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When the FDA issues a warning about your product and has it recalled for safety issues, you’ve got a problem. Vitalikor had this happen to them, but did they find a way to bounce back and offer a better product? Read our review:

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Vitalikor Overview

Vitalikor is a male supplement that’s supposed to improve and energize every part of a man’s life, from the sex drive to muscle growth to physical performance. It’s supposed to be reliable and “fast-acting,” and the company claims that they’ve sold over 3 million bottles to satisfied customers over the years.

We’ve heard all of this before from many other products, so the real question is: are these claims true? What kind of company is this, and why did they run into trouble with the FDA a few years ago?

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Vitalikor Claims

This supplement says it contains a mixture of all-natural herbal extracts, and they appear to mainly come from traditional Chinese medicine. When taken together, they’re supposed to support the male biology’s natural processes, and the company claims they increase the sex drive, as well as help the body to withstand fatigue – allowing men to perform longer, both in and out of the bedroom. It’s also supposed to prevent erectile dysfunction, with one of the ingredients supposedly affecting the erectile tissue directly. Men who have difficulties with sexual performance are promised the answer to their problems.

Who are the folks behind Vitalikor? They’ve been referred to as “Vitality Research Labs” elsewhere, but on their own website they seem to refer to themselves simply as Vitalikor LLC. They tout themselves as one of the top male enhancement product companies, with satisfied customers all over the world and a top-notch operation going. The problem is that all you have to do is some basic research to learn that the reality is quite the opposite.

First of all, several people have complained (on the Vitalikor website!) that the customer service email address is “invalid,” and there are records of customer service people trying to help the people by forwarding their information to other addresses that aren’t listed. Huh? Why can’t these people get something as simple as a customer service email link right? Also, if they were “cutting-edge” and ahead of the pack like it claims, wouldn’t they have more of a presence online? Vitality Research Labs doesn’t even have accreditation from the Better Business Bureau, and many of their products have been discontinued, causing further complains from customers that can be read on the main website.

We came across something else that made us question this company’s trustworthiness. In 2024, the FDA issued a warning to the public, saying that Vitalikor tested positive for the drugs tadalafil and vardenafil, which are the active ingredients in Levitra and Cialis. The product was widely-recalled. Vitalikor claims that the product was recalled only because it “tested too close” to patented male virility products, but that’s not what happened: they tried to sneak in drugs into a supposedly “all-natural” supplement and got caught red-handed. They say they’ve since changed their formula, but given that they’ve lied in the past, what reason do we have to trust them?

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Vitalikor Ingredients

Vitalikor has several ingredients, all herb-based from what we’ve seen:

  • Epimedium brevicorum
  • Cordyceps
  • Panax Ginseng
  • Lycium Barbarum
  • Cinnamomum Cassia

Epimedium brevicornum is a variety of horny goat weed, a common Chinese ingredient used for treating erectile dysfunction and low sex drive.

Cordyceps is another ingredient from Asia, a fungus found on certain caterpillars in the mountains. It can be grown in a lab, and it’s supposed to be a good way to increase the male sex drive. Is there any evidence for this, though? We looked into it, and were disappointed. We’ll go into more depth in the next section.

Panax Ginseng, or Asian ginseng, is a tonic and “adaptogen,” meaning it’s supposed to be good for inducing a feeling of general well-being and helping the body to deal with stress.

You might have heard of lycium barbarum by another name – goji berry. Said to be a powerful natural way to increase lifespan, treating high blood pressure, and erectile dysfunction, it also comes with some side effects which include:

  • Vomiting, nausea

Cinnamomum Cassia is the scientific name for cinnamon, an ingredient which is used (again) in Chinese herbal medicine. It’s a common-enough spice, so it should be alright, right? Unfortunately high amounts of cinnamon have been related to liver damage, so you might want to make sure and check that whatever you’re taking that contains cinnamon doesn’t contain too much of it.

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The Science Behind Vitalikor

As we’ve seen, all of the ingredients included in this product are indeed natural (unless Vitalikor is trying to sneak another drug past us, like the last time). But does that mean they work? Well, not all of them.

Cordyceps is something we’ve seen included in other male enhancement products. Traditional Chinese medicine claims it can treat low libido, but science hasn’t shown that yet. We couldn’t find any studies showing that it has any medical use at all, except possibly helping elderly people to exercise more (Chen, S et al, “Effect of Cs-4,” J Altern Complement Med, 2024). Not a good sign when one of the few ingredients in your supplement doesn’t have any proof that it does what you claim it does.

Goji berry is another problematic ingredient. You might have seen it in health stores marketed as an antioxidant, but this product wants you to think it can help your sex drive. But where’s the proof? There isn’t any to be found yet, and according to WebMD there’s “insufficient evidence” that it works as a medicine.

Although it’s supposedly able to help fight bacteria, cinnamon doesn’t have much going for it  when it comes to erectile dysfunction and blood circulation, and “more evidence is needed,” according to WebMD, before we can say that it has any effect on blood or sexuality at all.

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Word on the Street about Vitalikor

Nutritional supplements depend on customer reviews. Why? No one wants to take a chance on a supplement they can’t trust, so people need to look to other people’s experiences. Vitalikor doesn’t really have any of these on their main website, so we had to look to other sources, and the reviews aren’t all good.

“It doesn’t work for everyone, but I found that it works for me. Just as it’s advertised.”

“Not as good as the earlier version. Definitely not worth buying anymore.”

