Review of Georgette’s sure victory boot camp business in a box

Updated: 09/7/2024

To help you know more about Georgette Pann’s latest boot camp business course, I made a comprehensive review of this course that will show you whether it is worth buying. This review is divided into 7 parts including:

1. Introduction About This Course

2. How Will This Course Help You Run A Thriving Boot Camp Business?

3.  How Will It Benefit You?

4. Pros And Cons Of This Course?

5. How Much To Get Started?

6. What Will You Receive From Buying This Course?

7. Is It Guaranteed That This Course Will Work For You?

sure victory boot camp business in a box

Sure Victory Boot Camp Business In A Box Reveals Best Fitness Business Plans

Introduction About This Course

sure victory boot camp business in a box

If you are sick or tired of frustrating last-minute cancelations and an exhausting schedule in 12 hours that never have enough clients, and if you feel miserable frequently because your income is not more than you deserve, then, you will want to read this writing. Here is a comprehensive review of Georgette Pann’s latest boot camp business course called “Sure Victory Boot Camp Business In A Box”. This course is specifically designed for frustrated personal trainers like you.

The course is developed by Georgette Pann, a boot camp business owner who has over 25 years of experience in fitness business. Since Georgette Pann released this fitness business course, it has been received a wide range of thankful feedbacks as well as reviews from its customers. If you are worried about whether this boot camp business course is reliable, from the site, I completed a full review of it basing on the true sharing of Jim Linde, a real user and other customers to show you everything you need to know about it. Jim Linde shared that this course has helped him run a thriving boot camp business. Following this course, he has made $250, $400, or even $500 while training groups for only 60 minutes of his time.

If you are concern about whether this Sure Victory Boot Camp Business In A Box program will help you get great results as Jim Linde and other customers, my review will prove how it work effectively for you. Keep reading my entire review to see if it is worth buying.

sure victory boot camp business in a box download

How Will This Course Help You Run A Thriving Boot Camp Business?

Following this program, you will be taught:

  • How to turn a floundering individual training job into a thriving boot camp business and decrease the time you spend on the gym at the same time
  • How to build your own sold-out boot camps
  • How to choose the proper equipment to maximize your training and get better results for your trainees
  • What differentiates a boot camp with other fitness programs
  • Ways to assess participants’ fitness levels, ways to set the realistic goals based on that information & ways to measure your participants’ progress
  • The important role of a good trainer and the reasons why working out in groups is essential to your trainees’ success
  • 5 special kinds of exercises that you can use to aid your trainees in achieving their fitness goals
  • How to train overweight trainees by using exercises to attack fat the best and give your them awesome results
  • Which strategies to make your athletes stronger and more powerful
  • How to instruct your trainees to calculate their daily intake of calorie
  • And more

sure victory boot camp business in a box

How Will It Benefit You?

Here are some of benefits you can achieve from this system:

  • It helps you find out the right location
  • It helps you start your business easily
  • Following this course, you will create an endless variety of workouts
  • You can get up and automate your back-end system & infrastructure
  • You will know ways to create contracts, choose pricing and run promotions
  • Following this program, you will get to know the best strategy to market your business
  • It helps you dominate your market and grow your business
  • It helps you know ways to find and hire the right staff to build an effective team
  • And more

To persuade you, I would like to show you feedbacks from real users:

sure victory boot camp business in a box

Pros And Cons Of This Course?


  • Videos, books and audios in this program are downloadable
  • This program will help you earn more money while working fewer hours a day
  • With this program, you will save money for your clients
  • You can start a fitness business that this program teaches you no matter where you live
  • With this program, you do not have to pay any royalty fee, franchise fee, or licensing fee.
  • You also do not have to pay any commission, or rent many other fees to studios, gyms, or other facilities.
  • The language used in videos, audios, and books are easy to understand

