VirMax T Review (UPDATED 2024) – Is It Safe?

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The formula is about basic as you can get, and the customer feedback was mostly negative. Many said it failed to produce any results, and a handful of customers actually experienced side effects. To read the most important details of VirMax T you can go through the table of contents.

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VirMax T Overview

Even though there isn’t much support provided by the ingredients, what’s odd is the amount of negative reviews. It’s likely due to the small dosage strength of key active ingredients. You also have to factor in the use of unnecessary food coloring and the high price for the total amount of the total formula.

It’s not that this is the worst male enhancement available; it’s just incredibly basic and really unnecessary. More support is offered elsewhere and all without the use of food coloring or a low dosage strength formula. You aren’t supported by a money back return in case there are side effects or no male enhancement benefits.

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VirMax T Claims

That’s the thing about this product, all you get are claims. Supposedly this will help normalize testosterone labels, support libido, sex drive, stamina, energy, physical endurance and overall physical performance.

They have 2 sections where this is all outlined, but they both basically say the exact same thing just in different words. Nowhere is there a clear explanation about the ingredients, nor do they help explain the specifics on how this will work.

When factoring the total amount of each ingredient it’s clear it’s not added in high enough amounts. We’ll go over this more closely in the science section of this article.

The company sells a 30 day supple for $24.99 on their website. this is high considering the low amounts of ingredients. They don’t even explain roughly how long it will take to experience benefits. No explanation about the time frame needed for results is ever provided, making it impossible to know what kind of expectation to have. They also fail to mention if this will have to be taken forever, or whether or not it has to be cycled.

No details are given about what happens if you need it immodestly in spontaneous sexual action; there is no way to know if it can work immediately or if time is needed.  It’s difficult to take them seriously when they suggest this can help

“support normal testosterone levels”

This is the main intended benefit behind this supplement, which is why they call it a testosterone boosting brand. Unlike their other general male enhancement products, this is intended mostly as a way to enhance testosterone. Nowhere on their website do they help explain how they came up with this conclusion. It may be that they did do some sort of review, but they fail to give customers insights to help prove their claims.

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VirMax T Ingredients

  • Magnesium Oxide
  • Di-Calcium Phosphate Dihydrate
  • Zinc Oxide

Proprietary Blend, 450 mg

  • Tribulus Terrestris Extract
  • Fenugreek Extract
  • Korean Ginseng (20% ginsenosides)
  • Epimedium Grandiflorum 4:1
  • Epimedium Longifolia 20:1 root

This is exactly what you’d expect in the average male enhancement product. Aphrodisiacs like Tribulus Terrestris, Epimedium Grandiflorum, and Epimedium Longifolia are all common to countless supplements.

Korean Ginseng can have many benefits including more circulation for better blood flow, and overall adaptogen support. This means it can help regulate stress levels, which when it’s too high can reduce testosterone.

For extra testosterone enhancement they use Fenugreek, a common herb that is also frequently added to testosterone enhancing ingredients. This is marketed mostly as a testosterone booster, but it is also intended to help support sexual desire.

A specific feature of this brand that was not good is that they used 2 forms of food coloring. Their inactive ingredient includes FD&C Red #40 and FD&C Blue #1. Both are not necessary and better left avoided since they have controversial possible side effects. They serve no actual purpose and are added solely to make the pills appear a certain color.

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The Science Behind VirMax T

All the available support from this comes in 3 sentences and a few outlined clams. No actual evidence is ever cited anywhere, so it’s impossible to know if they actually had any research performed.

Epimedium Longifolia is the scientific way of saying horny goat weed. This is a basic aphrodisiac that is often added to libido enhancing supplements for the simple fact that it has multiple possible benefits.

Epimedium Grandiflorum is another species of horny goat weed known as barrenwort. This is also used for the same purpose, as a general aphrodisiac.

Tribulus terrestris is another well-rounded aphrodisiac which is referred to as an herb used for:

“male virility and general vitality”

This was according to the website Examine which observed the possible benefits from it.

FD&C Blue #1 is a controversial food coloring also added to this supplement. There’s good reason why the Environment Canada Domestic Substance List labels this to have a:

“moderate to high toxicity”

The same is said about FD&C Red #40. There’s no good reason why anyone should be taking this in, the possible side effects make it a potential hazard.

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Word on the Street about VirMax T

“So I didn’t really know what this was about because it just ended up making be very sick and bedridden”

“Really could not tell a difference after 30 days, in my opinion this is useless and not at all worth it to try again”

“Not at all a helpful as they make it seem, maybe something else would be better for my needs. I can say this doesn’t work though”

“Not worth your time or investment of money, this was not at all effective. Useless really”

The average consensus was very negative. Very few saw any benefit from this and judging from most reviews, this failed to deliver on any of the promises made by the official website.

