9 Tips On How To Stop Hand Tremors Naturally

how to stop hand tremors

Have you ever notice that your hands sometime are shaking unusually? It is very normal when you are too nervous or excited about something but it can be an early sign of health diseases if this condition happens frequently without any reason. Many people often neglect hand tremor and think these symptoms will disappear quickly. However, hand tremors will not easily get away. They require proper treatment as well as suitable adjustment in the daily diet as well as daily habit. If left untreated, hand tremors will cause a lot of troubles and lead to many severe complications. For that reason, in this article, VKool.com will introduce 9 tips on how to stop hand tremors so that you will know what to do in this situation. Most of them are very practical and reliable to be applied at home. Therefore, don’t skip this article and learn how to stop hand tremors at home for your better health.

9 Tips On How To Stop Hand Tremors Naturally

I. What Causes Hand Tremors?

Before we learn how to stop hand tremors, it is important for us to know what the hidden reasons for this condition are. Hand tremor basically is referred to the shaking hand. It is not an emergency problem that threatens your life but it definitely affects your daily performance. When your hands get shaking unusually, it can be a warning for some neurological or even degenerative conditions. Therefore, it is important to understand exactly what the causes of this problem are.

Parkinson’s disease often comes first when people think about handshaking but it is the essential tremor that leads to the problem in most cases. Tremor happens generally when the parts of the brain that are responsible for muscles in particular areas cannot work properly. The common neurological disorders resulting in tremor include multiple sclerosis, traumatic brain injury, stroke, anxiety, low blood sugar, and neurodegenerative diseases damaging the brain system partially or the cerebellum. Sometimes, some drugs such as amphetamines or corticosteroids, withdrawal, liver damage, alcohol abuses or mercury poisoning can be the reason for tremors. It is proved that the hand shaking can be inherited in the family.

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With the essential tremors, people will experience frequent shaking, most of which are uncontrollable and happen in the arms, hands, head, and vocal cords. Meanwhile, people suffering from Parkinson’s disease often get hand tremor when their hands are at rest and the symptoms will get away when their hands are in use.

Now, let see how to stop hand tremors with these following tips.

II. Tips On How To Stop Hand Tremors

1. Yoga

how to stop hand tremors - yoga

Yoga exercises will be the very first way on how to stop hand tremors recommended in this article. Different causes of tremors will require different yoga exercises. This method is believed to be effective in dealing with stress, one common reason for hand tremors. You can also take advantages of some sports tools like a small rubber ball or the lightweight dumbbell to increase the effect on hands. In case yoga is not your favorite choice, you can take up other alternatives such as swimming, jogging, deep breathing or walking. All of the exercises are able to relieve the stress and stop the shaking very well.

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2. Avoid Alcohol

The hand tremors will get worse due to some types of food and beverages, including alcohol. In fact, it is confirmed that alcohol can be used for some kinds of tremors such as physiological, essential palatal and symptomatic palatal [1]. However, this liquid can only support the tremors under the specific instruction of the doctor. Drinking alcohol, whereas, has been proved to be harmful to the central nervous system. 3 units of alcohol per day will increase the risk of getting essential tremor. If someone often gets hand tremors, it may be a sign of alcoholism. Therefore, if anyone is looking for a way on how to stop hand tremors, please stop drinking alcohol.

3. Stop Caffeine Intake

Besides alcohol, another drinking that should be eliminated from your daily habit is caffeine. Found naturally in many familiar products such as tea, coffee or chocolate, this substance can lead to hand tremors if consumed in a large quantity. People often drink coffee or eat chocolate to feel more awake because the caffeine can promote the central nervous system. However, when the quantity excesses 300 mg per day, you may suffer from negative side effects such as anxiety, stomach irritation, rapid heartbeat headaches and also hand tremors [2]. If the hand tremors do not disappear after a few hours, you may need to concern more and ask for your doctor’s help.

For that reason, one of the easiest ways on how to stop hand tremors is cutting back on caffeine. You can also adjust the daily diet to make sure that the caffeine intake is not over the suggested amount and is harmful to your health.

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4. Avoid Sugar Overdose

how to stop hand tremors - avoid sugar overdose

Sugar is essential for human body. If the quantity of sugar is not sufficient, our health will perform poorly. However, when you consume too much sugar per day, it also causes a lot of troubles, including hand tremors [3]. Therefore, these types of sweat food such as candies, cakes, desserts or ice- cream should be avoided or cut back from your daily intake. It is one of the suggested ways on how to stop hand tremors that you should pay attention to.

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5. Valerian

Well- known for the powerful effect in nerves calm, relax and deep sleeps, valerian is also one of the good choices on how to stop hand tremors that you should know about. All you have to do is to prepare the root of valerian, the grind will and add some water in. After 5 minutes, let drink this mixture every day to ease the tremors. Besides valerian, you can also take advantages of other herbs for handshaking such as chamomile or lavender.

6. Herbal Mixture

As mentioned before, some types of herbs can be very effective in treating hand tremors. When combined together, the effect of these herbs will be upgraded in an amazing way. For this tip, let prepare 1 dandelion root, 1 cayenne pepper, 3 lavender flowers, 3 rosemary and 2 sage leaves. Then, grind all of the ingredients properly to get the mixed powder and use half a teaspoon of the powder three times per day.

Sage leaf is a common treatment for tremors in Europe while dandelion root is able to control muscles and also detoxify the body. Rosemary leaf, lavender and cayenne pepper are also ingredients used widely for supporting liver, spleen and brain and muscles. For all that benefit, this herbal mixture is considered as one of the tips on how to stop hand tremors that you can try at home.

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7. Supplement Vitamin B1 And Magnesium

The deficiency of vitamin B1 and magnesium is one of the main reason leading to hand tremors. When the magnesium level in the body is low, muscle tremors and twitching can appear, followed by many other severe diseases such as insomnia, foot and leg cramps and shaking hands.

Meanwhile, vitamin B1 is required for the nerve stimulation and metabolism of carbohydrates, making it important if you are looking for ways on how to stop hand tremors. You are advised to take in a sufficient amount of vitamin B1 and magnesium through your diet to reduce the shaking hands. These substances can be found easily in many types of food such as dark leafy greens, most types of nuts and pumpkins seeds. By adding these types of food in your daily meal, you can ensure the required intake that will help you to deal with the condition.

8. Lemon Balm

how to stop hand tremors - lemon balm

Another reliable ingredient that can be used as one of the effective tips on how to stop hand tremors is lemon balm. It is believed to relax the brain cell, work well with the nervous tension, anxiety and also lessen depression and headache. For that reason, lemon balm is recommended as an effective way for tremor treatment. You can apply this one alone or combine it with other herbs that have already been suggested in this article to improve the effect.

9. Consult Your Doctor

Last but not least, consulting your doctor is also essential if you want to know how to stop hand tremors. As stated before, there are various reasons leading to hand tremors. Some of them are easy to be recognized while the others are unknown. If you cannot identify the hidden causes of your condition, it is difficult for you to choose the proper treatment. For that reason, you should consult your doctor before applying any tips given in this list. By that, you can know exactly about your condition and what you need to do to stop hand tremors quickly. Your doctor can also show you eventual prescription treatments based on your particular situation, making the treating process more effective and time- saving.

Even though hand tremors are not a life-threatening problem, they still require proper diagnosis and treatment in order not to disturb your daily activities. Because different types of hand tremors will need a particular way to treat, it is important for you to know what causes your condition before learning how to stop hand tremors. In this article, 9 tips have been suggested as an effort to help you deal with this problem. If you have any more idea, please share with us. For more information, please visit the main page How To

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