Search Engine Ranking Factors 2024 – 7 Steps To Get Top Rank

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Ranking at the top of the Google search results is thing that everyone wants but does not had the budget to pay on the basis of per click?

Focusing on your quality link building is an alternative solution to rank at the top of the search engines without having to go to ppc marketing directly.

In fact, it comes down to getting a quality website with good content as well as high value back links to your website whether you aim at focusing on generic, profitable niche or long tail keywords at the end of the day.

One of the most difficult problems with seo link building is to find high value web sites. As the matter of fact, you can concentrate on guest blogging then get free placement on other websites. But as you know, these sites have so much link juice already flowing out of them that you will receive only a minimal amount.

A text brokering service called Links Management that buys and sells text link placements on different websites, especially those which do not have many outbound links, that means those who advertise on these websites might gain more link juice.

There are many big companies basing a majority of link building strategies on websites while not many people buys into this business of buying and selling links on it. And for many years now, Links Management has got successful in their business.

With a new year just starting, there are nearly three hundreds more days left for Google to play games as well as to throw to the face of bloggers and web site owners around the world some new compliance issues and also rules.

Links Management released an article including a list of seven basic steps to get ranked on top ten Google in 2024. Below, I have taken each of the key points as well as provided my insight and also focus for each search engine ranking tips.

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Search Engine Ranking – 7 Steps To Get Top Ranked on Google

1. Choose Your Right Keywords 

Firstly, one of the most important ways to tackle link building campaigns of yours is to know what your website and blog audience is searching for. Then the next step for you is to know your competition, the competition of your keywords and where they rank. Also, the key to reach a successful and long term link building campaign is to know how to find the right keywords and long tail keywords as well.

2. Get Backlinks with Different Anchor Text

Google put down a ban hammer on websites last year for creating a great amount of quality inbound links to their websites with the same anchor text. Unfortunately, along with having an exact match domain, this became one of the best ways to get ranked in the search results before Google put the smack down on. Now website owners need to build good incoming links and be creative with a wide range of anchor text that not only focus on their keywords, but also use their urls as well as “click here”, “read now” and “visit” type of generic links.

After the recent changes from Google algorithm, some websites found out how incoming links to a website should be well structured based on anchor text. The full break down in following chart will show you.

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3. Get High Quality Text Backlinks from Relevant Websites

It is about the content but not just about the Alexa Ranking, Google Page Rank and also seo traffic a website has. In the world of quality link building, one needs to get others and links to web site from relevant websites. Obviously, you do not want a website about crafts linking to your site if you have a website on sports. As a matter of fact, the more relevant the websites link to your site, the more they might help you in your link building strategies.

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