How To Write A Song Lyrics For Beginners – Top 14 Tips Revealed

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Song writing that is rarely taught. Every song writer goes through times when the inspiration just seems to dry up and also the perspiration does not seem to be working. If you are stuck in a musical rut and want to get out of it, then here are a handful of simple tips on how to write a song to help you thinking about the ideas of songwriting. Read on now!

14 Tips On How To Write A Song – Magic Steps On Songwriting

1.      Find The Best Techniques To Write A Song

The best way is to persistently and constantly research what hits songwriters do. You could not be a professional song writer if you do not spend time, even years in studying the greats in that field. The same is right for writing songs as well as song writers. Similarly, they studied their song writing craft from those people who came before them.

2.      Learn How To Write A Song

It is recommended that if you want to become a pro in song writing, then you need to work on song writing every day. Focus especially on those songwriters whose tips on how to write a song cansongs are considered as classics while still follow the best of what is happening now. Try listening to the current hits and then write down what these chart-toppers have in common. Do not write songs which are familiar with audiences when it comes to rhythm and lyrics. Analyze songs which appeal to current audience. You had better ask yourself some questions, such as what is the hit’s structure like? Do those hits have a bridge? Which chord structures will work best? Do those songs imply a certain story?

3.      Change The Order In Which You Write A Song

Let me ask you a question: How do you write a song? Do you just sit with the instrument until you find a chord progression that you like? Or, you write the song lyrics before fitting the music around them? Well, no matter how your approach is, the fact is you use a similar one each time. Strip a simple song down to its bare bones, here are 5 key components:

  • Melody
  • Lyrics
  • Rhythm
  • Harmony
  • Structure

So, next time when you sit down to write a song, just choose the component that you have not ever begun with before to start with. I think most songwriters have not ever tried writing with the structure first. Just give it a chance, drill down your thought and your song will improve significantly.

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4.      Write About Whatever Is On Your Mind

 When writing, you want to get part into your songs. This means that you often take and display your feelings to compose the song. Writing about your surroundings, things happening around you is a good way to get started and practice lyric creation. Even the smallest or simplest things can be your topic. By this way, you will not have to worry about what to write about next. You already have a lot of materials around and story in your head, so you just let it out.

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5.      Focus On Love

The greatest hit songs of all time have been written on this theme. Write songs on the topic about Love. Once again, take a look at the top hits and see common thread throughout. Whether it is about break-up, cheating, faithfulness, or whatever, most of them talk about something relating to love. Thus, let the ideas flow out of your thought. You should not be afraid of writing the lyrics which say your feelings. Love songs will work for you!

6.      It Is Not All About Money

While the songwriting career also relates to music business, you should focus on writing song or doing music with the love instead of the purpose of making money. Obviously, all song writers want to compose the top songs; nevertheless, once you do this just because the money you receive, then it does not come, you will be fed up with it and give up soon. Therefore, concentrate on writing good songs and money will follow.

7.      Write Song Daily

If might be much easier for songwriters to write about what they know than what they have never been through. When writing about your own experience, the lyrics will be more sincere and genuine. Also, it will have a better and smooth flow. In other words, your writing speed will be much faster because it comes from your soul and is extremely natural to you. If someone else has experienced what you have experienced, he or she will be able to sympathize with your own song.

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8.      Start With The Tittle 

It is great for you to create a phrase of one to five words which can sum up the heart of the song’s message. Just try using an action or image word in the title to give it energy and interest. For more information to improve your writing skill, check the tips on boosting writing skills fast  here.

9.      Make The First Impression With Your First Line

Create a special impression with your song’s first line. Just grab the listener’s attention instantly. If you could not grab your listeners in the opening line, you will hardly to have their hearing. Prepare the listeners to listen to, and want to listen to the rest of your song. Once you do not get the attention of the listeners by the first few seconds of your song, that is it, they will move to the next song.

Additionally, you can grab your listeners’ attention by making use of contrast. It is natural to think that being loud, is an attention-getter but if loudness turns the standard, then we do not have a diversified music industry like current day. Once we are satisfied that everything is safe, we will no longer need to devote energy to it and we stop paying attention. That is similar to what listeners will do with your song. So, just try using contrast to grab the attention of song’s listeners.

10.  Start To Add Chords To The Chorus Melody

Just try a simple and repeated chord pattern. You had better play with the melody a well as chords until you find something you like. Then, record a rough vocal even if it is only on your iPhone. Just be sure you write it down so you do not forget it. For more ideas on writing songs telling stories, read on this guide of easy tips to write a novel.

11. Use Music Composition Software

Music composition software could be a musician’s best friend. These systems aid in the writing process by organizing your task as well as enabling you to see what you are playing. Quality software packages will provide you with various features, such as a metronome to keep beat, playback, so you could listen to what have been composed.

 12. Collaborate

In some cases, one of the best tips on how to write a song is through collaboration with your friend or band members. A lot of songwriter can write a song in collaboration with another one. A great way to do this is to have each person in the band write a different line in a song. Because everybody could add his / her point of view to that song, this might be a good manner to create a wonderful and unique song. However, it might be essential for all of you to have heavy editing to make the song cohesive. On the other hand, this also could be an efficient starting point when getting started to write song lyrics.

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13.  Be Aware Of The ‘Sounds’ Of Words

In fact, words have an inherent sound to them that becomes more pronounced when sung rather than spoken. Furthermore, some words sound spikey, some open, some stodgy, some roll off the tongue, and some blunt. Take the sound as well as the meaning of the word into account while writing.

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14.  Write Song In A Genre

The last but not less critical tips on how to write a song is choosing a genre to write in. Like ice cream, songs come in different flavors: peach, chocolate, strawberry, and rocky road. Like the ice cream flavors, there are many differences between the mainstream music genres, including Country, Rock, Pop, And Urban.  Each one might appeal to special listeners.

So, it is necessary for you to choose a genre for getting familiar with it. Spend some time on listening to top hits in the special genre that you want to write in. If it is Country, you had better listen to top 20 current hits of Country and then study the chords, the melodies, and the lyrics in order to see their features and special things.

And, if you are interested in Rock, Pop, Hip Hop, or R&B/Soul, then check out the airplay chart in radio to see which song gets the most play. Once you find out the genre you like and a couple of songs, you can listen to them carefully to study your genre. Look for the general and specific characteristic of your genre.

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Go ahead and do it! These tips on how to write a song are collected from many famous and professional song writers who have much experience on writing hits.

If you feel this article of tips on how to write a song is useful for your career and demands, you can leave comments or feedbacks at the end of this post. We appreciate your contribution and will answer all as soon as possible.

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