sure victory boot camp business in a box

  • This program has been received a lot of positive feedbacks, comments, and reviews from its customers.
  • It can save your time and energy.
  • This program is designed for anyone who is planning a boot camp business
  • This program can be shared to other people who you know and who want to use exercises and workouts for their fitness health
  • This package is very affordable with just $149 for a full package of over 10 components and 16 bonuses
  • This product is absolutely safe to download to your computer
  • Georgette Pann provides you with a 24/7 support via his email if you have any question or problems
  • You will have 60 days to decide if you want to keep the Sure Victory Boot Camp Business In A Box or get your money back
  • And more

sure victory boot camp business in a box pdf


  • The price of this program is not cheap; however, you will receive a number of latest training resources & materials. Besides, almost clients comment that this price is affordable.
  • It provides you with a lot of materials; therefore, it will take you some hours to download all of these resources into your computer or lap.
  • This course takes you a lot of time to master all videos, books, and audios that are included in it.
  • This course is only ideal for personal trainers who want to run a thriving boot camp business

How Much To Get Started?

With just $149, you can own a number of high quality videos, audios, and instructional books. In addition, you will receive a wide range of exclusive bonuses that are worth about over $500. Just click on “Add to Cart” below, I’m sure that you will be content about your decision.

sure victory boot camp business in a box

What Will You Receive From Buying This Course?

Upon ordering this course, you will have latest training resources, materials, and a number of free bonuses from Georgette Pann including:

  • An Exclusive Closed-Door Group Of Facebook
  • Special Marketing Reports & Training Guides
  • Video & Audio Training
  • A Lifetime VIP Membership Access To The Website Fitness Boot Camp Inner Circle
  • The Business Training Program
  • Component 1 – Dominating Your Market And Growing Your Business
  • Component 2 – Starting Your Business
  • Component 3 – Setting Up & Automating Your Back-End System & Infrastructure
  • Component 4 – Finding The Right Location
  • Component 5 – Creating An Endless Variety Of Workouts
  • Component 6 – Choosing Pricing, Creating Contracts, & Running Promotions
  • Component 7 – Marketing Your Business

sure victory boot camp business in a box

  • Component 8 – Finding & Hiring The Proper Staff To Build A Successful Team
  • Patrick Rigsby’s Magnetic Marketing For Strength Bootcamps Guide – bonus
  • Downloadable Set Of Five DVD’s Of Bodyweight Exercises – bonus
  • 2 Sure Victory Body Weight Exercise Videos – bonus
  • Brian Kalakay’s Body Weight Games: 11 Fitness Games, Which Require No Equipment – bonus
  • Shawna Kaminski’s TRX Challenge Workouts & Bootcamp Edition – bonus
  • Mike Whitfield’s 3-Minute Bodyweight Finishers – bonus
  • The Turbulence Training Bootcamp 2.0 Guidelines &Workout Templates – bonus
  • The 8-Week Bodyweight Turbulence Training Program – bonus
  • 4-Week Bodyweight Turbulence Training Program – bonus
  • TT Boot Camp Workouts – bonus
  • Georgette Pann’s Customizable Done-For-You Report Of Bootcamp For Your Clients – bonus
  • FREE Fitness Bootcamp Strategies newsletter – bonus
  • A policy of 60-day money back guarantee – Bonus
  • Free lifetime Sure Victory Boot Camp Business In A Box upgrades – Bonus
  • Technical support available by phone or by email – Bonus

sure victory boot camp business in a box

Is It Guaranteed That This Course Will Work For You?

sure victory boot camp business in a box

This fitness business program has helped hundreds of its clients get a big success in their fitness business, so why you have to worry about whether this program can help you start a successful boot camp business or not? Trust me, this program has worked effectively for Jim Linde and a lot of other personal fitness trainers. In addition, Georgette Pann offers you a policy of money back guarantee within 60 days if your boot camp business does not have any positive result. Got a question? Need answers? Leave a comment below. Now are you ready to try this fitness business program to know how it works for you?

If you need the support from Georgette Pann, please contact him at this mail: nutrifitness.georgette [at] gmail dot com to get his answer.

sure victory boot camp business in a box

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