What was alarming where the customers who experienced side effects. It’s not often that the main active ingredients would be responsible for some of the symptoms mentioned. It could be that the food coloring had an adverse reaction but realistically, there is no way to know for certain what could have been the reason there were symptoms in some.

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Is VirMax T Worth a Try?

You can get much better supplements which are higher rated by customers. The company that makes it has not given a good enough explanation to justify why anyone should spend their money on this. They don’t back it up with a return policy, nor is there any science cited to give users a reason to try it.

The ingredients are basic and there isn’t much in the main active ingredients, only 450 mg is added to their proprietary blend of a total of 5 ingredients. This likely means that at least a few of these additives if not all of them aren’t added in sufficiently high enough amounts. It’s important to get the right amount in order for there to be real benefits; otherwise there would be no benefit to using it.

Customers had a lot of negative things to say about it, all ranging from a lack of benefits or because of the difficult to deal with symptoms. Some said it made them ill, unable to relax, and there was sudden urination, a side effect which is rarely if ever seen in the ingredients added to this. Many said it was a waste of money and that it failed to produce any changes after finishing a full 30 days’ worth of product. Far too many had negative experiences to consider this worth trying, the general concerns was far too negative to consider it useful at improving male enhancement.

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VirMax T vs Extenze  

The most noticeably going about Extenze is the amount of negative feedback the company has received. They had to deal with lawsuits and many customer complaints about side effects.

They continue to use a controversial stimulant which in high amounts can potentially lead to dangerous symptoms. It’s not uncommon for customers to experience issues such as rapid heart rate, anxiety, nausea, headache, and jitters.

Difficult side effects were common for a lot of customers who often said they regretted using it. The amount of damage that the ingredients have caused is of important concern; no one should put their health at risk when so many complained.

VirMax T vs Libido Max

What stands out about Libido Max is the fact they use yohimbe, an unnecessary stimulant ingredient linked to cardiovascular damage. Taking this repeatedly or using it late at night is not advised as complications can arise.

Information about the company is limited, but it is known they do not offer a money back return. Most customers also had nothing but negative things to say about the supplements effects. There were side effects and issues related to the lack of benefits.  The rest of the ingredients are too basic to consider them any more useful than a standard formula.

VirMax T vs Viagra

The only safe way to start using Viagra is if you get it prescribed by a medical doctor that has reviewed your medical history. Even though this is a popular pill; it’s a prescription which may lead to dangerous side effects.

It’s important to take it as directed, without alcohol, and often it’s only allowed for a short time period. Excess use can damage the cardiovascular system, possibly causing long-term damage to the heart. This is also one-dimensional, only capable of preventing erectile dysfunction, not effective for any of the other important male enhancement benefits that supplements typically offer.

VirMax T vs Nugenix

If you’re reviewing the original Nugenix formula it’s easy to see not much is added to this. The main ingredient is an amino acid, the basic tribulus terrestis, and a patented version of fenugreek.

The cost is quite high and they have controversial free trial program which many complained was a scam to trick customers into giving their credit card information. The reason why this may be likely is due to the amount of overwhelming negative feedback on the companies Better Business Bureau page. They were constantly described as being shady and they use a key ingredient which has been the subject of lawsuits.

VirMax T FAQ

  1. What are the VirMax T dosing directions?
    A single capsule is advised daily, no other details are provided on whether or not this has to be continually taken forever or whether or not it can be mixed with alcohol.
  1. Can I get VirMax T at Walgreens?
    They do sell it at Walgreens on their website and in stores.
  1. Is VirMax T at CVS?
    Yes they sell it online and in their stores.
  1. Can you get VirMax T at Walmart?
    They do offer it there with direct shipping or you can you pick it up at stores.
  1. Are there any VirMax T side effects?
    Some customers said it made them urinate more, especially in the middle of the night while they were sleeping. Others said it made them feel sick with nausea and general unease.
  1. What do VirMax T reviews say about it?
    Typically there were issues related to a complete lack of benefits. Many said it was not as good as it was described, and there was a majority consensus about the lack of benefits. Very few had anything positive to say about.
  1. Is VirMax T really effective?
    If you consider only the reviews which were very poor, many customers failed to notice an improvement. There is no way to know for certain if a supplement would be truly ineffective, but the fact that the vast majority of customers said it didn’t work is never a good sign.

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So What Really Works?

Looking at all the available option for male enhancement, we determined Viritenz offers the best support. The actual users of it noticed a great improvement in their sex drive and overall sexual pleasure. The ingredients include aphrodisiacs which can offer multiple improvements to overall sexual abilities. All that’s added is clearly carefully selected and they add it in a high dosage strength blend.

The feedback was clearly positive due to the high dosage strength of quality ingredients. All you get are natural ingredient without the cheap filler or unnecessary additives. The possible benefits include improved blood flow for erection strength, supported mood, energy without stimulants and many other improvements. Click here where you can see what Viritenz is all about; we broke down its potential benefits for male sexual health.

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