developer may not create good highlights, and they may fade more quickly.

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4. Color & Highlight Care Tips & Techniques

professional hair care
Color treated hair is essential for all hair types. Learn the following professional hair care advice to maintain your hair health and keep it stylish!

– Wet the hair with bottled water before entering into a chlorine pool. This can dilute harsh chemicals in the pool

– Protect your hair from the sun: wearing scarves, using hats, wearing sunscreens for your hair to protect it from color fade and drying effects of sunlight

– Use leave-in conditioners that contain sunscreens, especially when you are on the beach

– Wash your hair gently with color treated shampoos

– Condition your hair regularly with intensive hair conditioners for restoring the vital moisture of your hair as well as luster to your color-treated hair

– Focus on color enhancing hair conditioners

– Avoid wrapping in towel turbans when getting out of a shower with your wet hair

– Avoid brushing your hair when it’s wet

– Comb your hair with wide-tooth combs

– Avoid overdrying your hair

– Use care when you style your hair by using styling appliances, using thermal protectant for a protection

– Don’t use aggressive manipulation of your hair

– Use hair spritz or hairspray with sunscreens and moisturizers

– Avoid spraying some lightening developer or agents

– Don’t apply lemon juice in the hair

– Use the best source of hair care products, service and choose professional hair stylish

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III. Hair Accessories Styling Tips

1. Define Your Style With The Perfect Hair Accessory

professional hair care

Before styling your hair, learn to define your face shape and style first when it comes to professional hair care tips.

Hair accessories are must-have fashion pieces for your best dressed celebrities, and those who want to define their style. In other words, hair accessories you chose can make a statement about your lifestyle and create things that all of us want.

Start by defining your hair style like a modern girl, a sweet girl or a rebellious girl, then you will find the right accessories for your hair that also fit your clothes and your face. Keep reading to discover hair accessories styling ideas below!

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2. Hair Accessory Ideas

professional hair care

Kick up any casual outfit with a patent leather, Swarovski crystals

or headband in silk. When it comes to great hair style with no effort, headbands can be time-savers. Headbands are as common as they were used in the 60s. Hair accessorize with a headband can turn your boring outfit into great things straight off a catwalk.

Now, talk about essential hair accessories. As a woman, you might use ponytail holders once or more. This is essential when you are in the gym or have a bad hair time. Moreover, you can look differently with hair accessories that made of different materials from plastic, wood to metals.

You may love fresh designs of Fance-Luxe or Curved-s pony with vibrant colors or mental petals of Mod pony or Orchid pony in animal-print or eometric designs…all of them are irresistible.

Many handcrafted accessories for hair such as Michelle Roy flower clips and Mei Fa hair styx are very hot, too. There unique designs make them attractive to dress up and down. Brides love to accessorize their hair with these beautiful hair accessories.

In short, hair accessories are making a major affect on our fashion scene. The accessory selection will never end though they are expensive. For hair accessory lovers, they can update their hair accessory collection in each new season. There are different online accessory stores that can help them easily choose products they like to wear. When it comes to professional hair care, don’t forget to choose some hair accessories for your hair style, even your hair is short.

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IV. Hair Styling Tools

1. Professional Styling Tools Of The Trade

professional hair care

Among important professional hair care tips, don’t forget to choose the right hair styling tools wisely.

Many people complaint that they couldn’t achieve their desire look as they thought before going to a styling salon. In fact, there are different factors affecting this issue. Perhaps, the stylish is not skillful and professional so that they couldn’t give your desire hair style. Also, it’s due to the hair products that are not good for your hair health. Maybe, it is because the stylish use low-quality or styling tools and perform wrong techniques.

To get your hair style created perfectly, find the right hair salon, choose the right stylist and ask him or her to choose right tools to style your hair professionally.

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2. Mechanical Tools

professional hair care

When it comes to professional hair care advice, consider using good mechanical tools as follows:

  • Good brushes
  • High-quality blow dryer with the right setting
  • Wide -toothed combs for detangling while your hair is wet
  • Board brushes for straight hair
  • Hot rollers or steam rollers
  • Curling iron

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3. Liquid Tools

professional hair care

Next, you should also pay attention to choosing liquid tools for your hair, including:

  • “Working” hairspray
  • “Finishing” hair spray
  • Glossers
  • Thermal protectors (if blowing dry or using styling irons)
  • Gel, foam, liquid gel, spray gel, etc

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