Top cute but deadly animals that could kill you

What deadly animals do you know: tigers, snakes, leopards? Yes! Of course they are dangerous as their weapons are fangs and poisons. Besides, many have their secret weapon – cuteness. They at first look innocent and sweet, but the cutest creatures of nature are deadly. Do you know exactly names and features of these cute but deadly animals? In this article on VKool site in the line of Lifestyle, we are going to show you a list of the top these animals. Check out and consider staying away from them as they could kill you! It’s not a joke!

Top Cute But Deadly Animals (With Pictures) That You Must Know

1. Pufferfish

How cute! Bet that most of us fall in love with this cute fish. But don’t be cheated by its innocence and beauty! Pufferfish is one of the most poisonous vertebrate under the sea!

Fishermen have to use thick gloves to get rid of the risk of being bitten or getting poison from pufferfish. The poison of this cute fish that has no antidote and it can kill by paralyzing human’s diaphragm, thereby causing suffocation.

2. Slow Loris

cute but deadly animals

Slow loris look like a big-eyed baby yet they are the most poisonous mammals on the planet! The subtle nature of this animal make it become common in the global illegal pet trade, yet many people stay clear from it’s poison that is released from slow loris’ elbows. Especially, when threatened, this cute mammal can take its poison into the mouth, then mix the toxin with saliva. In addition, slow loris can lick its hair as a way to deter its predators from attack. The poison can lead to anaphylactic shock and cause death.

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3. Moose

cute but deadly animals

Don’t let moose fool you! They are among the most deadly, regularly encountered cute animals on the planet. They like to leave humans alone, yet if threatened or disturbed, moose can respond by charging with craziness and aggression. It is said that moose attack more people than bears do annually. Also, moose are very aggressive when they are defending a calf.

4. Kittens

cute but deadly animals

Why? Why cats?! It’s actually sad, yet true: cats and kittens can be dangerous to humans. Specifically, this cute pet can be highly danger to pregnant women. It is believed that cat and kittens can cause Toxoplasmosis, a type of infection that is passed into the stool and cause serious problems for pregnant women, such as abortion. It’s really sad, but you should not stay too close to adorable kittens and cats.

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5. Big Cats

cute but deadly animals

Still cats among cute but deadly animals!!! They look like a bigger or overgrown version of your lovely pet, yet keep in mind that you are in the list of the wild big cats, including lions, tigers, leopards, cheetahs and jaguars. In countries where big cats live, they can be a treat to small children and lone hikers. Especially, if they’re mishandled, they can threaten lives. According to a report, there are about 15 thousands big cats that are kept captive in the US and just a small part of them is kept in accredited zoos.

6. Cassowary

cute but deadly animals

Cassowaries look like flamboyant ostriches and they can be found the rain forests of New Guinea and Australia. They like to keep their low profile, yet when mishandled or disturbed, this bird can become very territorial and aggressive. Capable of leaping and running at high speeds, cassowaries can attack humans by thrusting their large claws forward for disemboweling their target.

7. Dingo

cute but deadly animals

The dingo is believed a kind of wild dog tamed by Australian. Dingoes look so cute like other dog pets, but they can be dangerous when getting aggressive. They can bite and snatch human if they get food from humans in the wild. So, it’d better not to play with these cute yet frisky critters.

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8. Bottle-Nosed Dolphin

cute but deadly animals

There is a wide range of dolphin on the planet. When it comes to cute but deadly animals, we are talking about bottle-nosed dolphins. They are agile, highly intelligent and majestic. Moreover, dolphins can be giant jerks and they can kill other animals as sport. In fact, bottle-nosed dolphins not only have been reported as guys that harass human, but also known to attack sharks by hitting sharks in the stomach or gills with their snouts. Ouchies! Don’t be close to bottle-nosed dolphins! This is an honest advice!

