Performix SST Review (Updated 2024) – Is It Safe?

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A supplement designed for weight loss and increased mental focus that has led to a wide variety of side effects within users.

Follow our full breakdown of Performix SST to discover if it lives up to its advertising or if it is another diet pill with empty promises.

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Performix SST Overview

Performix SST is a thermogenic diet pill that is also designed to provide constant energy and an increased mental focus. The product specially coated to release the ingredients to the body over time, so that there is no crash like there is with other diet pills, and the body continually reaps the benefits of the formula.

The product is manufactured by Performix, LLC, a supplement company based out of Denver, Colorado. Each bottle of Performix SST contains 60 capsules, and users advised to take two capsules every morning on an empty stomach. One bottle of the product costs $59.99 plus shipping and handling.

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Performix SST Claims

The website for Performix SST outlines their primary claims about the product’s effectiveness. First, they discuss the energy that the product will provide users, stating that their “suspension super thermos complex” will make their workouts count more by allowing them to be more intense. However, they go on to state that the complex is made up of basic stimulants like caffeine and yohimbe, which only offer short term boosts and can lead to side effects.

They also claim that the product will lead to an increased fat metabolism, along with enhanced mental focus. The improved metabolism will be achieved through thermogenesis – or improved fat burning, which will lead to increased lean muscle being developed. Unfortunately, they do not provide much information regarding these claims, or specifically explain how they are achieved.

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Performix SST Ingredients

The supplement facts label for the product is provided through the product website, which allows users to see a full list of the ingredients that are used. Unfortunately, because it is a proprietary blend, specific dosage information is not known. Here are the ingredients that are used in Performix SST:

  • BioPerine
  • Caffeine
  • Methylcobalamin
  • Sensoril Ashwagandha Extract
  • Advantra Z Bitter Orange
  • Yohimbe HCL
  • Huperzine A
  • Synephrine HCL
  • Mucuna Pruriens Extract

Among these ingredients there are several stimulants such as caffeine and yomhimbe hcl which can lead to side effects like anxiety, irritability, increased heart rate, headaches, and mood swings. There is such a high amount of stimulants used in the formula that they actually warn to not use it for more than eight consecutive weeks. Additionally, huperzine A is a plant extract that is used to increase mental focus, but can lead to restlessness, sweating, and high blood pressure.

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The Science Behind Performix SST

There is a diagram on the Performix SST website that attempts to illustrate their special advanced multi-phase extended release. Essentially, they feature multiple coatings that they refer to as “intelligent rate control polymers” that provide delayed release functionality.
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They refer to this technology as innovative, because it allows the ingredients to be released throughout the day, and not all at once.

The technology is far from innovative, as it is used in a variety of other extended release medications and supplements. Unfortunately, the site does not offer specifics of how long the extended release takes, how much of the ingredients that are released at one time, or any clinical studies to demonstrate the effectiveness of the product.

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Word on the Street About Performix SST

The product is sold through a variety of retailers in addition to the product website, so there are plenty of objective reviews that are available from consumers. Even through the product website, it seems that they allow all reviews – even negative ones – to be posted, which is commendable, but highlights just how many negative reviews the product has received.
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A full 25% of the reviews the product has received through Amazon are for just one-star. Many of the complaints revolve around the immediate and serious side effects that users experienced. As one review stated: “This wasn’t for me. I only took one pill and started having bad reactions and my stomach became irritated.” Another user complained that the product made their migraines even worse: “It intensified my migraines after only four pills. Hopefully they honor their refund policy.”

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Is Performix SST Worth a Try?

Because of the many complaints from users regarding side effects they experienced, and the high price of the product, we do not recommend trying Performix SST. Overall, the user reviews for the product were quite negative, and there was a wide array of side effects that users experienced, including migraines, stomach irritation, cramping, and even chest pains that led to ER visits. No diet pill is worth those side effects.

Additionally, the product does not clearly explain the technology or science behind its extended release formula, while also not providing any verifiable science for users to view.
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Given the high price of the product, it still uses mostly pretty basic ingredients and stimulants that can be found much cheaper in more effective products.

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Performix SST vs Hydroxycut

Hydroxycut is a popular brand of weight loss products, that are also designed to increase energy levels. They use a proprietary blend like Performix SST, but do not use quite as many stimulants, which leads to less possible side effects. Hydroxycut is also a cheaper option than Performix SST and has received better user reviews.

Performix SST vs Slimvance

Slimvance is a core slimming supplement that uses more natural ingredients than Performix SST, such as turmeric, moringa, and curry. Both products use caffeine as their primary stimulant, however. They are also both sold for the same price of $59.99 per bottle and have received a high amount of negative reviews from users.

Performix SST FAQ

  1. What are the primary ingredients in Performix SST?
    There are several ingredients in the product, but primarily stimulants like caffeine and yohimbe.
  1. Is Performix SST available as a drink?
    No, it does not appear to be sold as a drink.
  1. What are some side effects that can occur from taking Performix SST?
    Just some of the side effects that users complained about were migraines, chest pains, cramping, and stomach irritation.
  1. What are the directions for taking Performix SST?
    Users are advised to take two capsules in the morning on an empty stomach.
  1. Have there been any deaths related to taking Performix SST?
    There are no deaths directly associated with the product, but users have had to go to the ER.
  1. How have the user reviews for Performix SST been?
    Extremely poor, with many complaints regarding side effects.
  1. Can Performix SST be mixed with alcohol?
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    There is no individual warning about mixing it with alcohol, but we would advise against it.

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