Body & Face Skin Problems During Pregnancy – 12 Common Issues

Being a mother is the most-wanted dream in a woman’s life. Many women are lucky because they pass the pregnancy time smoothly; even they get stronger and more beautiful. However, other people are getting troubles with their skin problems, which affect to their life, as well as their beauty. Recently, has completed a writing of top 10 common body and face skin problems during pregnancy with a purpose to support women treating skin conditions effectively.  This writing is a collection of natural remedies for treating skin problems during pregnancy from trustable sources and experts. So, make sure that you get consultation from medical providers before applying tips and tricks revealed in this article.

Treating Common Body & Face Skin Problems During Pregnancy

1. Acne 

skin problems during pregnancy

During time of pregnancy, women may get lots of problems such as morning sickness, nausea, mood swings, mood changes, skin problems, etc. Normally, they usually get skin changes in this special time.  Among the common face skin problems during pregnancy, acne is on the top of the list. It is created by hormone progesterone when women get pregnant.  You may try to apply the following solutions:

    • Actually, acne is not severe but they include the pimples, bumps and women’s skin is very sensitive in this time. To block the oily skin, you may use some oatmeal based scrubs to apply to the affected area. Of course, you cannot use drugs to fight acne during pregnancy because you may get birth defects from it.

  • Acne is also the most popular skin conditions to pregnant women. All the shed skin cells, sebum will create a convenient environment to grow bacteria and cause the inflammation of acne. Acne can appear at anytime of pregnancy and it may be severe, moderate, or mild. Acne may live together with you entire the pregnancy time or it may come and go later. In order to reduce this comfort, pregnant women should wash daily with the cleanser or mild soap.
  • Do not use washcloth scrub to your face but use your hands
  • In addition, if you moisturize your skin, be sure that you use free oil for that work
  • To avoid scars, you also need to avoid squeezing your pimples.
  • You need to get advice from dermatologist if your acne is really severe, pregnant women also need to avoid using drug such as tetracycline, monocline, isotretinoin, doxycycline, etc. because those drugs may cause birth defects.
  • Treating acne, you can use sulfur, tea tree oil, or lactic acid as the natural solutions for safe.

2. Itchiness 

skin problems during pregnancy

Itchy skin is one of the most leading skin problems during pregnancy. If you get itchy one day, you are not alone because thousands of future moms are suffering this condition like you. Normally, you will feel itchy around the breasts, belly, and legs due to the increased estrogen in the body during pregnancy. Additionally, women may get some other skin problems during this time such as dry skin, Eczema, psoriasis, etc. Some people are lucky because their conditions do not get worse, but other women feel terrible with the skin conditions they suffer from, especially, itchy skin. They even cannot sleep at night nor do anything well in a day because of itch. So, how can you relieve itch condition?

  • Avoid bathing with hot water
  • Using mild soap, and rising the soap
  • Toweling off gently, using warm oatmeal to shower
  • Cooling your itchy parts are the top of natural solutions for reducing itchy condition
  • You should limit going out when it is hot.
  • Remember to wear cotton clothes to gratify your skin.
  • If your itchy skin becomes rash let your medical providers know and ask his recommendation. Some women feel itchy only, but other may get malaise, nausea, appetite, jaundice, etc when they have itchiness. If you have cholestasis, call your doctor or caregiver because it may affect to your baby.
  • Use some topical ointments to relieve your itchy skin.

The good news is that itchy skin may disappear when you deliver your baby. During pregnancy, you will get discomfort with this condition and it may spread to your legs, arms, back, buttocks, and thighs. Also you can feel itchy around your feet, hands, face, and neck. Moreover, some people may suffer from prurigo condition. Prurigo during pregnancy is caused by tinny pumps and it commonly occurs in the second or third trimester. You will feel annoying and itchy on your torso and limbs. Usually, prurigo will not live on your skin anymore after giving birth and your baby will not any risk from this skin problem.

