Enhance Mind iQ Review (UPDATED 2024) – Is It Safe?

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The many spam websites which promote this brand as well as the F rating on the Better Business Bureau show that this company has major problems. The supplement itself has mostly unimpressive ingredients, as well as unnecessary stimulants. Many interesting findings were discovered which you can read in this full analysis.

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Enhance Mind iQ Overview

Enhance Mind iQ is a nootropic supplement that uses a very basic formula and which is rated poorly as a company. At this time there are 49 filed complaints on the Better Business Bureau which caused them to get an F rating.

The focus in these reviews was about the free trial claim which many said was a scam.
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This makes sense when you notice the 3 separate fake websites which redirect to another website. It’s a common bait and switch technique which is often in place after company is exposed as running shady business practices.

A lot of people who bought from what appears to be the official website say that they ended up being forced to pay full price on a claimed free trial program.

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Enhance Mind iQ Claims

They add how this is the “most advanced” nootropic formula ever made. No actual evidence is given to support this claim and by looking at the ingredients list, it’s a clear exaggeration.

Much of what’s added here is in almost all nootropic supplements. Many use the well-studied and highly reviewed Bacopa, as well as the nutrients. The stimulant is not always used but it’s also unnecessary and potentially dangerous.

The company has clear exaggerated health benefits on their entire website which are not supported by any actual proof.

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Enhance Mind iQ Ingredients

  • Bacopa Monnieri
  • Glucuronolactone
  • Caffeine
  • Vitamin B6
  • Vitamin B12

Bacopa Monnieri is a typical nootropic ingredient which can affect how well the brain processed information. This is also used for its memory enhancing benefits.

Glucuronolactone is found in glucose and it can help keep the mind alert and sharp, so it can focus on tasks. This is important and naturally found in the human body within connective tissue.

Caffeine is a basic and often used stimulant ingredient which can help improve alertness and reduce fatigue. This should only be used early in the day to help prevent many of the associated side effects like sleep loss and anxiety.

Vitamin B6 and Vitamin B12 are both used for energy metabolism as they help transform macronutrients into a usable energy source. Both play a role in affecting general health, and this includes brain function.

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The Science Behind Enhance Mind iQ

It’s suggested that the effects will kick in within 20 minutes of use, and that it has overall mental health benefits. None of this is actually supported by any provided evidence No science is ever mentioned here, other than random claims often made by other companies.

If you take time to examine the ingredients you’ll find additives which are fairly basic. There are b vitamins, some caffeine, a common nootropic herb, and an active molecule which is lacking much research. All this amounts to a very poorly formulated blend of basic nootropic ingredients. This may be why the company is more concerned about making health claims than in providing proof; the formula is simply too basic.

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Word on the Street About Enhance Mind iQ

“Had a strange feeling after taking this, I felt uncomfortable and couldn’t feel my face”

“Really should avoid this at all costs, they will charge you money and claim to offer a refund but it never comes”

“We never agreed to get 6 bottles they told us it was only one but they increased the amount without asking”

“Total scam, avoid it at all costs, not good”

It’s hard to find much of a description about the supplement itself since many focused instead on the companies policies. Many said that they had unexpected charged that were in the hundreds, and that the company overcharged their credit cards.

Only a few mentioned the product itself, and it was almost always related to side effects. A loss of feeling was alarmingly often mentioned.

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Is Enhance Mind iQ Worth a Try?

The highly controversial business practices and the questionable formula make it an easy pass. A main focus by consumers wasn’t the supplement itself, but the business practices. There was a common problem in that people were unable to get their money back, being forced into an auto-renewal plan that they were never told of. People went into the free trial not being told or even hinted at having to pay off auto-enrollment.

Typically supplement companies will make it clear that they will charge after the trial is done, but the many reviews left by people showed that they were never wared. They also had to repeatedly call  the company to try and get a return. People ended up spending hundreds of dollars which they never knew was going to be charged against them. This was even charged for people who sent back unopened bottles.

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Enhance Mind iQ vs Adderall

Adderall contains stimulants which are taken to help control both narcolepsy and ADHD. It’s a prescription drug that has amphetamines, and it has to be used only by people who are medically fit to take it, while also requiring it. Even though it is often seen as a kind of focus wonder drug, it’s illegal and potentially unsafe to use it without a prescription.

Enhance Mind iQ FAQ

  1. Is there an official Enhance Mind iQ Amazon listing?
    Only for the plus version, not the original.
  1. What are common Enhance Mind iQ reviews?
    Few reviews are available but they were mostly extremely negative due to the lack of results.
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  1. How can I reach Enhance Mind iQ customer service?
    Their phone number is (925) 273-6871, and they are based out of Florida.
  1. What does Reddit say about Enhance Mind iQ?
    There was no thread available which talks about it.
  1. Where can I find Enhance Mind iQ for sale?
    EBay and their official website.
  1. Is there a CNN Enhance Mind iQ expose?
    None at this time.
  1. What are the Enhance Mind iQ ingredients?
    This contains vitamin B6, B12, caffeine, Bacopa monnieri and glucuronolactone.
  1. Can I get Enhance Mind iQ on EBay?
    There are some retailers but they do not appear to be official retailers, only 3rd party sellers.
  1. Is there an Enhance Mind iQ free trial?
    At this time there is no free trial offered.
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    Spam websites claim there is a free trial but they redirect to another brand.

So What Really Works?

We felt that due to the reviews, formula, and company history, Memotenz was the overall best nootropic. After taking time to check out many nootropics it was clear that his brand offered the best formula, at an affordable cost. The ingredients are clearly added in amounts which can deliver the most useful impact. The benefits extend not just to focus and mental energy, but also mood and even long-term cognition.

There were many who took it initially for a specific benefit, but they often said that it optimized their overall mental performance. This cognitive boost made it easier to focus on tasks which require strict focus, or on tasks that were mentally fatiguing. Best of all there’s nothing artificial and it’s completely free of stimulants. To get a better understanding on what Memotenz can offer for nootropic support, click here.

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