How To Open A Clothing Store Business – Top 13 Tips Revealed!

how to open a clothing store franchise

Opening clothing store is a serious business. For some of you, it might mean giving up the constant safety of your corporate job with its stable income, paid holidays, vacations, and the chance for advancement. Yet, running an apparel store is more than a full-time job. If you are serious about opening a clothing store, then you should not skip the following tips on how to open a clothing store.

I. How To Open A Clothing Store – Types Of Clothing Store

When you make the decision to open your own boutique, there are some ways on how to open a clothing store:

1. Brick-And-Mortar Stores

how to open a clothing store in new yorkThis is traditional clothing store. Clothing stores operates out of brick-and-mortar facilities. If you want to open a brick-and-mortar clothing store, then you have to choose an area which is easily accessible for your target markets. As a store owner, you invest in your inventory up front if you are selling new items, and also offer some consignment services. You also have to pay expense for rent, business insurance, and utilities to protect yourself, your store, equipment and supplies. You can attract customers to your brick-and-mortar store via advertising online as well as offline, building relationships with some complementary businesses in your own area and via developing connections with networking, professional and community organizations. Besides, your storefront should be attractive with those people who pass by. Also, your store’s layout has to flow and function to well meet the demands of your target customers.

2. Online Store

This is a new trend. Build up a store with low cost for start-ups. This online store should target a certain niche market. With an impressive name, items which are in demand and a detailed plan for advertising your own online store, you will capture potential clients for your store. You should also determine the brands you will carry, then start becoming an online retailer for their clothing. Actually, some stores buy inventory in advance at the wholesale prices. On the other hand, other stores carry one sort of product from a variety of designers. Alternatively, you can consider another choice with the drop-ship company which ships products directly to clients ordering those items from your store. You might pay a monthly fee for the drop-ship business.

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3. Pop-Up Store

how to open a clothing store franchiseThis type of clothing store allows you, as a business owner, to present your clothing items to potential customers without having to investing the long-term lease of commercial. Those stores owners, particularly those owners who sell their own products, could rent a gallery, store front, or office space for just one day, or one week to exhibit as well as their products. This option is great for testing various markets or business ideas or if you want to expand your online store scale. When it comes to promotional campaigns, you should do make impression with those local clients and alert them that you are going to be in their regions, things you will offer, and the place they can find your pop-up store.

4. Mobile Store

Mobile boutiques are suitable for those owners who want to take their stores to different locations in order to maximize their presence and attract various clients. You could choose to expose your clothing store on the road by displaying its advertising on a bus, RV, or van. This should be set up to show your new or used items you want to sell. Though the space is rather small in compared with a brick-and-mortar placement, you could display clothing throughout such mobile stores for buyers to browse. If you are going to do so, you need to understand the rules of the areas that you will park in by making contacts the local chamber of commerce. You might charge fees for vehicle insurance or parking allowances.

how to open a clothing store in canada

II. How To Open A Clothing Store – Tips To Open Your Own Boutique

This part we focus on opening a real clothing store. The impression of your clothing patterns, your traffic, and your locations will impact your success. Here are some general tips on opening a boutique:

1. Finance

Before doing a certain new business, it is necessary for you to prepare carefully a business plan. Opening a clothing store is not different. Your business plan needs to contain your initial cost and how you plan to operate your business to return your loans. If you are going to open a new boutique and require a business loan, you need to put up several forms of collateral. When you have your proven sale track record, the lender might consider loan adjustments.

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2. Location

how to open a clothing store in a mallYour location will impact how well your store operates. You should choose an area which is large enough to accommodate the shelves and racks necessary to exhibit your products. Besides, set plenty of space to walk freely among your displays. As this kind of investment also comes with a large amount of risk, so instead of purchasing a store, you should choose to rent a space.

3. Niche

It is critical for your success. Actually, some successful retail clothing businesses tend to specialize in a certain kind of apparel. You can consider some of the following ideas: baby clothing, beachwear, special occasion dresses, or sports apparel. Basic clothing items from not well-known brands will be less appealing than those well-known ones. Hence, you should up to date with clothing trends by referring fashion magazines, blogs, trade publications, and attending purchaser events.

4. Marketing

When opening a boutique, you had better build up excitement about your shop. Advertise through local newspaper, radio, and magazines. If possible, you can send out press releases to the local media which give details about the store and what is the difference between it and others. Other simple ideas are ads in newspapers, and fliers. If you have enough financing, plan an opening event with food, beverages, sales, and entertainment to introduce your store to customers. Advertising is important for any new businesses, therefore plan to invest in local advertising to drive traffic to your clothing store.

5. Clothing Display Pieces

how to open a clothing store in nycClothes require shelves, racks, and tables for appropriate display. Once you do not have these items, you will sell disorganized fabric in such cardboard boxes. In fact, display units can be various, from metal clothing racks to ornate glass fixtures. In order to save money on those fixtures, you can use your home furnishings which could be used as commercial fixtures.

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6. Mirror

This should be lack in your clothing store. Clients need to see how they look like when wearing your items. Thus, you should look for the mirror reflecting true, flattering image without over distortion. Also, you need to buy enough facilities for the fitting room. Do not overlook the role of smaller ones for the hair accessories or jewelry areas, or floor mirrors if your store has a shoe department.

7. Pricing Materials

Each of your garments must include a clear price that is attached to the item. When a price is missing, a client will assume that it will be a hassle to purchase that product, then she or he will leave out your store without buying. To price merchandise, you can purchase a tagging gun and tags. Special tags for classify discounted items and full price items.

8. Clothing

how to open a clothing store onlineThis is the most critical piece of your own store. You have stock your store with a large range of styles, colors, and sizes which fit the target demographic. Do not be anxious about storing every item at the beginning point, it is more important for you to being with smaller amount before expanding when you have more money and attract more interest. In order to decrease the initial financial outlay, you can consider to consignment items. By this way, you could stock shelves while making fewer upfront fees.

9. Open You Door

The majority of new small-business owners often do their work themselves rather than hiring help. That is because hiring staff will enhance costs dramatically, both in taxes and salary. If you still need to hire someone, just look for part-time help well in advance of the opening day. In that case, you had better make sure that you can provide them with suitable and adequate training on ways to run the cash register, regulations, store polices, and other information on the merchandise.

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It is time for you to start creating your own business plan of your own clothing store. The above tips on how to open a clothing store hopefully can help you be your own boss within a short period of time.

If you have any idea related to the topic of how to open a clothing store, feel free to leave your words at the comment box. We will reply all soon!

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