3. Mole Changing 

skin problems during pregnancy

Changing mole is also a common skin problem to pregnant women. It is caused by high level of estrogen and the moles will be darker and larger. Changing moles in pregnant women is one of the most common skin problems during pregnancy. However, if your moles particularly change in size, color, and shape, check it immediately because it will lead to skin cancer.

4. Melasma And Pimply Eruptions 

skin problems during pregnancy

Melasma is one of the most common skin problems during pregnancy and it is also called the mask of pregnancy. It is caused by the increased estrogen level that encourages creation of excess melanin. The feature of melasma is dark skin tone and it normally appears on your nose, upper lip, forehead, and cheeks. The remedies for this skin condition using SPF every day and do not go under the sun if unnecessary. If the problem develops each day, you can use some skin care products that include vitamin C, lactic acid, and glycolic acid. Usually, melasma will be fade after you give birth.

This common skin condition is caused by increasing melanin. In hyperpigmentation form, you will see the melasma problem that usually on your face. This problem will darken your skin during pregnancy while pimply skin eruptions will occur on the second trimester and it may disappear after delivery.

To get rid of melasma, you may get some creams prescribed by the doctors. Also, you should limit sunlight expose from 10 am to 2 pm, use sunscreen if you need to go out.

5. Stretch Marks 

skin problems during pregnancy

Stretch marks usually expand in pregnancy time. They will appear in the last trimester and you will get more abdomens. To reduce this skin condition, you may use some shed butter or coconut oil to reduce the redness, limit the development of stretch marks, and stimulate producing collagen. Beside stretch marks, pregnant women may get some other skin problems such as spots, broken veins, skin discoloration, etc. The reason is to change hormone levels and immune system in your body. Actually, you will have higher risk of getting stretch marks during pregnancy if your mother or sister gets this problem. Stretch marks will be stretched by the increased weight gain, pregnancy, or fat loss.

Normally, stretch marks will have red color, glossy, and change to white or silver color later on.  You can see stretch marks on your breasts, hips, thighs, and buttocks. This condition also increases when the baby is growing. Depend on your skin color, the colors of stretch marks may be dark brown, purple, reddish brown, or pink. Genetics also plays important role in this problem because you will get risk of this skin condition if your mother or sister has ever got that.

If you gain weight quickly, carry multiple babies, or get excess amniotic fluid, you will get higher risk of getting stretch marks. To heal this problem, you should exfoliate and moisturize your skin on thighs, hips, stomach, boobs, and belly with natural ingredients. If you use natural products, make sure to check the labels before using it.

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6. Linea Nigra 

skin problems during pregnancy

This is probably the most popular skin problem to all pregnant women. If you have ever been pregnant, linea nigra is very familiar with you. The feature of this skin problem is about white line running thoroughly from the navel to bone center. In the second trimester, you may see it changes darker. Some people may see they expands upward. Certainly, linea nirgra will be darker in a woman, who has dark skin and it may disappear after the baby is born for moths.

7. Skin Discoloration 

skin problems during pregnancy

Unfortunately, many people get this skin problem during pregnancy. The dark skin faces will be darker and darker. The freckles or moles will be bigger, the spots will be browner and you will see some new moles on your skin. If you see the moles develop, darker, or some other changes in size, let check with your dermatologist about the problem. Besides, your nipples and areola will be darker during pregnancy time. In the early trimester, you may get redness on soles and palms and you may feel itchy on the bottom of your feet.

In reality, about 70% of pregnant women get this skin problem, so you are not alone in this world when suffering this condition. You can see the splotches on forehead, cheekbones, nose, and upper lip. You also can see them on the forearms or on the other areas of the body such as inner thighs, underarms if you usually go under the sun. To reduce this case, you can follow some useful suggestions:

  • Save your skin from the sun, especially avoid sun exposure as much a possible by wearing sunscreen whenever you go out.
  • Protect your skin with a long sleeve shirt, brim hat
  • Use the light facial creams and gentle cleansers

After delivery, you can ask your doctor about the best treatment for this problem such as laser remedy to lighten the darkened skin parts. In some cases, skin discoloration may be the symptom of skin cancer or other health problems, so you should check with your medical providers about this problem, especially, when you get bleeding, redness, tenderness, and pain on your skin. Learning solutions and face skin problems during pregnancy, you should not ignore the consultation from practitioners.

