18 different uses for cucumbers are exposed: beauty & household

uses for cucumbers

Cucumbers are a vegetable with many uses in both cooking, household and beauty. These members of the gourd family are a flavorful, healthy addition to salads and are usually served along with spicy Asian dishes to help in cooling off the dinner’s palate. A lot of people make pickled cucumbers as a side dish with a mixture of sugar and salt or preserve in brine for the later use. In fact, the uses of cucumbers extend to skin care, from assisting in reducing the swelling of puffy eyes to serving as a natural ingredient in facial masks. Even, some people recommend using cucumbers to shine shoes and clean bathrooms as household uses.

However, perhaps, the most important use of cucumbers is in food preparation. After eating, skin care is other main uses of this vegetable. To understand how beneficial cucumbers are for your daily life, check out the list below – from VKool.com!

18 Uses For Cucumbers – From Beauty, Health To Household

1. You can use cucumbers to enjoy taking cooling bath in summer with the help of Epsom salt along with fresh mint and floral essential oil. In one tub of lukewarm warm water, you add 2 cups of Epsom salt and stir in 1 cucumber sliced, a small amount of torn peppermint leaves and the optional 3 drops of your favorite essential oil. Then, soak your body into the bath and enjoy.

uses for cucumbers review

2. Among uses for cucumbers, soothing puffy eyes might be the most appreciated ones, which is also the oldest trick in beauty care. The high content of water in cucumbers can hydrate the tender skin in the eye region, while the chill of a refrigerated cucumber can help in contracting blood vessels in the area – the two effects can help decrease swelling. In order to use cucumbers as a natural eye remedy, you should grab a cold cucumber from the fridge and cut two thick slices of it. After that, set the slices of cucumbers over your closed eyes for 15 minutes or so. That way, you will relax your eyes naturally.

3. Cucumbers are also used for making a toner. This formula can work for all types of skin. If you ever wake up and feel like your own face is rather puffy, then by using this toner you can calm and tighten your skin.

Prepare ½ cucumber which is peeled and chopped, 3 tablespoons of witch hazel, and 2 tablespoons of distilled water. After that, combine these ingredients in the blender and blend well it smooth. Next, pour that mixture through a sieve to eliminate all the solids before pouring the toner into one clean bottle with the tight-fitting lid. If you cannot use this toner once, you should store it in the fridge for a longer shelf life – about a few weeks.

To use this toner, use a cotton ball to apply it onto your facial skin.

uses for cucumbers

4. Cucumbers are also used in natural facial masks. The first recipe of face masks with cucumbers is avocado cucumber facial mask. Combine ½ cup of each of chopped cucumber and chopped avocado, 1 egg white and 2 teaspoons of powdered milk. Then, blend all of them together till they become a paste-like, smooth consistency. You can use this mask instantly or store it in the refrigerator for about 1 hour before using. When using, massage the mask onto your face and neck as well using circular upward motions. Wait for 30 minutes before rinsing it off with cool water. Pat dry.

The second recipe using cucumber is yogurt cucumber face mask which is good for combination skin. Mix ½ cucumber chopped with 1 tablespoon of natural/plain yogurt. Then, puree the cucumber in one blender and mix in the prepared yogurt. After that, apply the mixture over both your face and neck. Wait for 15 minutes before washing it off with warm water followed by a splash of the cold water.

The third recipe is cucumber face mask for removing blemishes, which uses a chunk of cucumber, one drop of the rosemary essential oil and one egg white. Then, whizz cucumber in the blender till it becomes liquid. Next, add rosemary essential oil. At the same time, whisk the egg white till stiff and fold in the mixture above. Smooth over your face, except for your eye and mouth areas. After 15 minutes, remove it using a damp and clean washcloth.