“Honestly these pills don’t work any better than placebos do. It’s a sugar pill, plain and simple.”

“It works for me!”

“These pills only helped me when they contained the drugs – but then they had to take them out. Don’t work anymore.”

That last one is pretty telling. Turns out the only way to get the pills to work, Vitalikor had to put in hidden drugs – in essence, they had to cheat. Oh well.

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Is Vitalikor Worth a Try?

We don’t see much about this product that makes us want to recommend it. The company that makes it got busted for sneaking in patented drugs, despite marketing it as a “natural” supplement, and despite being caught red-handed, they tried to pass it off as a mere “oops” moment, causing them to change the formula. In this new formula, a significant chunk of the ingredients have no clinical tests proving that they work, or come with potentially uncomfortable side effects like nausea and vomiting. Customer responses haven’t been so hot either, with several people admitting that the product only worked when it was filled with un-advertised erection drugs.

We’re glad to see that Vitalikor has cleaned up their act since their snafu with the FDA, but they still don’t have much going for them. We’d recommend people avoid Vitalkor altogether.

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Vitalikor vs Viagra

These products are totally different in their makeup, but similar in their promises. While Vitalikor is a natural herbal supplement, one that doesn’t require a prescription to buy, Viagra is a drug and does require a prescription. Viagra doesn’t claim to increase your sex drive or testosterone levels, only to give you easier erections. Vitalikor on the other hand claims to give you erections, more energy, a better mood, making it intended as a more all-inclusive supplement. They also differ widely in their prices: Vitalikor only costs $49.99 for a box, while Viagra can cost upwards for $40 per individual pill.

Vitalikor vs Extenze

Both of their male enhancement pills have similar approaches and claims: both claim to help men overcome erectile dysfunction in a “natural” way, and both contain mainly herbal ingredients used in traditional Chinese medicine, although except for horny goat weed these products contain different ingredients. Extenze is more expensive at $59.95, and they make more of an effort than Vitalikor at trying to get people to buy more pills up-front, offering discounts for buying two, three, or six-month supplies.

Vitalikor vs Forta

These products are startlingly similar. Both claim to increase libido, erection strength, and sexual stamina, but that’s not all: their ingredients are identical. They’re even listed in the same order on the label, leading us to think that it’s possible one of these companies a) stole the idea from the other, or 2) they both have their pills made at the same factory, making any claims of a “unique” formular bogus. Forta at first looks to be a little cheaper at $44.99, but only comes in packs of 10 pills. Vitalikor comes in packs of 40, and is meant for everyday use, while Forta is intended to be used just before sex.

Vitalikor vs Vigrx Plus

Vitalikor and Vigrx Plus both contain herbs, and both claim to do roughly the same things, so what makes them different? Well first off, Vigrx Plus is way more expensive at $64.92, while Vitalikor only costs around $49.99 depending on where you buy it from. Vigrx Plus also has lots of customer reviews, unlike Vitalikor, but the downside is that most of Vigrx Plus’s reviews are pretty bad, with an average star rating of 2.4 out of 5 stars – not great.

Vitalikor FAQ

  1. What are Vitalikor drops?
    Vitalikor offers something called “FORCE Drops” which comes with the package of Vitalikor pills, which are meant to be dropped on or under the tongue for quick absorption. These drops are supposed to “improve sports performance.”
  2. Can I buy Vitalikor at GNC?
    No, it looks like you used to be able to, but it’s no longer available at GNC (possibly due to the run-in with the FDA).
  3. How is the new formula of Vitalikor different from the old one?
    The older formula contained a larger list of herbal extracts, and many of the current ones weren’t found in the old one. The old mix also contained tadalafil, a drug, which was unadvertised and led to the product being recalled for medical advertising fraud.
  4. What happened with the Vitalikor recall?
    The FDA found tadalafil and vardenafil (erectile dysfunction drugs) in the old version of Vitalikor, which weren’t advertised on the packaging. Since many people could have adverse reactions to these drugs, including catastrophic changes in blood pressure (which could be potentially life-threatening) the product was recalled.
  5. Is Vitalikor a 2 part system?
    The current version of Vitalikor consists of pills and drops, which are both meant to be taken as a part of the same regimen.
  6. Can I buy Vitalikor on Amazon?
    No, it doesn’t look like you can buy it on Amazon at the moment.
  7. Does Vitalikor come with any side effects?
    We haven’t seen any listed by the company, nor have we read about many side effects (except heartburn) from customers.
  8. Where can I read customer reviews of Vitalikor?
    There aren’t many places with customer reviews. We’ve only seen them at Lucky Vitamin (where it was discontinued) and Ebay.
  9. What ingredients are in Vitalikor?
    Epimedium, cordyceps, panax ginseng, lycium barbarum, and cinnamomum cassia.
  10. Where can I find the old formula of Vitalikor?
    Since it’s been discontinued, it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to get your hands on the old formula.

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So What Really Works?

Of all the male enhancement products we’ve been reviewing, Viritenz is the supplement we always recommend. It’s comprised of a fantastic formula of natural ingredients that have been found in some tests to help men recover their virility. Even better, it can be bought without a prescription. Customers report seeing results shortly after taking it, and it’s considered safer than much of the competition out there. It’s made in the USA, and comes from a facility that’s inspected by the FDA and passes GMP standards for quality and safety.

It also has high reviews from critics and customers alike, with people saying that it’s one of the most effective ways to boost your natural energy, sex drive, and sexuality. To read more about Viritenz and about how it can help men to get back their sex drive, click this link.

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