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What Authority Optimization Is

When you need an answer to a specific need then which website you always think of?

Do you go to Google or Amazon every time you need to find or to buy something?

Do you go to Facebook or Twitter when you just want to let the entire world know what you had for meal?

Do you come to Vkool.com when you have any question related to business or just to search for a comprehensive review? That is my goal for sure.

The more authority your website achieves, the easier it would be to acquire and maintain search engine rankings for competitive keywords. In general, the ultimate goal of SEO should be to build authority. So, if your new on-page optimization is building relevance, then your new off-page optimization is for building authority.

How to Build Authority

The first crucial step to build online authority is to write epic content, and it is such a huge understatement.

Epic content is what gets clicks, gets links, gets shared and quoted.

In case you are trying to build online authority, like most smart marketers, then here are more than ten ways for you to use content to get the job done.

1. Create Niche Content

You should focus content creation efforts on a few topics about which you have much knowledge in if in fact you do not have a huge content creation staff together with a wide range of subject matter expertise. It is better to take a deep dive just into a small handful of topics than to speak about thing under the sun. Your audience may be not too big, but if you take this route rightly then they may reap far more benefits from your content. Once you have built a firm foundation with your content and as your audience grows, you can extend the subjects you would like to cover.

2. Create and Optimize for Informational SEO Keywords

Teaching people how to do something is also one of the great ways to gain authority status. Then, you can find that you start getting repeat visitors if your advice really helpful. If you optimize for informational, long-tail and relevant keyword phrases, you can gain prominent placement in search engines that can help in solidifying your authoritative status.

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3. Write Timely Updates

An online authority stays update on someone that people can turn to learn the latest information and even things happen in the industry. Then you should consider yourself as a journalist and research basic sources, update the necessary changes taking place in your industry, and show your audience news and changes that mean for them. You would become the trusted source that your audience flocks whenever they need to learn about critical information just by filtering out the junk as well as reporting the news that matters for your audience. Also you should remember that search engines favor the online content creators, who generally report on timely information first.

4. Use Palatable Language

The smartest content creators normally do not care much about sounding smart, but all about clarity. People sometimes think authority is achieved by using confusing language, but in fact, it often comes off as business babble or even makes no sense. Authorities are resources that you should keep in mind, so if readers do not understand you then your usefulness might be short-lived.

5. Long-Form Content

Bring your audiences the opportunity to read advanced content like how-to guides, whitepapers, e-books, and show cases. These let themselves more in-depth analysis than just a blog post or a social media update. In addition, in-depth analysis gives you a greater opportunity to set your thought leadership position. In addition, this downloadable content format not only helps you in generating more leads, but also can easily shared on social networks, helping you extend your reach.

6. Being a Guest Blogger

In fact, contributing as a guest blogger to other blogs can bring you many opportunities for solidifying your status as an online authority. Thought leaders you can expand your reach and align yourself with other influential industry. Also, you can expose to your new audiences that may not know about you. In addition, you can generate inbound links to your website and give your website more online authority. Then, you know how great it is as a content creator to have a little relief from thoughtful writers out there. (You can check out to know more about our privacy policy for guest posts if you would like to contribute as a guest blogger with our blog site,)

7. Publish Case Studies

Let your audiences do some of the work for you. You can publish case studies explain how your company helped them solve a specific problem and use data, stories, and concrete results as well to speak to the problems your audience faces.

8. Generate Inbound Links

In order to establish your website online authority, building links especially inbound links play an essential part. The more inbound links from other authoritative sites to your website, the more search engines consider your website as an authority. If other great content creators think you are writing awesome content they just have to link to it, then search engines might consider these content as some of the best ones to deliver to the SERPs.

9. Be a Credible Resource

You may be a marketer by trade, but remember that you should never stop thinking of yourself as a journalist. You should filter out the junk your audiences do not need to know or do not care about when researching the content.

Also, you should keep in mind not to make back alley deals with other brands to promote the products or services that are unhelpful but focus on giving out the best information for your audience as well as keeping your business on the up and up.

Then, the rest is just to promote and promote easily after getting your epic content part down.

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10. Host Webinars

Besides, together with your content you should put a real, live voice by hosting a webinar. But not everyone grasps the content in the same way as some prefer audio learning to text learning. How great way it is when you can not only present your expertise but also get leads.

Or, in case you are not comfortable with live presentations, you can consider hosting a Twitter Chat instead. As the matter of fact, they let you have real-time conversations with your audiences in a new format behind the safety of the computer screen.

11. Stay Active in Social Media

Just by some ways such as visiting your website, using RSS feeds, subscribing to your email updates, finding you in social media, or being in your lead nurturing campaigns, then people are alerted to your content. So staying active in social media, sharing the content you create on the social media networks your audience frequents, and engaging in discussions around important topics in the industry are all very crucial for you.

So, What Is SEO?

The acronym of SEO stands for word phase of Search Engine Optimization, but the definition for SEO (or what is SEO) is even a more difficult question.

The problem is that the references to outdated definitions of SEO can be seen on a regular basis.

Now, let’s see if Wikipedia can give you a better explaining for what is SEO in case things above do not make any sense to you: SEO or also Search engine optimization is the process of developing the visibility of a website or webpage in a search engine’s natural, or un-paid (organic or algorithmic) search results.

So, the earlier and higher ranked on the search results page, and more frequently your website appears in the list of search results, then the more visitors come to your website from the search engine’s users.

And there what you have.

All in all, building the relevance optimization, building authority optimization, giving Google what they wants, then showing up actually in the search results might be the icing on the cake.

SEO Marketing Takeaway

In fact, there is one website in every niche inevitably popping up in hundreds of niche-related searches.

Obviously, it often makes you wonder how they were able to pull it off. Chances are simply started writing epic content just before others realized this wondrous and imaginative way to gain relevance, build authority, as well as gain high search engine rankings existed.

The takeaway of ranking higher in search engines is just simple in the process of writing your epic content, building relevance and authority in your profitable niche, and giving it time. 

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