Guard Passing For Competitors Review – Does Jordon’s Course Work?

guard passing for competitors

Guard Passing In Guard Passing For Competitors 

Guard passing for competitors review: This is a complete review that shows you all about Guard Passing For Competitors program with 7 below parts:

1. Guard Passing – The Author’s Claims

2. About Jordon Schultz – Author of Guard Passing For Competitors

3. How Guard Passing For Competitors Works

4. Guard Passing For Competitors – Advantages

5. Guard Passing For Competitors – Disadvantages

6. Guard Passing For Competitors – Conclusion

7. Guard Passing For Competitors Download

Guard Passing – The Author’s Claims

Guard Passing For Competitors is a new program that is claimed that with this program, users will have better guard passing in seven days. Guard Passing For Competitors is a series of DVD videos that cover:

  • More than 40 advanced techniques, and a massive four volume set
  • Guides on how to break down users’ opponent’s self defenses training
  • Lessons about the art of world class guard passing 
  • The notion of pass guards that is like slicing hot butter with a samurai sword
  • Clever and simple tactics that help users pass any opponent’s guard
  • And more

In addition, in Guard Passing For Competitors system, users will discover:

  • The guard passing systems together with techniques that the author individually used to become a World Champion
  • A package of important passing tools 
  • Guides on how to pass multiple guard styles or how to build a well-rounded passing system, and how to build a BJJ game that they will be proud to show off
  • The details that they will get and that will make them a guard passing machine – users will get the right way to pass Feet on Hips Guard, De La Riva Guard, Deep Half Guard, Berimbolo Guard, Reverse De La Riva, and Spider Guard

About Jordon Schultz – Author Of Guard Passing For Competitors

Jordon Schultz is the developer of Guard Passing For Competitors, and this man also is a certified Jiu Jitsu Instructor with many years of experience. People can contact Jordon Schultz here to get answers from him for people’s questions.

guard passing review

How Guard Passing For Competitors Works

When ordering this product, buyers will receive a series of Jiu Jitsu DVD or Guard Passing For Competitors DVD videos and manuals that come with:

  • Four volumes of guard passing technique
  • Winning Strategy from Jordon Schultz in two times being world champion
  • Tricky grip training secrets for each move
  • The Sao Paulo passing progression 
  • Principles of Spinal Torsion 
  • And more

In addition, buyers of this package will get some free bonuses, such as:

  • Live Rolling Breakdown DVD by Jordon Schultz: this video will show users strategies in real time and techniques in action that help them become a guard passing machine. It also presents tricks to passing really flexible and tough guards.

    In addition, this video also reveals users how to begin passing the guard from a standing guard pull, and more.

  • Drilling Domination Workbook in 9 weeks: this book will save users time by providing them the precise amount of repetitions to do.

    The book will prevent users from over drilling as well as wasting precious time. This book covers a training program that only requires users to spend 3 hours per week.
  • Email Coaching with Jordon Schultz

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Benefits Of Guard Passing For Competitors

  • This series of Jiu Jitsu DVD can save users time and energy.
  • With this program, the author will teach learners in a clear and concise manner.
  • With Guard Passing For Competion, the author will shortcut learners’ learning curve.
  • Most guides in this program are packed in DVDs so users can see and follow with ease.
  • This program contains a collection of guard passing techniques which is showed in a fluid, organized pattern so users will learn it quicker than any other material out there.
  • With this program, users will get the selection of multiple download formats.
  • Guard Passing For Competitors system contains a package of valuable passing tools.
  • With only $5, people can try Guard Passing For Competitors system in 7 days to know it is scam or not.
  • It comes with great free bonuses and Email Coaching with the author  
  • This  package is definitely safe to download.
  • It is a self-training program that so users can perform at home or anywhere they want.
  • It covers detailed, step by step instruction, and high quality videos so users can follow with ease.
  • The author offers a 24/7 support via email with this program.
  • Jordon Schultz offers a policy of back money within 8 weeks if Guard Passing For Competitors does not work for users.

guard passing for competitors

Guard Passing For Competitors – Conclusion

Now, after reading this Guard Passing For Competitors review, it is your choice. The success is in your hand if you try this program. Catch this god-given chance!

Guard Passing For Competitors Download

You can click here to order this product.

guard passing for competitors

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