Dog Food Secrets Review – Is Andrew Lewis’s Guide Useful?

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Updates: 08/09/2024

All of us love dogs, right. So, why do we keep giving them such a diet that we do not know much about? With this Dog Food Secrets book review, you will get all necessary information on how to offer your lovely dogs a healthy diet. Keep reading 7 parts below:

1. What Is Dog Food Secrets?

2. Dog Food Secrets Review – How Does It Work?

3. Dog Food Secrets Review – Program Benefits

4. How Much Does It Cost?

5. The Full System Of Dog Food Secrets

6. What’s About Guarantee?

7. Does The Author Offer Any Support?

Dog food secrets book

What Is Dog Food Secrets?

Dog food secrets real user reviewDog Food Secrets is written by Andrew Lewis, who is a member of The program is an e-book that helps dog owners have the vital information about what they feed their furry friends. Based on the real experience of a user named Thrush Pham, this Dog Food Secrets review aims to show you the most honest, unbiased overview about this new revolutionary program about commercial dog foods. Having huge content, the e-book is considered as an encyclopedia for information on dogs. Today, is willing to review the latest edition of this product – the 4th edition. The manual is divided into many chapters that cover 94 pages.

In fact, Andrew Lewis makes some highly controversial claims in his top selling package – Dog Food Secrets. Inside the manual, the creator claims that his product offers a simple yet effective solution for extending the life of a dog by up to 134% and saving money for the dog owners of about $10000 in veterinary bills as well as food costs. It is pointed out that most commercial dog foods are steadily killing dogs at the early age.

The data in this deal is really of concern and an eye-opener. The benefits of raising a dog are so obvious and every responsible dog owner should be able to opt for the right kind of food for their dog. This is precisely what Dog Food Secrets aims to do – to help pet lovers choose the proper stuff to feed their dogs. My entire Dog Food Secrets review should supply you with in-depth insights.

Dog Food Secrets Review – How Does It Work?

As mentioned above in the first part of this Dog Food Secrets review, the 4th edition is broken down into many chapters. Since the release of the first edition several years ago, the author has had the chance to speak with a lot of leading dog experts containing some famous holistic vets. Relied on their comments and ideas, the author has done a variety of research regarding nutrient requirements as well as modification in his initial recommendations. Containing 4 major chapters, the manual walks users through a process of discovering:

dog food secrets book

  • The differences between homemade and processed foods, and why homemade foods are better for dogs and the natural ingredients which are great for dogs.
  • The daily dietary of dogs in which you will discover the necessary nutrients for dogs on a regular basis, the appropriate portions of nutrients such as carbohydrates and protein, the caloric requirement for all dogs, the most balanced diet and the elements affecting the nutrient level of dogs
  • Extra dog health consideration that discusses what is good for your dogs, regular exercise and health regime for your dogs. Also, you will get the list of vaccinations as well as checks required for all dogs to go through.
  • Various homemade dog foods, the delicious dog recipes for main dishes, broths, and cookies. Especially, there will be a part of special recipes for puppies as they cannot eat the same food as of adult dogs.

Dog food secrets pdf order

Concretely, some of the useful subjects talked about within program are:

  • The disgraceful truth about those statements on doggy meal brands
  • What nutrition requirements for your own dogs are
  • The quantity of calories your pup should consume
  • 6 important food components vital for the wellbeing of your dog
  • The effective dog wellbeing remedy, including the best physique temperature, coronary heart beat and respiration for the dog, how to naturally prevent and treat hearworm tests for parasites and intestinal worms.
  • Finest fruit appetizers
  • 55 nutritionally well-balanced tested recipes dog adore
  • And much more

dog food secrets

This program delivers to dog owners the reality associated with dog nutrition and the truth from the dog industry. Dog food companies’ sole aims to generate return and your dog is not their main concern. The program is not out to ruin the dog food industry, yet rather gives your dog owners a healthy choice of meals for their beloved pets. It stresses the evidence and the real truth behind dog nutrition. It does not matter what you have tutored in the past, you will have an entirely new dog meal approach in terms of your dog. Discovering this new view will allow you to become a better dog owner and to extend your dogs’ lifespan significantly.

Take a look at the following testimonials to understand how effective this product is:

Dog food secrets user success-stories

Dog food secrets testimonial

Dog Food Secrets Review – Program Benefits

When it comes to the benefits of Dog Food Secrets, it is noticeable that all recipes are designed in an easy-to-read table format. Especially, every recipe is totally new, more nutritious and much healthier to make. Besides, the main dish recipes are completely free of salt, flour, sugar, cream, and butter. When applying these recipes, you will discover that all of them come with accurate calorie guidelines for small, medium, large, and even extra large dogs, making it easier for you to give your own dog the precise amount of calories it requires each day.

If you want to feed your dog with human being foods, make certain you examine out in record of fatal human being food to in this handbook initially. With many years of researches and a precise dog-loving coronary heart, the author is so positive to this e-book. Therefore, by using the whole system of Dog Food Secrets, you will be able to not only extend your dog’s life but also let yourself relax naturally and easily with your furry friends.

Watch this video to see how a user evaluated this product:

How Much Does It Cost?

The entire system of Dog Food Secrets comes to you in package forms. If you want to make use of this product, there are 3 options for you to select:

  • The gold package: is priced at $47
  • The silver package: is priced at $37
  • The bronze package: is priced at $27

With each option, you will get different components that I will reveal in the next parts. With just a small amount of money like the above, you can help your lovely dog be healthier and stronger without having to waste money on those commercial dog foods. Just give this product a try!

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Dog food secrets pdf order

The Full System Of Dog Food Secrets

After placing your order, you will receive the followings, depending on the option selected:

  • Bronze package:

– Dog Food Secrets

– Canine Diet Changeover E-Guide

– 23 Delicious and Healthy Doggy Treat Recipes

Dog food secrets download page

  • Silver package:

– Dog Food Secrets

– Recipes for The Dogs with Special Demands

– Canine Diet Changeover E-Guide

– Homemade Happiness for the Hungry Hound

– 23 Tasty and Healthy Doggy Treat Recipes

  • Gold package:

Dog food secrets bonus– The main guide of program

– The Report of Confidential Dog Food

– Homemade Natural Shampoo and Soap Recipes For a Dirty Dog

– 23 Tasty and Healthy Doggy Treat Recipes

– Canine Diet Changeover E-Guide

– Homemade Canine Supplement E- Guide

– Pack your Lovely Puppy With Power

– Recipes for The Dogs with Special Demands

What’s About Guarantee?

Dog food secrets guaranteeUpon reading this Dog Food Secrets review, many of you might hesitate that if the program will really work for you, right? Just feel secured because when ordering this system, every client will get the protection of 60-day money back guarantee policy. This satisfaction guarantee will remove all the risks if this program is not as good as your demands. It means that, in 60 first days of order, if you are not pleased with the result gained from this e-guide, you will get 100% cash back. No complaint or question asked. The burden is totally place on  Andrew Lewis’s shoulders, not you. That is so simple.

Does The Author Offer Any Support?

If you have any question about this product content or technical support, send off your email to this address: sales [at] thedogfoodconspiracy dot com

Drop your ideas at the comment section below if you have any ideas to contribute about my entire Dog Food Secrets book review or any entertainment tips introduced in, we will answer all soon.

Dog food secrets by andrew lewis download

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