How To Avoid Distractions At Work And In Life

how to avoid distractions

Sometimes you can focus on your work or feel comfortable; it may be caused by some factors that distract you. Would you want to discover the causes of distractions and learn how to avoid distractions at work and in life? Check out this article on VKool site in the line of Lifestyle and you will know how to deal with it.

How To Avoid Distractions – Be Productive At Work And In Life

1. Quash Your Inner Child

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Procrastination and distraction are intertwined. When you procrastinate, you are simply succumbing to distractions around you and putting off work to feel good. What is a good way to break this? Realize that for many! If not, focus on important tasks.

This is actually a psychological method to solve procrastination puzzle and get rid of distractions. According to psychologists, distractions sometimes are the symptom of a 6 year-old child. He grows up and realizes many difficult tasks and unpleasant things and he doesn’t know how to stop them and get more pleasant. Naturally, he needs a motivation from someone to fix him.

Because you now are not a child, so you have to solve the things on your own. Break your procrastination and change your mind that you are not distracted and it’s just the way you are procrastinating. So, you now might know how to avoid distractions and procrastination, right?

2. Set A Goal

set a goal

You should set your goals at work and in life, both short-term goals and long-term goals. The goal setting will help you be active to handle every situation. Also, it helps you to complete the plan on time.

Besides, remember to report the things you have done at the end of day. Write down to know what you did well and what you need to improve for better results.

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3. Be A Rock – Not A Tree

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Yes! I mean you should be strong as it is not easy to get rid of distractions. In other words, you have to control your mind, empower your mind to be strong. For instance, if you have a great passion in art, but you have no money to follow a university of art or take part in a class of art, and your family just tries to stop your love for art, you need to strengthen your mind. Keep your dream and find other ways to learn an art, make friends with people love art and let your family know that your dream is nice and you will keep following it.

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4. Relax


Stress is a type of distractions. So, to get rid of distractions, you should get relaxed. Staying loose can help you relaxed. Listening to music can help you feel boosted. Talking to friends can help you feel good. So, do anything that makes you feel better to overcome different kinds of distractions at work and in your life.

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5. Avoid Coffee

avoid coffee

Don’t you know that coffee can make you anxious and jittery? Especially when you drink more than 2 cups of coffee a day as the body won’t allow the mind to sit still for 2 seconds. Instead, you can opt for other healthy drink to stay concentrated such as fresh water or green tea.

Moreover, a high dose of coffee may cause your stomach upset. This is definitely another distraction affecting your work.

6. Close The Doors

close the doors

If you get distracted with some noise and concentration. Close the doors; even lock it to avoid distractions from the outside.

Especially when you are in the office or you are learning in your own room, closing the doors helps you focus on your work and study. In addition, close the windows to limit some noise on the street or music in the neighbor’s house.

7. Disconnect Internet

disconnect internet

Young people nowadays are addicted to Internet. Some say that internet is a part of their life like breathing, water, food and sleep, so they can’t live without internet.

Actually, it is not problem you connect the internet or not, it’s the way how you use it to get rid of distraction. If your work require internet, focus on your work with internet. But if you know that internet is distracting your work and life. It’s time for you to disconnect internet with junk email, online friends, harmful relationships to focus on your work, study and other healthy relationships outside.

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8. Ask For Help

ask for help

Why not? If someone can help you get rid of distractions, ask them for a help. For instance, if your boss gives you too many tasks and they are overwhelmed to you. You can’t solve with all the tasks and ensure the good results as expected. So, you should talk to the boss to reduce the load of work and reduce working pressure. If your boss can’t help you solve it for reduced tasks or more time, you are getting more distractions.

9. Get Out & Socialize

get out & socialize

Among ways on how to avoid distractions at work and in life, don’t forget getting out and being sociable. As I mentioned above, going out for talks is also a good way to deal with distractions.

It gives you time to relax, relieve uncomfortable feelings and sharing your stories with your friend. In addition, you can join a group, meet new friends, and start a new sport and show your personality with your new friend.


Also, going out with fresh air can help you feel energetic and you will get rid of distractions at work and in life instantly.

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10. Minimize Noise Distractions

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There are some types of distractions caused by noise such as music, talks, vehicles, quarrels and a lot more. In certain cases, you have to deal with distractions in different ways.

For instance, if you are going to make a call in a room with many people, you should find a quiet place to make that call. Instead, you can send an email or text. If people around you play music loud, you can ask them to turn it off or you can wear your own earphones and enjoy your music.

11. Learn Self-Management Skills

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Next to an important ways on how to avoid distractions, this is learning to improve your self-management skills. You will learn to have concentration on your work, manage stress, practice relaxation, be yourself and get happier and more successful.

It sounds abstract, right? But you simply just need to understand your distraction, the cause of the distraction and eliminate it with your clear mind.

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12. Take Care Of Health

take care of health

That’s true because if your health decreases, you will feel tired, have fatigue and have stressed mind. They are definitely different types of distractions. So, if your distractions come from health, consider improving your health in order to have a clear mind and feel energetic at work and in life.

In concrete, you should get enough sleep as the lack of sleep can make you feel irritable and tired. Also, stay hydrated to get rid of fatigue and exhaustion.

13. Create A To-Do List

create a to-do list

Next to effective ways on how to avoid distractions, don’t forget to create a to-do list and complete all your tasks on time. Write all your tasks you need to do through the day on a paper. This way helps you figure out exactly what you need to do first. So, all your tasks are in order and you won’t be confused to do this thing first and do that thing later. As a result, you will get rid of distractions.

14. Get Organized

get organized

Your distractions may also come from the way you organize your working place or your living place. Obviously, messes of paper and things can make you just want to cry out. Or in another state, you will just want to stop solving with them. To overcome this type of distraction, you should get organized. Take about 30 minutes to organize your office, your room and your working place. If you don’t have much time, spend about 1 or 2 hours of your weekend rearranging and cleaning your room. Don’t be crazy with your messes. If not, you can’t focus on doing something with comfort. With a well-organized place, you will be ready to start a new day, get rid of distractions and be productive.

Bottom line: Hope that these 14 tips on how to avoid distractions at work and in life could help you deal with your distractions and get happier and more successful. To comment on this article, drop your words into the comment box. Share it with other people, too. At last, thanks for reading and see you in the next posts.

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