31 Tips On How To Straighten Spine Naturally

Spine health is one of the most recent health concerns in modern world. The spine may be damaged and distorted due to wrong sitting or standing position or slouching habit. Slouching is a bad pose, which is a result of sitting too much in front of the computer or a fashionable trend that the youth generation is adopting, but the ugly truth is that it is one of the main reasons that cause spinal problems. While most of us can find solutions to back pain problems by simply doing some good exercises at home, spinal problems are much more complicated. It is harder to cure and it can start as early as at the age of 29. Spine is one of the essential parts the central nerve system, which does the daily communication between your brain and your body’s parts. Unhealthy spine may cause disruption of the whole nerve system as well as produce numerous unexpected symptoms such as pain, numbness, uncontrollable arms and legs’ movement, breath crippling, impaired digestion and uncontrollable of the bower and bladder. In this article, you will be exposed how to straighten spine naturally with exercises and tips to improve your spinal health effectively.

I. How To Straighten Spine Naturally – Common Problems Of Posture And Quick Solutions:

Slumping your shoulders does not just make you look like one of human’s long-extinct ancestors, and if you do not stand up with proper posture, no exercise can give you the straight spine as desired. The reason is because over time, incorrect posture leaves serious toll on your back, knees, hips, and shoulders. Actually, it may lead to several structural flaws that contribute to joint and back pain, compromised muscles, and reduced flexibility – the major factors that can limit your ability to build strength and burn fat. However, you can deal with and eliminate all these matters and concerns by taking the easy test to check out if your posture is right, then making use of some great exercises to straighten spine and correct spine I am giving below to get your curves moving in the right direction, fix your back, and soothe any related pain.Here are some of the most common problems of posture and how you can fix them well right at home without making any mistake or meeting any difficulty.

1. Duck Feet:

how to straighten spine-duck feet

This is the very first common problem related to human’s posture that many people are struggling with, and there are some good exercises to straighten back and improve this ugly posture that can be easily practiced at home.
The problem:

Your hip flexors and oblique muscles are weak.

How to fix:

With your feet resting on a stability ball, you will need to get into a pushup position. Then, tuck your knees while using the feet to roll the ball toward your body under the torso without rounding the lower back. After that, back to the starting position. Apply this exercise with 2 – 3 sets for 6 – 12 times on a daily basis for good results as desired.

Duck feet is really a terrible problem that affects not only your spine but also your whole posture. Fix it!

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2. Pigeon Toes:

how to straighten spine-pigeon toes

The matter:

Weak glutes (butt muscles)

How to fix:

With your heels together and your knees bent 90 degrees, lie on one side of your body. Keep your hips still while separating the knees as a clamshell and raising the top knee upward. Pause for 5 seconds, and then lower the knee to the starting position. Apply this exercise with 2 – 3 sets for 6 – 12 times on a daily basis for good results as desired.

This is actually a common problem of posture that affect the posture of your whole body, causing many related problems, such as incorrect spine form, so people who want to learn how to straighten spine naturally need to know this and learn carefully.

3. Elevated Shoulder:

how to straighten spine-elevated shoulder

The matter:

The muscle under your chest (run from the ribs to the shoulder blades) is weak.
How to fix:

In a chair, you will need to sit upright with two hands next to two sides of the hip, arms straight, and palms down on the seat. Push down on the chair with the hips lifting up off the seat without moving your arms; and keep the torso rising. Hold for 5 seconds. Apply this exercise with 2 – 3 sets for 6 – 12 times on a daily basis for good results as desired.

4. Anterior Pelvic Tilt:

how to straighten spine - anterior-pelvic-tilt

This is also another common problem of human posture that people who want to have good and confident look without worrying about how to straighten spine or how to correct their posture in general should learn carefully.
The matter:

Tight hip flexors

How to fix:

With your knee bent and your right foot on the floor in front of your body, kneel on your left knee. Until you feel your left hip stretched, press forward. On your left side, tighten the butt muscles until you feel the front of your hip comfortably stretched. Use your left arm to reach upward and stretch it to the right side. Hold on for about 30 seconds. Apply this exercise with 3 sets for each side on a daily basis for good results as desired.

5. Rounded Shoulders:

how to straighten spine-rounded shoulders

This is also a common problem of posture that can also affect the form of your back and spine negatively, thus I recommend a wonderful out of the best exercises to straighten spine and improve the form of the shoulders greatly that people should try at home.
The matter:

Weakness in the middle and lower parts of your trapezius (the large muscle that spans your shoulders and back)
How to fix:

Lie your body with your face down on the floor, with each arm in the high-5 position at a 90-degree angle. By squeezing your shoulder blades together and pulling your shoulders back, raise both your two arms without changing your elbow angle. Hold for 5 seconds. Apply this exercise with 3 sets for each side on a daily basis for good results as desired.

6. Forward Head:

how to straighten spine-forward head

This is the last but also very serious problem of posture that people need to fix right away if they want to get better look and learn how to straighten spine and neck.
The matter:

Stiff muscles in the back of the neck
How to fix:

Moving your head only, while stretching the back of your neck, drop the chin down and in toward your sternum. Hold for 5 seconds. Apply this exercise with 3 sets for each side and repeat the exercise 10 times on a daily basis for good results as desired.

II. How To Straighten Your Back And Spine – Simple Ways To Assess Your Posture:

Wear something that very fit your body and take 2 photos of your full body — one from the side and one from the front. Stand as tall as possible with your muscles relaxed and your feet hip-width apart. After that, refer to the fix-it plan to figure out the posture problems you and your body are facing.

•           Check out and find out whether or not you are duck-footed: if you see your toes pointing outward more than 10 degrees, your are getting this problem.

•           Check out the kneecaps: If they point inward, making your knees touch when the legs are straightened, you actually have to deal with the problem right away.

•           Check out your shoulders: they should not appear with one side higher than the other.

•           If you have a belly pooch (even if you are not fat or overweight with a little extra fat) and your hips tilt forward, while your lower spine is significantly arched, you are actually struggling with the anterior pelvic tilt problem but you do not know about it.

•           If you can see your shoulder blade, your back is actually too rounded.

•           Check out your ear: If it is in front of your shoulder’s middle point, your head is too far forward.

III. Some Good Postures That Can Help On How To Straighten Your Back Naturally:

As already mentioned and discussed, correcting poor postures is essential and crucial for determining where improvement is necessary. For example, when you sit in an office chair. Next, patients need to work on changing their routines and habits daily and thereby correcting the related areas. This will be able to help in improving and providing a great support to your back and over time it will help in decreasing back pain. You will need to spend some efforts and perseverance on doing this, and it seems to be a necessariness when it comes to a little unnatural support initially. Commonly, people might feel uncomfortable, and even sometimes they feel a little taller, but over time the new correct postures will seem to be more comfortable and natural.

Here are a few of good guidelines and tips on how to get in right postures and ergonomics and how to straighten your back naturally at home and at the workplace.

1. Sleeping Posture With Pillows And Mattresses:

how to straighten spine-sleeping posture with pillows and mattresses

  • If you sleep on the side, you should relatively have a flat pillow placed between your legs. This will help to keep your spine straight and aligned.
  • Consider putting under your neck with a rolled-up towel and a pillow under your knees to support your spine better.
  • Use a pillow to give your shoulders and head proper alignment and support.
  • Sleeping on the back or side is usually more comfortable for your back compared to sleeping on your tummy.
  • It is generally best for proper back to use a relatively firm mattress to support them, although individual preference is very crucial.

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