9. Duck-Billed Platypus

cute but deadly animals

Duck-billed platypuses look so weird! This animal is so deliriously ridiculous, too! Biologists refused to accept the fact that it could be anything but a hoax when discovered at the first time. Do you think this animal is cute and want to touch a platypus once? Wait! They are poisonous! And run!

Male platypuses are identified with a pair of spurs on the hind legs, which they use for dominance duels and defense. They release an extremely brutal dose of venom, which can put a person into an emergency room, or leave that person writhing in the muscle-impaired agony in months.

10. Mice

cute but deadly animals

Like kittens or dingoes, mice can leave deadly poison that may cause death. It is found that mice particularly carry hantavirus that’s then left in presents. If someone breathes in some of those particles, he or she may get an infection that then develop hantavirus pulmonary syndrome. If untreated or treated improperly, this syndrome may lead to death.

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11. Blue-Ringed Octopus

cute but deadly animals

Next to cute but deadly animals under the sea, consider blue-ringed octopus!

This tiny octopus is able to pack a wallop. It is commonly regarded among the most venomous sea animals. Blue-ringed octopus lives in some tidal regions from Australia – Japan and it is often encountered by those who wade in tide pools. If stepped or provoked on, the octopus will bite. Its poison is believed to have no antivenom and this may kill an adult within just several minutes.

12. Bears

cute but deadly animals

Real bears, not pooh bears or teddy bears coming from your childhood tales or cartoons or movies. Bears are among the most adorable large carnivores on the planet. But how strange it is when bears are on the shortlist of dangerous animals known to kill humans. Polar bears and grizzlies are the most dangerous, yet all species of bear are potentially dangerous, even vegetarian panda!

13. Poison Dart Frog

cute but deadly animals

Next to cute but deadly animals, consider poison dart frog. As mentioned above, most colorful and adorable animals have their secret weapon – cuteness. The charismatic colors may catch your eye, yet such pizazz is a way of nature that tell us to stay away. Among the most poisonous animals on Earth, this is poison dart frog! It is discovered that Indigenous American Indians used the frog’s poison to poison the tips of darts for hunting.

14. Giant Anteater

cute but deadly animals

This animal looks funny. Giant anteaters just feed on termites and ants. Their sizes show that they could be a dangerous animal. How fearful are giant anteaters?  In fact, their weapons are their sharp and powerful claws. If distracted or threatened, this animal can maul a person and it is able to disembowel him or her with just 1 swipe!

15. Elephant

cute but deadly animals

Add to the list of cute but deadly animals, this is elephant. Elephants are usually portrayed as adorable animals, which are domesticated by zookeepers and trainers. But if threatened or agitated or encountered in wild, they can be dangerous creatures. They are known as being vindictive when experiencing unexpected range bouts. There are 100s of people killed by rampaging or mistreated elephants in India annually.

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16. Pfeffer’s Flamboyant Cuttlefish

cute but deadly animals

Never cuddle this pfeffer’s flamboyant cuttlefish. Though colorful and charming, the aptly named displays of this fish are warnings. In reality, pfeffer’s flamboyant cuttlefish rarely encounter or attack humans, but their poison, if gotten is extremely toxic as lethal as the toxin of blue-ringed octopuses.

17. Monkeys & Apes

cute but deadly animals

How cute and intelligent apes and monkeys are! These mammals are the most similar to us, creating some pitfalls and a natural bond. Some particular diseases carried by apes and monkeys can be transmitted to humans easily. Even just a small bite of a monkey can potentially transmit the virus hepatitis C. Some larger apes, such as orangutans, gorillas and chimpanzees are dangerous animals that can be able to maul a person if threatened.

Bottom line:

These are top cute but deadly animals that could destroy you or bring you to death. Take care of these animals, stay away from them, don’t play with them and do not be too friendly or close to them. If not, you are in a danger zone that can’t be predicted! For any feedback on the article, please leave it at the comment box! Thanks for reading!

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