8. Veins 

skin problems during pregnancy

Spider veins are common skin problems during pregnancy that many women have. Your skin veins will be more visible during pregnancy; especially it is clearer to thin women. Spider veins are very common on your face, leg, or torso. This problem also takes more time to reduce or eliminate than the other skin problems during pregnancy. If necessary, doctors may suggest you to use injections if necessary.

Varicose veins are also popular skin problems during pregnancy that women get. They are swollen veins that appear near the skin surface. They are purple or blue and sometimes they are easily found in your legs. Those varicose veins may cause you achy and heavy, especially in your legs. The reason that women get terrible from this skin problem is that veins actually are the blood vessels, which play function of retuning the blood to your heart from extremities. Your blood amount will increase when you get pregnant and it will press on your veins, as the result, your blood vessels will not have chance to relax. Of course, you will have varicose veins your mother gets this problem before. Moreover, if you gain weight too quickly, varicose veins also develop accordingly. Can you prevent varicose veins? The answer is maybe, you can prevent it partly or limit them. Learning some tips to heal the problem as below:

  • Do regular exercise.
  • Keep your weight properly and avoid gaining much of weight in this time
  • Rest your legs when you sit
  • Do not cross your legs when you sit
  • Avoid sitting or standing for long time, take a short break
  • Get better sleep with a pillow behind the back and sleep your left side.
  • Use special stockings that can help you work better

9. Skin Tags 

skin problems during pregnancy

Skin tag is a small tissue flap that can use the stalk to hang off your skin. If you see the development of tiny polyps, you are suffering from skin tags, which are usually found under the bra lines, neck, arms, and back. It is caused by the growth of hyperactive of the skin layer. It normally disappears after a few moth of delivery. For the solution of this problem, your doctor may cut them with scissors or scalpel.

10. Sensitive Skin 

skin problems during pregnancy

Sensitivity becomes one of the most skin problems during pregnancy. Women’s skin may easily get red, dark or purple. Their skin may turn red if you use some scrubs or apply lotions. As the consequence, many women choose unscented products or natural soap to wash and exfoliate skin. To avoid sensitivity for your skin, you should avoid using fragrance, parabens, triclosan, which are very harmful to your baby and your skin health.

11. Dry Skin 

skin problems during pregnancy

While many women are trying to cure acne or sensitivity, other people are crying with the dryness on their skin. Dry skin is also a very common skin conditions among the list skin problems during pregnancy. The best and easiest way to treat this skin condition is to drink water, use the humidifier to moisturize your skin. Also, you can use some natural lotions to eliminate dryness. Avoid bathing with hot water but use some oatmeal bath water. You can use some oils such as coconut oils olive oils to satisfy your dry skin.

12. Rashes 

skin problems during pregnancy

Itchy and red skins are very inconvenient, in particular with pregnant women. In fact, itchiness on hands and feet may be a symptom of the liver conditions for your baby and it is a clue of cholestasis in pregnancy time. Another common rash during pregnancy is PUPP (stands for pruritic urticarial papules and plaques of pregnancy), which usually appear in abdomen. It is not harmful to your baby but it will aggravate for you. This problem usually occurs in the first time of pregnancy and it is caused by genetics or hormone changes in your body. To reduce PUPP, you can apply the following tips:

  • Have bath with baking soda or oatmeal
  • Use cold compresses
  • Shower with aloe vera
  • Consult with practitioner if your condition get worse

To get more tips and tricks about health, you can visit to our main Skin Care page.

After reading my writing of top 10 common body and face skin problems during pregnancy, I hope that you have leaned the useful techniques how to deal with the skin problems and enjoy your wonderful time of pregnancy. However, this writing is for informational purpose, so make sure you will ask your practitioner if you get some worse problem. To verify any question, please leave your comment below.

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