5. Cucumber is also used to create a skin tonic. Chop 1 cucumber and then puree it into a blender with 4 tablespoons of mint. Then, you strain off the juice before storing it in the refrigerator. This tonic can be kept in the fridge for 24 hours. If you want to enhance its life, you should add 1 teaspoon of vodka.

uses for cucumbers

6. When it comes to uses for cucumbers, many beauty experts recommend creating a cucumber-honey toner which uses 1 medium cucumber peeled and cut into many pieces and 2 teaspoon of honey.

Just simply puree cucumber in the blender; lie a sieve with the cheesecloth and set it over a glass bowl. Then, pour cucumber puree through that sieve and wait for 15 minutes to let the juice drip into that bowl. After that, you pour the clear juice into one clean bottle, followed by honey. In order to use it, you shake the bottle; saturate a cotton pad into the lotion. Next, sweep over your neck, face and chest both in morning and night. Wait for 3-4 minutes till it dries out. It can be covered storing in your fridge for 1 week.

7. You can condition damage hair with the help of cucumbers by combining 1 egg, 1 quarter of the peeled cucumber, and 1 tablespoon of olive oil. Blend all of the ingredients in a blender, spread the final solution evenly through the hair, and wait for 10 minutes before rinsing it thoroughly. To get silky hair, you should use this solution monthly.

uses for cucumbers

8. Cucumbers are also a great ingredient in many remedies for cellulite. By rubbing one slice of cucumber along the body areas with cellulite, you can reduce its visibility. Thanks to the phytochemicals within the cucumber, using this vegetable can help in tightening your skin and firming up the outer layer naturally.

9. Blackheads, pimples, wrinkles and facial dryness could be prevented or decreased by a regular cucumber facial

uses for cucumbers

10. If you want to enhance your hair growth naturally and safely, so do not overlook cucumbers. The cucumber juice has silicon and sulphur content which can be useful for hair growth.

11. Do you know that the cucumber aromatherapy can help relieve stress levels? Just simply cut up a whole cucumber and place all the pieces into a boiling pot of water. That way, the nutrients and chemicals will be released in the steam, thereby forming a relaxing aroma.

uses for cucumbers

12. If you are tired and low in energy, the natural and quick way to get rid of it is eating cucumber slices. You then will get an energy boost thanks to the B vitamins and carbohydrates content in cucumbers.

13. If you want to get most of the daily required vitamins in a natural way, go for cucumbers because they are high in vitamin B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, vitamin C, folic acid, iron, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc, and potassium.

uses for cucumbers

14. To minimize the effects of the binge headache or a hangover, you should eat a few slices of cucumbers before hitting the hay. The B vitamins, sugar and electrolytes can replace the lost vitamins and nutrients, helping in improving energy level.

15. For those who want to lose belly fat and reduce their waistline while still satisfying their snack cravings, cucumbers are a great alternative. Because cucumbers are high in water and low in calories, so you can consume them to fill you up but not out.

uses for cucumbers

16. Those people with bad breath after too much coffee can use cucumbers as a temporary solution. Pres a slice of cucumber and press it to the roof of your mouth for about 30 seconds. That way, the phytochemicals in cucumbers which have antibacterial properties will help you kill the bacteria responsible for bad breath.

17. You could also consume cucumber juice to relieve the burning sensation in your stomach from ulcers and hyperacidity thanks to the large percentage of alkaline-building minerals.

uses for cucumbers

18. There are different uses for cucumbers that you can use for your household. One of them is pet removal. Cucumbers are usually used in removing slugs and grubs. Place a few slices of cucumbers placed in the aluminum pie tin. That way, the chemicals in cucumbers will react with the aluminum off a scent detected by and undesirable to garden pests.

And, in gardens, where cucumbers grow, they can secrete a substance which slows or eradicates the development of weeds.

Above are most common different uses for cucumbers. There are still many other household, health and beauty uses of this vegetable. Do you have any favorite cucumber recipes or beauty formulas to share? I’m sure you do! Leave a comment below. We will feedback soon.

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