How to prevent pink eye from spreading naturally – 7 tips

how to prevent pink eye

Pinkeye is a familiar folk noun referring to an inflammation of the conjunctiva caused by bacteria, viruses, or allergic inflammation. This disease usually occurs in July to September – the rainy months.

I. How To Prevent Pink Eye Naturally – Introduction:

1. Definition:

Pinkeye (also known as conjunctivitis) is an eye infection, often due to bacteria or viruses or allergic reactions, with the characteristic symptom as redness.

This disease usually has abrupt onset, firstly in one eye and then spread to the other eye. Pink eye is very easy to affect people, easy to spread in the community, and can cause epidemics.

Pink eye can be transmitted through the direct contacts with an infected person through respiratory, tears, saliva, handshake. Especially, tear of the patients is where chock-full of viruses.

2. Symptoms: 

how to prevent pink eye

The pinkeye patients usually have the following symptoms:

– Severe eye pain, bulgy eyes, feeling like they have sand in their eyes.

– Tears falling and there is much eye polyp, making the lashes stick tightly.

– Swelling eyelids, soreness, conjunctival swelling, redness. The disease usually begins with one eye, after a couple of days, it will come to the second eye …

Cough, mild fever, swollen lymph glands on the ears (common in children).

– In severe cases, it can cause damage to the cornea (the iris), and it can reduce the vision.

II. How To Prevent Pink Eye Naturally From Spreading:

Here are some simple yet useful tips on how to prevent pink eye from spreading at home that people should know:

1. Take Precautions – Wash Your Hands Before Making A Contact: 

how to prevent pink eye

While you are suffering from pinkeye, if you want to cure someone else in your family, you should take the precautions. You should better wear gloves and wash your hands with natural soap if you will be helping someone else apply an eye medicine or looking into other’s eyes for a foreign object.

2. Do Not Let The Children Out When They Are Still Contagious: 

how to prevent pink eye

After finding out what cause the pink eye condition and how to treat it thanks to the doctor, you should keep your children at home until they are no longer contagious. Remember:

  • Adults can come back to work after consulting with the doctor to get some appropriate precautions, including properly disposing of used tissues, not wiping your eyes or your face with your hands, cleaning your keyboard, etc.
  • Bacterial pink eye – do not let your children go out until treating process is started. It is usual for a school or childcare center to require a 24 hour period post-treatment before you allow your children back to school.
  • Viral pinkeye – when matting or tearing of eyes has resolved, you can allow your kids to come back to school. The virus can be contagious for about one week.

3. Wear Eye Protection:

how to prevent pink eye

Although in normal life, eye protection is always important, it is especially essential when it comes to pink eye condition. Therefore, people should remember:

  • This is important at all times, especially when working with chemicals: wear safety glasses.
  • Wear eye protection when going out and experience dirt, heat, wind, or cold weather to prevent eye irritation.

4. Do Not Share Handkerchiefs, Pillows, Linens, And Towels: 

how to prevent pink eye

The linen in your life can lead to the re-transferring and spreading of an infection. As well as for the hygiene reason, it is important to keep things fresh while you are suffering from pink eye and really want to get rid of this condition fast.

To speed up the healing process, you should remember these simple rules:

  • Do not even reuse towels or handkerchiefs to wash your face during the period of pink eye condition.
  • Use clean towels, linens, and washcloths every day
  • Change your pillowcases in a regular basis

5. Take Care With Eye Makeup:

how to prevent pink eye

This is also one of the best tips on how to prevent pink eye naturally that people, especially women, should not look down. This will be a big change for some women, but it worth trying. Might be you do not know that the eye makeup can be a source of the infections related to eyes, including pink eye. As such, it is important to follow these rules strictly:

  • Do not use store testers for eye makeup at all
  • Do not use eye makeup until you already cured your pink eye infection completely. This is an essential thing to remember because you could reinfect yourself with the eye makeup products. If the pink eye situation was caused by a virus or bacteria, you definitely should throw your old makeup away and replace them with brand new products.
  • Do not share eye makeup

6. Be Careful With Contact Lenses: 

how to prevent pink eye

This is also an important tip on how to prevent pink eye from spreading widely that people should keep in mind.

  • Clean your contact lenses thoroughly before wearing them again
  • Do not wear contact lenses until your pink eye situation is fully treated
  • Do not share contact lens equipment, solutions, or containers.

7. Preventing Pink Eye In Newborns:

how to prevent pink eye

This is the last but not least tip on how to prevent pink eye naturally that I would like to share with readers in this article. This tip is for newborn babies, so it will be useful for pregnant moms and breastfeeding moms.

The eyes of newborn babies are prone to bacteria, which is normally presented in the mother’s birth canal. These bacteria cause no symptom in the mother. In some rare situations, these bacteria can lead the infants to develop a severe conjunctivitis form called “ophthalmia neonatorum”, which requires cure without delay to preserve sight. That is the reason why an antibiotic ointment is applied to the eyes of every newborn baby shortly after birth. The ointment can help to prevent eye infection.

This is the list of 7 useful tips on how to prevent pink eye from spreading that will be useful and necessary for readers of because everyone has the risk of this hateful and disturbing condition.

If you think that the tips on how to prevent pink eye natural I introduced in this article are exactly useful for you and other people you know who are suffering from pink eye or are at risk of this condition, feel free to do this and show me your own opinions by commenting in the form below.

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